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  1. I'm still afraid to believe and I'll wait until 1st of April to be sure this is not an April's Fool joke. If this is for real, I think the TP limit should be raised too.
  2. Is it even possible to make an UC, illegitimate or not?
  3. Being an European I know nothing about this, why is it so? What is different in Arizona? They don't use daylight saving time? I'm confused :)
  4. @ The Olympics cost billions, it's impossible for a single city to organize and pay it by itself. The whole country applies to host the games and the cost - and the profits - are both for the city and the country. And Pyeonchang is not just a random Korean city - being in the mountains it's a popular destination for hikers, there are quite a bit cultural spots to visit and two major ski resorts. The Games in Sochi, that were the most expensive in history, surpassing even the ones in Beijing, generated huge profits, I'm actually amazed they aren't a loss but that is what the numbers say. And actually, as I said before, the IOC is committed to lower the impact of the games both on the economy of the country and the environment. The stadium in Pyongchang though, where the opening ceremony took place, is built solely for the Games and will be dismantled soon after. So it won't sit and rot :)
  5. Well, after Montreal got almost bankrupt after the Games and was paying to get out of the debts for 40 years, during last few Olympics there was a special stress on making the games profitable and not only creating structures that are going to rot for years. I doubt they manage to that in Rio but I think London did pretty well. IOC president Thomas Bach seems to care a lot about cutting organizational costs and preserving the environment, people's job and cities' wellbeing, as well as the sustainability of the Games. The previous Games held in Korea - in Seoul - got a record profit so I believe this time won't be any different. And South Korea isn't poor, tourists go there regularly, so after the Games the country won't be back to being poor and tourist-less. Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but there isn't two teams - South and North Korean, there is one - Korean team, athletes of both countries united under one flag. This is so touching! Koreans generally would like to see the two countries united but the economic gap between them is huge. If this happens (unlikely as it is) it will be much worse than Germany united where the West had to take on it the economic weight of the much poorer East. So South Korea is more concerned to make sure it's not attacked - and when your neighbour is that one guy, nothing is ever certain. And again, it's never sure that the profits from event will compensate the costs. Athens is a striking example. The loss was so huge that it contributed to the debt crisis that led to great problems for Greece and EU. Then again South Korea isn't a poor (the city won't get back to being poor after the games :) and I believe they'll manage to make the games profitable. I love the summer Olympics more and I'd love to go to Tokyo in two years, now I'm following the ice skating, the only winter sport I just love, love, love!
  6. Most likely you already completed because I think you can't do the third Murmur if you haven't already completed the bridge part.
  7. I believe it's 35, not 33, but most probably that's the thing, I dind't notice it wasn't daily cap. Well, I hope the reward for donating extra potions to the Jetsam in the infirmary won't be something very nice, I'm definitely not going to buy ectoplasms :)
  8. I know there's a cap. But this happened from the moment I started my first battle for today. I didn't get a single Claw or Fur today, at all. Actually, the strange thing is that after one or two Ectoplasms they stopped dropping too. Only the Fangs worked fine. And I'm sure I wasn't battling for Claws or Furs before today :(
  9. I really hope TNT will fix this soon, all those glitches are getting really annoying :(
  10. Anybody else having problems with the Deathball Wrath? The other wraths are dropping items just fine for me but from this one I can't get a single Wraith Fur or Claw and I've tried so many times on different difficulties. I was thinking maybe I managed to cap them somehow, despite not battling at all today, but as soon as I switch to the other Wraths I get Ectoplasms and Fangs without problems :(
  11. Same thing here, I was battling the Deathball Wraith and it says I'm winning the ingredients I need for the potions but there's nothing in my inventory :( :(
  12. I don't think so. The plot is clearly going to continue, the issue today is a glitch and I believe it is indeed because of something they forgot to deactivate when it got clear the plot is going to drag on. It should be fine tomorrow.
  13. Should be a glitch. It seems the plot was intended to end today (people on the boards were assuming this because of the NC items or something, I didn't follow through). But the plot got delayed and maybe they didn't think there's something that will be activated on December 10th. And it' Sunday so I don't expect them to fix it till tomorrow.
  14. You don't have to wait for the auction to run up, you just can set up a second one with the appropriate amount :)
  15. I just can't believe they chose captions that are sooooo dull and boring! What is wrong with you, people! I'm sure there were a lot of witty and clever entries and all we see is ridiculous :( :(
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