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  1. The ray is fired at rocalunar... ... and he gains two levels!!!
  2. I was unable to post or send messages here on TDN for a few days, which was super weird, but then I had back-to-back color changes on my Pound Pet/Spa Spot during that time which was EVEN WEIRDER. 4/15: The ray is fired at Julio_Pops... and she changes colour to Skunk!! 4/16: The ray is fired at Julio_Pops... and she changes colour to Pastel!! She was adopted out as a Pastel Bruce (came in as a Red Bruce), and now we have Rocalunar the Red Grarrl in the Spa Spot! 4/17: The ray is fired at rocalunar... and he gains 2 defence points!!
  3. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Julio_Pops... ... and he goes down to level 1 My disappointment is immeasurable and my pound-zapping adventure is FAILING
  4. *sheds a single happy tear* I don't remember the last time the Deserted Tomb disappointed me this little.
  5. The ray is fired at Julio_Pops... and she changes gender!! *sighs* ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY POUND-ZAPPER THIS WEEK IS GENDER CHANGES. Like, four times now. THIS POOR BRUCE HAS WHIPLASH.
  6. I LOVE the direction they're going with wearables lately. There are so many looks that 10-20 years ago would've only been attainable via paint brush - like this three-headed Shoyru costume - that are now available as general buyables with a lot more customization power and the option to make regular changes without constantly paying for brushes/potions to do it.
  7. *me, looking at having decimated my savings by purchasing the Chomby Mushroom Moss, CM Legs, CM Body, Trudys Head Wreath, Faerie Caverns BG, and Illusen Wings all in the last week*: i'm never gonna financially recover from this

  8. I literally never have less patience than when I'm waiting for someone to accept or deny a Trading Post offer. I WANT IT SO BAD. I AM A TODDLER AND I WANT THE THING. PLEASE LET ME HAVE NOW IMMEDIATELY RIGHT NOW PLEASE YES?

  9. *sniff* MY BABY'S GROWING UP She'll eventually wear the body 'shrooms, but I'm loving the ivy markings too much right now to swap them out. Plus, it's a gradual thing, you know? An ancient, undiscovered deific relic doesn't just sprout mushrooms everywhere OVERNIGHT, of course.
  10. It sounds like the stamp is going to be a long-haul profit if you want to sell it, so you may be sitting on it for a few years before it really picks up in price. Get the paintbrush for yourself if you want it!
  11. "Best" is subjective, of course, but what are your top NP wearable picks? Some items just seem to rise above the rest in terms of quality, vibe, or the way they enhance your pet's customization. I think there are pretty evident quality tiers of NP wearable items, and while most new releases just keep getting better and more cohesive, there are still a few "old" gems from the last few years. What are your favorites? I'm a fan of Trudys Head Wreath, Bubbles in the Lake, the Oasis Eyrie set, Jhudoras Dungeon Background, and the new Ceramic Artist Table Foreground and Ceramic Studio Background from Trudy's Surprise. I suppose the Faerielands Destruction Background is on up there too now that it's in circulation again. I don't own the Breathtaking Night Sky background or Inside a Toy Claw Machine Background, but I WISH I did! This list is a great source for finding new-old (new to you) NP wearables. I really like the way it's organized. UPDATED TO ADD: The Chomby Mushroom set has become a new favorite of mine, as have the Faerie Caverns Background and the new Illusen Wings! Like, holy COW those wings are nice. Cross your fingers that my TP offer is accepted on a pair soon
  12. Man, you know fungi are really having a pop culture moment when one person references TLOU, another one references Mexican Gothic, and yet another (hi, it’s me) is thinking What Moves the Dead. I actually like the look better without the eye mushrooms; I love the way the rest of the set gives sort of a forgotten forest deity/ancient one/post-humanity vibe, but the eyeshrooms sort of break the magic for me. Not sure why. Love the rest of the set though!
  13. Myncis (Myncii?) are not for me, but if I had to choose one, Faerie or Mutant would be my picks! Maybe I just played (and lost) too much Mynci Beach Volleyball back in the day.
  14. I've not historically been a huge Chomby lover, but omg I'm OBSESSED with those mushrooms!! Imagine how they'd look on a RELIC Chomby! edit: look what you made me do. you made me go and create a Chomby. smh.
  15. I guess the moral of the story is that we really dislike Kikos and Jubjubs around here
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