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  1. People used to scold me for liking that 5 for 1 format and told me it ruined the economy. Can't say I noticed, but that 4-5 days sure as heck did.
  2. The CC from 2014, the one where you donated 5 items and got one back, has been live for years and in secret some players were abusing the glitch. Then this holiday weekend, they told people about it on the boards. I missed those posts but wouldn't have done it anyway through fear of being frozen, but that format was my favourite and I was gutted. Plus, didn't need toys; could donate with anything so people made literal billions with it in a day. Billions. TNT were told, closed it inefficiently, posted that people had surely not realized they shouldn't play (Christmas themed, a week earlier TNT said there was no CC but yeah, SURE they didn't realize...) and they would not be frozen and could keep the thousands of R99s they'd stolen. Guess what? Link still active for another few days before finally taken down. Salty doesn't come close. I was crying with rage.
  3. Still Dead Sea salty from the Charity Corner epic disaster of a week ago so not spending much time on the site and cancelled Premium in disgust, but still have Neopets on my Twitter feed. Will pass on any later updates if needed!
  4. On Twitter, it's been moved to 11.00 am PDT. Why am I not surprised?
  5. I don't think you can download it again.
  6. No, it's fine. I've seen that message before and it's nothing, just routine servicing. GC is still awarding nps and there's no problem with playing it.
  7. I usually just click on the background to change it the fastest but I still need to wait a few seconds; just tried it to check. Sigh. Used to be such a quick 900 nps.
  8. You're ending the game too fast. In the Good Old Days, you could, but now you have to wait and endless ten seconds or so before you end it and then you get your nps.
  9. Load the old inventory (add /x to the url. ) Then click to play with it as normal and click on submit and F5 super fast at the same time, click, click, click etc and see if that did it. Might have to repeat, but usually the rapid clicking breaks it in a few seconds. Good luck!
  10. Yes, you use a Maraquan PB on them, which you get from REs or the nerkmid vending machine or the TP. They're pretty expensive!
  11. Late reply, but for me, it's for the profit. I clear easily 70m on CC most years (where does it all GO? No, wait, I know. Stamps). I only donate r90s if it's near the end and I'm bored. Priced at 1200 np, they fly out of my shop. If I sell even 50k of them for that (and it's usually more) that's 60m and I will have paid maybe 20m for them, if that (because lots are free from dailies). Plus, it's so spread out, i don't notice buying them, but I sure notice the profits in my shop during the event, lol.
  12. I think the question is, what are your goals? If you want to just donate, then it depends on the prizes how far you go and it's easy enough to get a trophy with stockpiled dailies or 1 pt prize shop items. If you want to donate and sell, you need all those nice r90s. I think of it as my main np earner. I buy at 500np or less, sell at 1200np. So even ten mins a day scouring shops can be a potential goldmine. I pick a few common, cheap r90s from the main categories to focus on (books, BD, toys, food) and make sure I have some in all of the categories in case they revert to asking for specific categories. But the fun went out of it with the new system for me and last year's was diabolically awful.
  13. It's an ongoing thing for me so yes, for sure. I have spreadsheets and keep track of it. Items: 9,088 | Qty: 93,076 I have this number of r90s BOOKS 6252 TOYS 4346 BD 17463 CLOTHES 326 FOOD 5056 DRINKS 530 GIFT 216 INSTRUMENTS 667 MAGIC ITEMS/POTIONS 1730 NEOHOME/GARDEN 1920 PETPETS 2835 TIKI TACK 563 SCHOOL 153 ALBUM 34 GROOMING 14 MEDICINE 117 42222
  14. The glitch at the Golden Dubloon is really annoying; not sure why they can't fix it. I used to go there and break dubloons down; slow but nice little profit.
  15. It was! Many thanks, youngest daughter And I still haven't won, lol. The Grundo Snow Throw game is the trickiest.
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