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  1. Honestly, I like both versions, and I think the original design is far cuter, but the redesign is more in line with what I'd expect from TNT. Its eyes are much less... Pokemon.
  2. Did y'all see today's news? Apparently they updated the art. The response has been interesting to say the least.
  3. I had no idea they were Ukrainian! Thanks for sharing that. And I figured out why the eyes look weird to me: they look like Pokemon eyes!
  4. I really like the Tyrannian Chomby in theory. But in execution... I wish it looked more like a Chomby, if that makes any sense.
  5. I'll be honest, I think the Tyrannian Buzz is ugly as heckers, but I mean... ugly in a way that's very well done. It would be perfect for someone going for that aesthetic and it's much better art than we've gotten on some of the "prettier" colors.
  6. OMG! I love this new color. I achieved all my pet goals a year or two ago, and I haven't really been super excited about any of the new pet colors since. But I have GOT to get me one of these.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I purchased a crop top from their Pride collection this summer and while I wasn't disappointed, I did expect a higher quality. It wasn't as bad as yours, though; based on my purchase, I'd buy again. I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience for your money.
  8. To me, the new Marble looks like if they took a Checkered Nimmo and then smudged it really aggressively. I don't hate it, but like... meh?
  9. I remember when they changed Yooyuball and it was SO different and felt SO unplayable. I was so irritated that I actually made my own AC-themed stationery and hand wrote a letter and mailed it to them. They never replied, but I felt better. I am preparing myself for the upcoming AC by having the lowest standards I can possibly have. It's going to be a broken mess and everyone's going to be angry and complain incessantly... but we'll get through it like we always do and have a decent amount of fun and forget about how grumpy we are after a while... until the next disaster!
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I always leave mine until just before the shop closes the following year so I can see how things have inflated.
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. It's just obnoxious enough to hit me right in the giggle switch. It gives me a bit of a Katy Perry vibe somehow.
  12. Awww, the Woodland color is super cute on this guy! I love Gnorbus.
  13. Oh dannnng! These are both great looks. I'm not a Kyrii fan but the color and the outfit almost make me want to get one!
  14. There was a day many years ago when the artists "took the day off" and it produced some really strange, badly-drawn items.
  15. I'm a little confused. I played for Maraqua this year, and we came in 9th, but I got a 3rd place trophy? Am I missing something?
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