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  1. I'm a little confused as to what's going on with the contest. I thought there would be changes, but I don't see any. I thought entries for the new round had started, but I don't see that info, either. I'm not trying to bug you, Shelley; I'm just asking for clarification. Thank you for all your hard work running this contest for so long! You've been really busy lately. If you need to scale it back or suspend it for a while, just let us know. It should be fun for you, not one more thing to stress you out.
  2. Wow, that Flotsam outfit is really cute! I notice they didn't bother with a hind covering, but I'm okay with that... they can sometimes look weird (even weirder than clothes on an animal normally looks, I mean...).
  3. Bets Placed Bet Total Win Total Difference 8023 68160038 NP 124780676 NP 56620638 NP Those are my stats from playing Food Club for less than two years. I earn about 70-90% profit off the money I bet, on average. But it is volatile. I've never had a losing month, but a few regular players have. So in general, I'd recommend betting no more than 3-5% of your total NP each day (total, not per bet). Others recommend taking what you can afford to have tied up in Food Club and dividing by 140 for the amount you can place for each bet (because within 2 weeks, you should have at least a few wins to use for future bets). As your bank account grows, obviously you can bet more. To find someone to follow, check out the Food Club Competition topic on the Neoboards. There's a link to a petpage that lists many of the bettors' petpages where they post bets, and you can also check out the competition results to decide whom to follow. (The results are divided by category, and you can pick someone who scores high in the categories that matter to you, whether it's a safer betting strategy -- probably correlates with longest win streak -- or total winnings.)
  4. Er, it says voting ends Sunday Aug. 4th, which is a little late... but Sunday is the 2nd (and is the usual day for the voting to close). Not that we need that much time to vote, clearly! But still... I probably won't get a chance to vote until I get back from my nephew's wedding this weekend. (I want to view all the animations before voting.)
  5. Haha, this made me think of the Random Contest where you had to record a message for Cap'n Threeleg's answering piraket. I went and found it for nostalgia's sake, and some of the entries cracked me up, so I thought I'd share: http://origin.dynimages.neopets.com/random_contest.phtml?place=65 (And yes, one of the entries is mine -- it was my first time entering the RC and I got the avvie first try. I never did as well in any of my subsequent RCs, though I did have a few other placements.)
  6. If you have any kind of script-blocking app, you'll need to allow a bunch of different scripts, too. Or try another browser. Sometimes the game is down, so try again at other times, but if it keeps giving you the loading circle, that's a sign you need to change your set-up. (I'm assuming you have the latest Unity player installed.)
  7. I really didn't understand what Scoobert just suggested, but my log-in issues were on Facebook (nothing to load the app onto). And I would never dream of linking my Facebook account to anything else; that's simply not something I want to pursue. (I only throw this out there since I said I've had a similar issue, and I wanted to clarify where I was having the issue and how. My understanding from the response to my ticket was that this is an issue with certain accounts, and TNT's not sure why, but they're working on it...)
  8. At the very bottom of any page in Neopets, click on the white word "help." The help should load into the content frame of Neopets (you should still have your site theme). If it loads by itself, go back until it loads correctly. Then click on "Submit a ticket" next to the golden ticket on the help page. Then just fill out the form.
  9. Nope, I still can't link it to my main; I haven't been able to since the game debuted months ago. They responded to my ticket a while back saying to try again, but it still didn't work. I had tried linking to my side, but you earn NP and items, and you can't do that on a side, so that's not a good solution. (I didn't know that's how it would work when I signed up; I can never read the FAQs for some reason, no matter which browser I use, and I had assumed it'd be like Treasure Keepers.) Someone suggested it might be a password thing (length, certain characters), but I changed my main's password to my side's, and that didn't fix it (even though that password works for the side account). Sometimes it can be a browser/NoScript/etc. issue, but not if it's giving you the password match error. It's worth trying to change your password, and if that doesn't work, submitting a ticket... maybe they have some workaround.
  10. I think June might have been the first trophy reset in months, and many people had stopped playing for it. There are a number of "easy" golds, but that is still a lot to get very quickly. It's possible, but not probable. Even really great gamers that I know only managed to get a few golds during the June and July resets (though they already had most of the easy ones). So... I'm skeptical. Then again, someone trying to rebuild is much more determined than someone with an older account. A friend who had gotten her very old main frozen rebuilt with a second account, and was accused of cheating because of how quickly she got trophies (thankfully, TNT listened to her side of things and realized that she really could get them that quickly -- especially since she was playing a lot after medical issues sidelined her -- the motivation for her return). But she didn't get 50 trophies in 3 days!
  11. I'm not quite sure what's called a "world" (besides Jelly World) or where; on the main map, it calls them lands: Just look at their names: Darigan Citadel, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Brightvale, Faerieland... They mostly sound like lands, not worlds. I suppose Kreludor and Virtupets could be considered separate "worlds." Jelly World... well, that doesn't even exist, so of course it's a whole other world. Back in the very early days (before I joined), there was no map. You had to use totems to get to ("the") Mystery Island. So maybe some very early pages that haven't been updated still call them worlds instead of lands, because no one realized they were all on the same planet...
  12. I just saw this topic. I usually deck one of my pets out for Pride (in October here), but I did customize one as soon as I got back at the end of June. Small picture because I'm lazy and forgot how to make it bigger. I'm too cheap and lazy to spend money on customization items unless they fit my gallery theme (beach), so I made do with what I had in my closet. (The usual shirt I use was on another pet, so she got a vest instead... a bit of a stereotype, but it's a stereotype for a reason...)
  13. I just saw the LoveWins customization thread. I think that could be a great theme for a contest (Pride or Love Wins or Rainbow -- worded so that people can interpret it as they like, so no one gets offended by the topic and we don't open a can of worms; though I think rainbow might be too limiting...). P.S. New contest, woot! I was really impressed by the Warhol and Anne Bonney pictures in the last contest. They were all great, but those two blew me away.
  14. I didn't want to share my "honorable mention" until after the contest because it was so similar to my entry. Here's my first, color-coordinated version of Oscar Wilde (complete with discreet rainbow suspenders -- not that he was discreet, but I think the rainbow might be a bit overwhelming for someone transported more than 100 years into the future...): The clothes just didn't quite do him justice; they may be color-coordinated (and the fedora may be at more of a rakish angle), but they're not Wilde enough, so I kept working on it and came up with the outfit I eventually submitted -- not quite as well color-coordinated, but more foppish. And since all the photos of Wilde are in black and white, we don't know how outlandishly he actually coordinated his colors, anyway. (When I read the description of Dumbledore's younger, garish wardrobe, for some reason I pictured Wilde... I was one of the few not surprised when Rowling outed him...)
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