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  1. That's so cool! Really happy for you that you had such an unexpected bit of luck.
  2. I agree. The shops are half empty instantly and if a 2k item is 1k and you can sell it for 2500, meh, was it really worth it? I tend to not bother on that day. Good day to mop up some game trophies because people have wandered away from games by the third. I can still play most of them on an old tablet,
  3. The TDN guide, right at the end, says, "If you are very lucky, you might even receive a paint brush or transmogrification potion from the fishing vortex!" so maybe not new, but rare!
  4. It's fixed now and one of the prizes is, uh, lit, heheh.
  5. It doesn't start until the 7th, so you haven't missed it, don't worry! I think the prize gets put in your inventory automatically if you've picked every day (remember to toggle over to see NC items in the inventory).
  6. Looks great and welcome to the forums! I've bought a few Geekify items (mostly pins) and really like them for myself and gifts.
  7. I was looking into it and from what ppl say, it did this last year too, for one month, then stopped so it could be a final chance but not an ongoing thing? So the prize prices will stay relatively the same. Though some are getting multiples of the chests in a weird glitch...not me, sadly ::g:: And the first three prizes I got were worthless; fingers crossed for the last chests. So sorry you can't get it to work :-(((
  8. Heads up, if you still have the app on your phone, it is giving out the chests and at the end of the week, if you've completed the challenges each day (or 'bought' them with gems) you get the chest with the chance at the expensive items like the stamp/Mystical Tablet.
  9. jaydeed


    My family has four accounts between us and we've all logged out after emptying our shops and will stay dark until Monday. I'm the most active player, but the kids are home for Canadian Thanksgiving and they were as disgusted as me by this situation and very willing to keep away from the site in protest. I cancelled Premium after the recent Charity Corner cheating mess (guess we know now why they didn't bother to punish the cheaters) but I get Premium as a birthday present, so it doesn't expire for months. It will be hard losing it, but I manged without for years. And who knows if Neopets will still be around when it expires? Not looking good..
  10. People used to scold me for liking that 5 for 1 format and told me it ruined the economy. Can't say I noticed, but that 4-5 days sure as heck did.
  11. The CC from 2014, the one where you donated 5 items and got one back, has been live for years and in secret some players were abusing the glitch. Then this holiday weekend, they told people about it on the boards. I missed those posts but wouldn't have done it anyway through fear of being frozen, but that format was my favourite and I was gutted. Plus, didn't need toys; could donate with anything so people made literal billions with it in a day. Billions. TNT were told, closed it inefficiently, posted that people had surely not realized they shouldn't play (Christmas themed, a week earlier TNT said there was no CC but yeah, SURE they didn't realize...) and they would not be frozen and could keep the thousands of R99s they'd stolen. Guess what? Link still active for another few days before finally taken down. Salty doesn't come close. I was crying with rage.
  12. Still Dead Sea salty from the Charity Corner epic disaster of a week ago so not spending much time on the site and cancelled Premium in disgust, but still have Neopets on my Twitter feed. Will pass on any later updates if needed!
  13. On Twitter, it's been moved to 11.00 am PDT. Why am I not surprised?
  14. I don't think you can download it again.
  15. No, it's fine. I've seen that message before and it's nothing, just routine servicing. GC is still awarding nps and there's no problem with playing it.
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