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  1. I've been trying to figure out what is 'wrong' with that Burlap colour... and I think it's the eyes. They are... both too big and I think angled more like the pet is facing forward? I'm not sure, but it's offputting. The outfit is stunning!!
  2. I really like that outfit even if I find Grundo's as a whole underwhelming. The exceptions being the Grim Reaper and the Mallow Grundo which are both excellent! The Halloween Reaper is possibly only awesome because you can't actually see the Grundoness of it under the clothing!
  3. Sold half of LDSC for 64 and sold the remainder today for 79. Not back going!
  4. Thanks! I haven't opened it yet, although I have downloaded it. I saw some content warnings on the main Steam page though! In fairness, without the warnings I likely wouldn't have picked it up as it looks rather too pink and fluffy from the pictures given! I'm not usually into dating sims, so I'd have kept on moving, but the content warnings made me more interested!
  5. I'm almost glad that I failed to find inspiration this time round; I could seriously never have beaten the originality on show here! Also, never heard of the literature club game. Thank you to whoever sent that one in, I've just bought it!
  6. I agree that TNT don't always have the best history with naming conventions... the Gypsy Camp immediately comes to mind!! I remember this all went a little crazy on Facebook once when one of the new outfits was released - the most recent Elephante, I believe - and one of the comments being so strongly in favour of other cultures being included as it made her feel included as a child (obviously the last comment was very specifically aimed at the Facebook post!!):
  7. I like that they've merged two candies here; the gobstopper and the long multi-coloured tail. I admit, I far prefer the tail in honesty, but there is some originality here to be rewarded! And I agree with the character based outfits being really cool!
  8. I love that Rohan outfit even if I don't own a Blum! And the Burlap is cute! It's not as 'freaky' as some of the burlaps as well!
  9. I'd have gone down the route that it's inclusive to all; I'd hate to be a kid playing and have nothing on site that represents what I see as normal. Providing that it's done respectfully - and not mockingly - I'd have thought it would do a lot more good than ill. I might have to see how the armour looks on a Wraith or Woodland Ruki... I have the Woodland and was toying with the wraith!
  10. It also gives a nice batch of six point CC fodder which is excellent!
  11. Get nerks, sell them for codestones. You can also get red codestones from Jetsam Ace, so it's a win win!
  12. Yeah, I just sell them. I always have that edge of 'but I could win big'.. then I remember my luck and think 75k is way better than 200np gross food!
  13. Complete bust yesterday... but with a 48:10 and an 80:10, I don't think I can complain overly!
  14. I've got the got kicked out avatar, but neither of the other two. I was initially grumbling that they converted that page when it doesn't need flash... however the new fix of saving your entry saves it!
  15. Yep, this is also the story of my life. I constantly miss it hitting 60. Finally get it. And then it just keeps on rising!
  16. Secre


    Good luck with the Coincidence! If you do get one, remember you need to refresh with the old inventory to get it to attach. So add /x to the inventory page to bring up the old inventory page!
  17. Ever since they were transferred to the new site they actually save your last go! That makes life so much easier!
  18. Miracles happened. My messed up bets got me double - 48:10!!!
  19. Completely messed up Food Club today by using the wrong arena as a positive as I wasn’t using my noggin. I probably should have just kept it, but I then panicked and changed arena. I think today may be a bust… Thankful for the 56:10 yesterday!
  20. Hah, I was thinking of a way of working it out that didn't involve me getting my calculator out! The onus of foolishness would have been on me! I was determined to do it in as few clicks as possible, hence why it wasn't quite exactly 721k; close enough though! Yeah, I sold at 71. I only have 5 left to remind myself to rebuy when it drops to 15 again! You definitely profit more in total from your bank interest, but essentially selling at 60 and above is far higher than 12.5% interest. You could end up keeping your stocks for years and it would still exceed the interest overall. You can't really use the bottom line on the stocks as the majority of stocks will be at 5-20 for most of the time. It's more a case of jumping on the ones that are overall higher and selling to make a profit, sticking the proceeds in the bank and then re-investing. My bottom line will occasionally jump to 20-30% if one or two stocks are doing particularly well, but it will then sink again when I sell those high fliers. If you really wanted to check where you make the most, you'd need a table of when you bought vs when you've been able to sell and how much for. Then you can check that against the typical bank interest for the period against all the stocks you've bought, I suspect... maybe?
  21. I mean, the interest on 721k is as follows: And you've made a hell of a lot more than 90k on those beauties!! (I need to put my millions back in the bank pronto before I get hit by some stupid tax event!) Phew, it's back! Either way, if you actually sell at 60-70 (and don't hoard them, eh!) then the profit on stocks will vastly outweigh the 12.5% top interest rate. Particularly as you can sell, put the proceeds in the bank and collect interest on that! But you do... ummm... have to sell them for that to work, I'm afraid.
  22. Glad I kept back half! Sold the rest at 70! Thanks for the heads up! As @nirv120 says, it's completely up to you where you sell at. Some people sell at 30, others 60, some hold for longer. Personally, I tend to stick with 60 although I might gamble like I did yesterday; selling half and then seeing if it rose further. Having watched the ups and downs, it's a gamble as often a stock won't get higher than 60 and will then plummet. Other times I've missed out on shares rising higher like when FAER recently rose to 125! In terms of which stock to buy, I'll always try and bolster the ones I have less of. So if there's more than one at 15, I check my current stocks and see which one has less bought.
  23. Finally caught BB at 60 and sold half. Hoping it goes back to 65 and I'll sell the other half!
  24. Congrats! And yes, that was a very nice deal indeed!! I've just noted the wise king and grumpy king have now been converted... and they didn't even use flash!!
  25. I'm with @aleu1986 - these are all fantastic! It was really hard just picking a few to vote for!! I've never really 'got' water pets before, but these customs were brilliantly inventive!
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