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  1. @Nielo Nope, I hadn't seen that page! I tried the bat file - nothing happened, then I tried the hosts file - it made things worse, so I changed it back, lol. I'm afraid I might have to contact my ISP I was really dreading that option. @Scoobert_Doo 1. I hadn't tried that, but I did now - sadly, it didn't work 2. No, I don't use VPN! 3. I don't think so 4. It happens with other sites too 5. Yes, it's happening with other browsers too... :\ 6. I tried and, as well as and 7. I don't talk to my neighbours, lol. I asked my brother, and he says he
  2. Hey guys! So, I've been having a "Resolving host..." issue with Chrome, meaning that pages are slow to load if they load at all. I keep seeing "Resolving host..." and "Waiting for neopets.com..." (same with other urls) on the status bar. Then a while later, I'll get a "Unable to connect to the internet" error, even though I am connected. Once I get this error, the only way to "fix" it is by restarting my computer. Resetting my router makes no difference. After restarting my computer, I can browse the internet for about a couple of hours before I get the error message again. Before I cont
  3. I'm so impressed with these! You guys rock (I might share my own couple of entries at the Backstage!)
  4. Happy New Year, everyone! I won't be claiming freebies just yet. For some odd reason, I only claim mine on the 6th of each month, lol. Can't wait for all the pet days to see new colours and outfits!
  5. I can't believe I never noticed the connection between these items! I love it hahaha I actually prefer Koibat, because it's like "Korbat" but in a Brooklyn accent
  6. RE: the tree I'm just going to leave this here... http://www.neopets.com/~nibis
  7. Aww man, I want that avatar so bad! I'd love to get it before Halloween (not counting on that, though)... I actually got a silver trophy somewhat recently, so I doubt I'll be lucky enough to get on the HST again soon I guess I just gotta try.
  8. LOL @ silent movie version! xD I just tried Firefox, and saw this: (I didn't feel like logging in to see all of them :P) If Firefox weren't so slow for me, I'd switch. So I guess I'll just keep using the old ones...
  9. OMG, ME!!! I just had a flashback, lol. In second grade, we made a book for our class, so everyone had to write a page about themselves. Here's a snippet from my page: I'm not usually drawn to shiny things, but that dragon had me mesmerised! If I ever see a smaller version of it, I might just get it. Anyway, I made the mistake of checking out their website, and now I'm obsessed with this one too: Help
  10. ROFL don't worry about it! Being here a long time means nothing when you're as scatterbrained as I am Pointing out what's obvious to most people often helps, actually Ah, that explains a lot... my computer is at least 7 years old (but I'm guessing 8/almost 9). And I use Windows 7 Home Basic. So, there's no helping it?
  11. Yep, I can see all the original ones, as usual. Just not the new ones :\ I googled this issue, and found a Google Chrome extension that supposedly displays emojis, but it didn't work for me (forgot to mention that, lol) Edit: Ok, so I also found out about a font named Segoe UI Emoji, and installed it. The "emojis" changed ever so slightly:
  12. Hey I meant to ask this a while ago, but I forgot. I noticed that we now have the option to use emojis instead of just the standard smileys, however, I can't see any of them. When people use them, they look like squares to me, and if I try to use them, they look like this: What gives? Do you guys reckon this is a browser issue, or perhaps something with my computer?
  13. Omg, I see these everywhere, and I'm always tempted to buy one! I never do though, because I need to save money and I already have enough plushies, lol. I have allergies, so I can't have a bunch of plushies sitting in my room. I used to collect Neopets plushies and all sorts of panda plushies, but I eventually gave a bunch of them away, and kept my favourites in a box. I regret donating some of the Neopets ones, I wish I had kept them all. The panda collection was indeed getting out of hand, so at least I don't regret that. Anyway, one time I almost bought a smaller version of that shiny
  14. I think the easiest place to start would be the Neopian Pharmacy, because there isn't a huge variety of items and it's not competitive. There are actually only three profitable items that stock there, which are Extra Thick Goggles, Sporkle Syrup and Magic Goop. Since you know exactly what to look for, you won't make a bad investment. You will usually make a 10k profit for the goggles, ~50k for the syrup, and ~25k for the goop. Once you get the hang of it, you'll probably get bored with the pharmacy, so the next easiest place would be the magical bookshop, as kayahtik suggested.
  15. Wow, what an awesome opportunity! I also love the theme. Good luck to everyone entering!
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