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  1. Hey friend it looks like JNF is finally gone, is there any way I can keep in contact with you? Don't envision coming back here much lol

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    2. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Hmmm, maybe Steam or Snapchat? I don't use either too frequently but well I have them at least lol. Maybe one day I will cave and get a Reddit account but I'm not sure that'll be soon

      Currently I'm trying to get into uni and hoping my grades are enough for it, and damn if only I'd have known lol! Glad you enjoyed it though :D

    3. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Just changed my name btw but it's still me, just cleaning up my posts here

    4. jumpingbeans


      Around again for an annual check-up - hard to believe it was a year since I was last on, tbh. Time is starting to fly.

      I've technically got both Steam and Snapchat, but hardly use either.

      It's always incredible coming back here and seeing these memories, but each time I do, everyone feels so distant - I barely remember HAMS - you, me, CAV, Ryan, and Tyler. The other names of the big users, I'll occasionally recognize as I look through the forums, but I don't remember who anyone really was. Heck, I don't even remember who I really was - a lot has changed in the past ~9 years, myself included. It's crazy how different (and cringey, in a lot of cases) I was when frequented these forums - around age 11, I think, is when I would have joined here. Half a lifetime away.

      I know we don't speak much (RE: at all), but I just wanted to thank you [and anyone else who reads this and vaguely remembers me] for such a great childhood and for being such good friends. I don't remember much about squabbles (though knowing pre-teens, there were ridiculous ones in retrospect) - just being happy about having friends. I didn't have many close friends in school as a child, so you guys were truly my world. 

      Skyping with you guys [and the JNF crew too], playing games, and just hanging out are a large majority of my childhood memories. Every so often, I'll pop in to Elements and hope that it's been updated (it never will again, I'm sure). Everybody Edits is way past its prime, especially with Mario Makers out now. My Neopets account has been locked for years, and even JNF left last year. 

      I suppose this is all I've really got left to remember five years of my life by.

      That, and the memories.



  2. The point of this game: To keep counting as high as you can. And try to get special numbers. Obviously, you count by 1. I start Winners: Dcoolb: 42! Evil Bunny: 100! Marshmallow: 200! 1
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