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  1. While there was no SHH announcement (or NM from TNT)...the new Caption Contest avatars were awarded a couple days ago (it just showed up on my avie list). I will probably be using it for a while because it matches my 'quip' (Random Silliness) quite nicely. /grin Good luck to all in the hunt for avatars...TDN helped me a ton a few years back (I took part in the awesome lending program).
  2. I love Galleries! Hands down, my favorite part of Neopia. I have 2 Galleries. My main is all about sand, sand, and more sand: It's Just Sand My side Gallery is just 'stuff I like' (please excuse the mess, I've not sorted my 'View All Items' in ages): Miscellaneous Marvels Bravo! to everyone's Galleries...best of luck to each of you in tracking down the items you need (the chase is part of the fun!)
  3. /facepalm I am SUCH an EEEEDYOT! I saw that I had gifts so I clicked to "show all events" then once that popped up I kinda glanced and saw several items (codestones, a staff or walking stick of sort)...and with that glance saw what I PROCESSED as 'click here to open all' /sigh THIS is what I clicked here on: To simply delete every event you have, click here. I'm a numbskull. Sooooooo, if you gifted me an item and it got returned (or ends up being returned...I don't know where the items actually go when you delete the event)...that is what has happened. Thank you for trying...Please forgive my idiocy. So, yah, I am a super duper idiot. The items were still in my 'Transfer Log' and I was able to accept and add the wonderful gifters to my Thank You's on my initial post to this board. It's late. I'm going with that as my excuse.
  4. I bet it is not as near in the future as the average Neo-buyer's attention span and that while those items will go up in the short term...they will drop again before the actual CC begins. Just my prognosticating.
  5. Admittedly this one has not inspired many ideas from me thus far. If it helps any...it is a Snuffly wielding the Ray Gun of Freezing and a Gabar running away (also Gabars frozen in ice). I'll just keep lookin' at it over the next week and see if anything in particular comes to mind. Good luck!
  6. I have a hastily thrown together JN wishlist. A few of the items are totally pie in the sky items that have not even been SEEN in ages, but most are reasonable. /grin https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/fullonparanoid/163694/ I also have my Side Gallery of 'Stuff I Like' with items sorted within Categories. Tons to still add so anything missing from those any of those categories would be awesome! http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=furiousbandersnatch -- The 'View All' is a mess, I have 37 rows to organize, but items ARE organized within each Category. I'll be keepin' an eye on the lists posted here...Happy Holidays to all! Cheers! Wow! Santa has some Uber-fast Elves on TDN! Thank you! I'd do that fancy hide contents box but I don't know how...(I learned something new today!) Thank yous below in the Spoiler Box (because they've spoiled me!) /smile
  7. I made a significant purchase for my Father for X-mas and was sooooo stoked/proud of myself...then remembered that I'd already made a significant purchase for my Father for X-mas. /facepalm Ah well...perhaps next year I will remember I have a gift in the wings (or perhaps 20 years down the road I'll find said gift still tucked safely away).
  8. Here is the the new/current image for the Caption Contest! Congratulations to all of last round's winners! The planned CC schedule for this month (per Scrappy): Dec 4 - Submissions begin!Dec 11 - Submissions close, Judging begins! Dec 18th - Captions are posted for voting! Dec 27th - Winners are posted (we give an extra couple days due to the holidays) I will try to update image/schedule each month. Please note the word 'TRY'! /smile Good luck to all who enter captions and remember to HAVE FUN!! CC GUIDE: http://www.neopets.com/~Bonkin This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins). Please do not post duplicate topics. There is already a news post here for the new round. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  9. Seems a current theory about the missing Ectoplasm is that it IS supposed to be one of the Prize Drops for the SnapJaw Wraith. HOWEVER...the Snapjaw Wraith is SUPPOSED to be in the New Dome (that has not been activated). Instead he is in the Rattling Cauldron (Haunted woods) Dome so it is those prizes that are being dropped. My guess is that the 'fix' will require activating the NEW Dome and putting the SnapJaw Wraith in it...THEN the prize drops will include the Ectoplasm (and other ingredients needed to mix Potions). Hopefully won't have to wait until Monday (but probably will)
  10. You have to click on each individual letter in the puzzle...you can't type it in. If you have the right word/s it will autofill at the end and give you the next step. Good luck!
