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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there fellow neopians! I've collected petpets in my gallery. And with my mindset of the Charity Corner this year (I donated items I never thought I would give away because I liked them too much) I decided that I would only keep the ones I like more than the others. The ones I've chosen are currently safe in my SDB, but the other 110 need new homes. So check the petpets section of my gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?user_cat_g=Petpets&gu=enitul& and comment on this topic with your username and the petpet you want. Only one petpet per user. It's first come, first served. So if someone already said a petpet you want, you can't get it. I will check in everyday and hand out the named petpets. This will last until next Sunday June 2nd (I will put the petpets who aren't named by that time in my shop) or if all 110 petpets are gone. Well then, have a nice day and have fun!
  2. Hello lovely readers! I am currently working on my gallery, and was wondering what people who have galleries thought since I never really have kept a gallery before. http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=emily_speck_15 So I guess what I'm asking is what do you guys do for your galleries? Do you have one, or do you keep additional on sides? I'm curious to see what you others are coming up with ?
  3. I still don't get how to set up the code from the premade layouts so I can do different layouts for categories (on TDN Graphics). I've tried following the instructions, but keep getting error messages-- either "Not finding the category:" and the rest of the page blank, or "You cannot have text outside of your style tags. If you have text you would like visitors to read, please put it in your description". Help?
  4. So I have about 50 or so nc items in my gallery that I want to remove so I can change the theme of my gallery, but that isn't working. I keep getting an "RPC error" It's really frustrating and wonder if anyone knows anything, or if the nc mall items are just broken or what. Any help will be gladly appreciated. EDIT: Figured it out, no need to reply.
  5. I am REALLY sorry if this is not posted in the appropriate place (I looked & looked, but couldn't find anything that seemed correct lol)... OK, so.. my gallery & I have had a love/hate relationship for a long time running. I used to collect retired items & had a rather large amount of items. Then, I got bored with it and just started throwing random things in there. I'm trying to decide on a UNIFIED theme, but I have TOO MANY ideas!! I want so badly to be featured in the Gallery Spotlight (one day). So I'm gonna post a few of my most recent ideas & I'm hoping you all will let me know what you think is cool/lame, or what would be easy/hard to find items. ANY feedback, really! Me & my scatter-brain would really appreciate it! 1. Spring (think a topiary.. flowers, benches, nature stuff) 2. Oddities (basically things that make you go "huh?" or chuckle) 3. Artist's Corner (art supplies, art, etc) 4. Rejects of Neopia (broken, rejected items, etc) 5. Items w/ Alliterations (amazing animals, bouncy balls, etc) 6. Things in Pairs (any item whose image has two of them pictured) (these are not working titles haha, just presenting the idea) Of course, I have like 30 other ideas lol. But these are the ones that stuck out to me & I haven't seen done a BUNCH of times. Also, if you have a cool idea that isn't listed, please bounce it off me as well :D p.s. you guys rock so much :rock: <3
  6. So I was making categories for my gallery, and it was doing well so far. It was automatically putting the links in alphabetical order for me, which is nice. However, something odd happened. I've been sorting them by years, and they've come out numerically so far, but when I did the number 10, it went first for some reason. Is my gallery just ignoring the 0 and reading it as a 1? How do I fix this? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'TDN Questions' to 'Neopets Help'.
  7. I'm currently slightly obsessively collecting plushies for my gallery. At the present time, when I buy plushies, I rarely pay more than NP3000 for them, and I'm doing pretty well so far! When I can no longer buy for under my maximum, I will raise it to NP5000 and so on. I was wondering if any of you guys have a method for collecting,or do you just buy at random?
  8. Right now, I am trying to tidy and organise my gallery. I collect toys and plushies and to help me see what I have and haven't got, plushie-wise, I emptied the whole gallery and am writing the names of the plushies, then re-add them to the gallery. I the nk I have figured out ranking them after having totally forgotten how I did it before. Everything looks fine in the ranking tool and I have categorised my plushies, but when I view as a guest or view from a side account, they are all jumbled up. Anyone else having this issue? Am I maybe doing it wrong?
  9. I have a gallery of windows and some window related objects but have run out of items to add to it. I would really appreciate any suggestions pleeeeease. Sorry admin if this is in the wring place.
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