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  1. Gift buyer here! It's from 2003 and yeah, I got it from ebay! Saw a post it and decided it was the perfect gift hehe~
  2. Thanks everyone, for the votes and for a great round!
  3. Thank you everyone, both for your votes and for a great round!
  4. Thanks everyone for another great round!
  5. Thanks for the votes and the great entries this round, everyone! Congratulations!
  6. Oh boy, I didn't realize Pepe had been corrupted...? Sorry about that suggestion!
  7. Some ideas I had for people to work with: Pepe the Frog, Kermit, Dat Boi, the surprised Pikachu face, John Cena, and the You Know I Had to Do It to Em guy. For some reason a lot of memes are based on frogs...luckily we have Nimmos!
  8. Thanks everyone, both for the votes and the great round!
  9. Thanks everyone for your votes and for having such a fun round!
  10. Thanks for the votes everyone!!! It was another fun round, for sure!
  11. Thanks for the votes, everyone! A big congrats to everyone that entered~
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