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  1. I hope I'm not crashing the Mouseykins/Ennoshima party here - I am just desperate for a thread that hasn't been abandoned since 2019. I started out doing a boatload of jigsaw puzzles when quarantine began, but I'm finding that I don't really have the space or the long-term concentration it takes to really sit down and do a puzzle properly. My attention is so scattered and divided that smaller tasks - reading online, playing Neo, goofing around and organizing and purging my closet, etc. are all much easier and lower-brainpower activities. I feel like I just cannot get my brain to work at 100% capacity anymore!! I used to love cooking, grocery shopping, etc. - now they're just "have to"s that take too much time without enough creative freedom. I feel for the kiddos staying up way too late just to get some peace/quiet/privacy, because that has definitely been me as well. 11:00 PM - 3:00 am is my Me Time, but I do tend to regret it a bit when morning comes all too quickly after my head hits the pillow. That got way too negative and whiny! Ah!! Back to something fun: I've started a new goal of getting 3,000 unique items in my SDB - only 863 left to go. Whew. Emptying out my real closet and filling up my fake one. What a glamorous life I live. Thanks for letting me share ♥
  2. I payed for premium early this morning, but the amount still hasn't been debited from my account and nothing has happened. I know they say 24 hours, but c'mon, don't make it actually take 24 hours... 

  3. me: shows up six months later juggling an armload of assorted morphing potions while trying not to drop a Completely Non-Lethal Sandwich

  4. send help, i'm about to spend 600k on a paint brush

  5. Life update RE: Dreamies! 1. I am still beyond happy with my Faerie Eyrie. She's beautiful. I haven't even touched her custom in years because I like it so much. 2. I passed on Transparent Peophin in favor of Tyrannian Peophin. I just painted her today and I'm already so much more pleased than I was when she was Red! She kicks it. 3. My Halloween Kougra will have to wait another day, because today I painted my Red Flotsam to Tyrannian as well, and he's so much cooler now. Perhaps I'll set up my H.K. on a side one day. 4. I am hyping myself up to spend the 600K for a Brown paint brush so that I can finally have my Brown Uni. I thought I'd get tired of the idea, but I definitely haven't!! Don't even get me started on C vs UC pets ? ? (are either of those a crying emoji? i honestly can't even tell anymore. rip my eyes.)
  6. God Bless the users still trying for their Packrat avatar

  7. I've officially struck out with "nothing of interest" on the shore for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. rip.
  8. I'm reviving this thread because I've just started thinking about this again! Four dream pets: 1. Faerie Eyrie. And guess what? I have one!! She started out Blue, I morphed her Faerie when I realized that prices had changed a lot since I was a wee'un, and I have not regretted it for a moment. She's probably my top dreamie, and her current custom/design is my favorite that I've ever done. 2. Brown Uni. It sounds boring, but the Brown Uni design is so appealingly... realistic? I feel like I could do almost any sort of custom on her - from ba warrior to flowery forest spirit - and she'd still look stunning. I'd also settle for White, but Brown is my dream-dream. She's currently Red, which is... well, it's a color. That's about all I have to say about that. 3. Transparent Peophin. Y'ALLLLL! This is my favorite transparent design. I have this sort of warrior-femme thing going on with my (Red) Peophin right now, and I would LOVE to see her become some sort of Transparent avenging elemental with glass skin and a giant sword. I guess I'm halfway there. 4. Halloween Kougra - I used to have a Kougra, way way back, but I don't know what happened to her!! I had transferred my old Peophin to a side and recently brought her back to my main, but I don't know what happened to my Kougra. I fear an accidental (... how?) abandonment occurred. Regardless, I am a sucker sucker sucker for black cats, so I would probably pee my pants for a Halloween Kougra. Can you imagine?? Runner-up is just about anything Woodland... Woodland Eyrie, Woodland Grundo, and Woodland Koi are imo some of the most beautiful designs the team has ever created. I guess I'm just a bit more attached to the "older" colors than anything else. This was a really fun topic to answer! Great idea!
  9. me: shows up another year later wearing a Spider-Man costume and holding That Slice of Cake You Always Wanted 

  10. me: shows up three years late holding a Rainborific Slushie, continues posting as if nothing happened 

  11. I haven't played Ghoul Catchers in MONTHS because of how slow the loading times were - I hated just sitting and starting into space between levels. I kind of forgot about it for a while. I'm excited to say that I'll start playing again this evening! Hopefully I don't see the glitches though...
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