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  1. Small discovery! It makes it slightly quicker if you zoom right in so when the page reloads you don't need to scroll down at all, which takes a long time multiplied by thousands of refreshes. i have my page set at 30%
  2. Is there a fast way to mass buy? It takes forever!
  3. It's a horrible random event. So sorry it did this :-(((
  4. I have a CC spreadsheet so i totally get that! I do so wish we could sort our SDB by rarity and other criteria. I have spreadsheets of the cheapest r80s and r 90s, separated into categories (toys, books, food, etc) with r99s hghlighted in yellow, with the quantities I have in my SDB (updated at intervals,) and, well, it goes on, lol.
  5. We're not even sure there will be one, or if the format will be the same, but yes, like Nielo says, at this stage you can buy as much as you like from official shops and other users . Once it starts, the user shops will be full of items to buy too. That's how I make my millions My SDB has 120,000 items and I'm adding to it daily. Don't overlook r80s if you don't have much money; they're very cheap and give a good point ratio.
  6. Maybe you didn't play enough? Get a toy and mass click the 'play with' button along with F5 so you can rapidly play with it. It takes a lot to raise its level to something better at first. Good luck!
  7. I'm noticing this a lot. I'll get an offer on something on the TP and it's items that seem too good to be true, worth a million -- then you look at the history and see a week ago they were a few thousand. Got caught once; not again. Bit shady since if you do fall for it then try to resell what they gave you, there's no way you'll do it. Not reportable but not nice.
  8. I lost them too. Sad face. I hoard all year for CC and I really miss old style, but whatever they give us, I'm ready (I think :-))
  9. What about the Enchanted Book Cake? That might fit in with your theme,
  10. LOL, but everyone uses ad blocker (and you can stop it snowing by changing the theme in your preferences, btw).
  11. Awesome subject and wow, so many cool entries! Thank you so much for the kind words, Angeló it means a lot! And many congratulations to the winners.
  12. Yes! Wheel of Mediocrity is definitely overlooked. I spin in in time with my Healing Springs trips, doing it first in case I lose HP that with luck, the Springs can give back. Surprisingly profitable.
  13. It's not a daily exactly, but it's 900np a day in a few seconds playing Fashion Fever. You don't need to create an outfit before sending a score so it's about nine clicks, that's all.
  14. So chuffed to be one of the winners! I went a little different with this one and I'm glad it worked for people. Thank you to all who voted for me and many congrats to the awesome winners and all who entered.
  15. I have gold but never got anywhere near that far! Many, many congratulations and happy birthday!
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