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  1. Don't know, but the Down for Everyone or Just Me site confirms neopets is down
  2. I think they shadowbanned a lot of players, making their points not count. Some were cheating, some were just trying hard for their team and to get good prizes. Lot of bitterness over it. I don't know a lot but that's the impression I get. As ever, zero communication from TNT to clear it up. The people still got prize points, but their team didn't benefit.
  3. I am a British Canadian and have always lived where abortions are free, simple and safe. This decision appalls me. I am a mother of two and had miscarriages between my two healthy babies. Devastating. I doubt many women choose an abortion for the fun of it. If a baby comes about accidentally or through darker causes, in those early stages it is not a person, not a cute baby; it's a clump of cells, non-sentient, able to feel no pain. A woman should not be made to put her life at risk (the stats on deaths during pregnancy/birth in the US are frankly shameful) and go through the physical, emotional and financial trauma of an unwanted pregnancy and birth. And the current SC has people on it who got there through cheating on the part of a self-serving POTUS and corrupt Republican Party. They should not have this power. Dark day for the US. The rise in intolerance is deeply worrying. I hope it shocks people into voting them out.
  4. If you still have 200 pts, the AC scrapbook has been changed from gift to book and is worth quite a bit now.
  5. Are you restock banned maybe? If you refresh at the official shops too fast and for too long, they show up as empty for you. It's annoying b/c they don't tell you it's happened or how long the ban lasts, but it can be 24 hrs.
  6. I often visit Donny hoping for a rare code item; much cheaper than nerking Congrats!
  7. Stunning and so imaginative! Love what you've done with this concept.
  8. Oh, how cute! I have a plastic storage box full of Neo merch in the basement but nowhere to display it. Plushies, games, the magazines, the trading cards... Our house needs a fandom room!
  9. They're off McDonald Neopet plushies from 2005 I think, or maybe they were the prize all by themselves since they're petpets? but yeah, they're clips.
  10. I'm so sorry! I see hacked accts winning at the wishing well daily and it's so frustrating. It's practically a cottage industry at this point off site; they hack and sell rare items, accounts, and nps for actual real money. Unbelievable! I know the wayback machine doesn't archive the site. At least you got your acct back, but I know that's small comfort.
  11. You really do. Got Neopets plushies there and masses of fandom stuff for whatever my kids were into at the time. They're in their 20s now but I still have books, manga etc on their wishlists and always browse the toy section for them and me
  12. They don't DO anything, but they were $2.99 and I grabbed them! They're all petpets and some of my favorites are there, like the Anubis, Kadoatie and Meowclops. Had a scout around to see if there was anything else Neo related, but no luck.
  13. Even after numerous CC clearouts, I find hidden gems from time to time; congrats on yours!
  14. That's so cool! Really happy for you that you had such an unexpected bit of luck.
  15. I agree. The shops are half empty instantly and if a 2k item is 1k and you can sell it for 2500, meh, was it really worth it? I tend to not bother on that day. Good day to mop up some game trophies because people have wandered away from games by the third. I can still play most of them on an old tablet,
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