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  1. I think the question is, what are your goals? If you want to just donate, then it depends on the prizes how far you go and it's easy enough to get a trophy with stockpiled dailies or 1 pt prize shop items. If you want to donate and sell, you need all those nice r90s. I think of it as my main np earner. I buy at 500np or less, sell at 1200np. So even ten mins a day scouring shops can be a potential goldmine. I pick a few common, cheap r90s from the main categories to focus on (books, BD, toys, food) and make sure I have some in all of the categories in case they revert to asking for
  2. It's an ongoing thing for me so yes, for sure. I have spreadsheets and keep track of it. Items: 9,088 | Qty: 93,076 I have this number of r90s BOOKS 6252 TOYS 4346 BD 17463 CLOTHES 326 FOOD 5056 DRINKS 530 GIFT 216 INSTRUMENTS 667 MAGIC ITEMS/POTIONS 1730 NEOH
  3. The glitch at the Golden Dubloon is really annoying; not sure why they can't fix it. I used to go there and break dubloons down; slow but nice little profit.
  4. It was! Many thanks, youngest daughter And I still haven't won, lol. The Grundo Snow Throw game is the trickiest.
  5. We played and had so much fun! Irony; husband won and he's the only one of the four of us without an account. Humph It's easy, but not boring; the mini games are cute. I think we'd make it first to 10,000 nps though; 5,000 rolled around too fast.
  6. Thank you all! Plan to play it tonight. It's 8 and up so I guess we can figure it out. We've picked our games pieces already (I'm the cool Desert Aisha!)
  7. They were the worst. And you'd do it, but miss a square and have to do it again.... AAAAAAAAAH, the irritation! And still not over them banning you multitasking and letting a YYB game play while you did SOSD in another tab; that made it so much faster.
  8. So excited! It's my birthday today and my daughter (also on Neopets, both of them are) got me the Adventures in Neopets board game! It has all the pieces and looks so much fun. Has anyone ever played it?
  9. I worry that it will be flawed for the reasons above, or those awful captchas to stop the cheaters slowing it down terribly. I dread the hours of slogging away too. I usually do more than double All Star and that is a lot of work. But mostly, I think it's going to be a disaster like the last CC and I'm so tired of them making silly mistakes then trying to fix them and making it worse.
  10. I've noticed it too! More a case of closing your eyes and guessing, because the true answer won't get you anything,
  11. That looks wonderful! I'm a book a day reader so I wouldn't have time to do this (and it would not look anywhere near this good if I did) but I'm so impressed by your creativity.
  12. Another really great double set! The candy inspired one is so pretty; makes me smile.
  13. The Halloween bags are great! Usually one has a stamp/charm/coconut in and everyone wants it so the price sky rockets. This year for some reason they didn't, but the bags were still cool and free, so no complaints. They're all out there to be bought still but some older ones are expensive.
  14. Amazing! Sometimes Neo is like that and so glad it happened to you.
  15. I like them! TNT are pulling out the stops recently with outfits.
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