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  1. I still can't get it to load at all. Any page. ? I was getting the red Pteri earlier, but now I am not even getting that.
  2. I really like all of this, although I feel like another very similar wig already exists. And seeing the way the poor dude's body fits together makes my hips hurt a bit...
  3. My one gripe about the Candy Jub is that the striping seems kind of... lazily done? Like, where it's just printed across the fluffs of its hair. (Fur?) And the eyes are a bit dark. But it's fun and bright for sure! And I LOVE the outfit! Makes me want to go out and get me a JubJub!
  4. I believe you usually get an automated NM when you win? But I rarely play and I think the last time I won was some ten years ago so I'm not positive.
  5. The limit is 15 times a day. Sometimes when I've been tempted to gamble away my NP on Nerks or slots or what have you, I take out multiple withdrawals of 1 NP each, so I hit the limit and can only have more NP if I earn them somewhere.
  6. Yay! Glad y'all were able to fix it. Your team works so hard to keep this website running nicely for us. ❤️
  7. Thank you so much! What a fun thing you're doing.
  8. I choose #3. My username is rings_of_the_lord This is one of my favourite riddles: What walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon and three at night?
  9. I think the Bori seems kind of Axolotl-inspired...
  10. There's something about the Maraquan Lenny that just... seems amiss. I'm not sure why. But I don't think I like it.
  11. Yeah, I don't read it anymore. I just click through to see if there's anything I need to do and move on with my day. If the quality of the dialogue and the one minigame so far are anything to go by, the rest of this thing won't be anything to write home about, either.
  12. I was all excited that I finally seemed to be able to make the doors move... and then suddenly one glitched, and got stuck partway turned???? I could walk around still, but the door was at a weird diagonal and I couldn't make it move anymore. Weird!
  13. These are all so fun! I love the range of results people come up with for these things.
  14. It sounds like you had to complete the birthday games on the date of the birthday in order to get the final gift bag prize.
  15. Yaaaaaaaaas! Remember when they celebrated their tenth birthday by having ten score-sends a day for an exorbitantly long amount of time and basically tanked the Neo-conomy?
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