  11. From Scrappy in the new Editorial: Also, I just noticed from an earlier News post: I'm happy the prizes have been worked on, HOWEVER, "ALL NEW PRIZES"? Does that mean we no longer have a shot at the HIGH end prizes of the original prize pool? No more Candychan? Blobikins? Paint Brushes? Or did they just remove the cheapy ones? Hopefully they just removed the cheapy prizes and left the nice ones. Guess we will find out at the end of this contest!
  12. I buy 1000 shares a day from a single stock at a time. I pay 15-17K (if there are none available in that range I don't buy). Over the years I've also purchased 1 (ONE) share from each one of the available stocks. That way I can look at my portfolio and see the values of ALL of Neopia's stocks. I never sell the single share. So all my stocks shares are like 12001, 8001, 16001, 2001, or, if I've sold off in full for profit...just 1. Hope that makes sense. I've been using this method for years. I usually don't SELL until it hits 90+, so my Stock Portfolio is like another bank account. Buy Low Sell High! Good luck!
  13. When you get right down to it...a contest decided by voting is always entirely about how many people you can get to vote for you. No matter how many times each user is allowed to vote. So I don't see that it would be FAIRER to limit votes to 1 per user. While I could see one vote each maybe being EASIER...it would require the entire set up of the CC to be altered. Since it is one of the longest running and most popular contests, I just don't see that happening. I think there are ways to make the CC BETTER...but, imo, they are minor tweaks: setting a schedule and sticking to it, removing cheap prizes from the prize pool (for ALL contests), allowing only 1 caption per user into the voting round, actually CLOSING submissions once the voting round begins (as it stands, you can still fill in the submit field and enter them once voting has begun and lots of folks don't know that those submissions are futile), remembering to announce in the News every time captions go up for voting and every time a new image goes up, and putting a clear and concise list of rules on the CC page. So far as the signatures go...I find them less intrusive than the BC boards (but, tbh, the BC boards don't bother me...if I don't want to read a board I skip over it). The Quest boards are actually a great place to use your sig AND help out others at the same time. Just be careful to NOT mention the CC/voting IN your replies. ONLY in your signature. Pretty much any board on the NeoBoards is ok, so long as you stick to the subject at hand (avoid things like "GL!", "BUMP!", or just random smiley...you WILL get dinged for such). If I am replying more than once on a given board, though, I only use my CC sig one time then swap my sig out for my other replies. That is TOTALLY personal preference on my part, there is no rule that says it is to be done that way. While I used to advertise HERE myself, and have long appreciated TDN'ers for their support, I totally understand why TNT wants the garnering of votes to be limited to Neopets. Now, as far as winning? Unfortunately top 5 (Gold) seems pretty hard right now because (imo) some users are still using outside influence to drive their vote counts up. That having been said, the top 25 get trophies (1-5=Gold, 6-12=Silver, 13-25=Bronze) and all get a random prize...so you should be able to place w/o too much advertising effort. You don't have to flood the Neoboards w/ commentary to place in the CC. Good luck!
  14. OR Flower Shaped Bottle of Sand AND/OR Star Shaped Bottle of Sand. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to add them to my Sand Gallery. They are UBER Rare and I've not seen either in the Neopian wild for many years. A man can hope! /smile HAH! Just noticed the avatar of user above me...too funny. Great minds think alike?
  15. That was Scrappy's reply to an NM from a longtime regular CC'er. I'm hoping to see it mentioned in this week's Editorial. /smile I got a semi-cheapy petpet...a Werhond as my prize in the last contest. Not my best prize, by far...but not my worst either! We were hoping that Scrappy was gonna remove the items from the shallow (cheap) end of the Prize Pool...but I guess that is further down her list of things to do. Somewhere on my old computer I have a list of the CC prizes I got. Several Codestones, Dubloons, and Petpets worth only a few hundred nps are on it. It really is RANDOM. In the same contest one winner might get a Candychan and another might get a Mazzew. At some point Scrappy mentioned she was gonna see about removing the cheap items from the Pool but I don't think that has happened yet (I think she said it in an Editorial answer, actually) Part of the fun of it IS the random nature of it (thought admittedly, I wouldn't miss the cheapy prizes!) /grin I just have fun with it...win or lose. I just noticed a few minutes ago that someone actually has 2 captions in this contest. That used to happen now and again in the past...but I thought Scrappy said they were gonna prevent it from happening with the CC reboot (because the first image had like 3 users with double captions). I might shoot a question to the Editorial about that. Good luck all! :D
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