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  1. Om'gosh No.2 - Good on you and keep up the great work and spirit! (Sorry for the loss of your grandma..)
  2. Well done everyone! So hard to pick!
  3. Omgosh! These are all so great! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  4. This is so hard ! Everyone did SUCH a great interpretation!
  5. Hi all! Everyone did a super tasty great job! I missed putting in my entry - so here's another just for a laugh - Grarrl Fieri.
  6. Is it too late to enter??? argh!
  7. Such a great theme and such GREAT entries! Everyone wins this round'!
  8. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1885462 Sorry - messed up on posting! Just wanted to say that my Abigail missed the entry period and now needs to decide between all these excellent other entries...
  9. Just a late note on round 49 - the Thriller background was extraordinary. The best winner yet. K. Nuff said. On to 50.
  10. Hi all, this is the message that I get when I try to vote on Runway when I'm logged in .



    Sorry, there is a problem

    Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Error code: EX0

    Contact Us

  11. Wow!!! I think all of these are the best! I can't remember another comp where absolutely all the entries were SO excellent!
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