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  1. I found out by chance as I was annoyed that my baby pet couldn't wear the new items I'd traded for/bought. Tried it anyway, saved it and it worked!
  2. I picked Sea Glass as well. I haven't used it yet, but it will work well for a summer beach customisation once I'm bored of the winter ones!
  3. It's always tricky talking about cultural representation/appropriation when you are part of that culture, isn't it!?
  4. Thanks! Even if the items don't show up on the customisation or are greyed out, if you save them you can still see them on your pet. The only items that showed on the actual customisation page in my custom were the Dyeworks shells and the Dyeworks Light Shower or whatever it's called. Even my pet was invisible. But once I'd saved, it showed on the pet. Thanks! I fell in love the moment they released the artwork, but the Mara brush is so expensive!! Thank you!! Very chuffed and a good start to the year! If I manage to get another I will probably finally make my Kiko Garl
  5. Eight minutes left on the two item one... joys!! I suspect once I've done more of them, I'll be in the same boat. For the moment I'm only really on my first week of it!!
  6. I've had that customisation planned ever since the Mara Lutari was released!! It's just taken me this long to be able to use it!
  7. As posts in the dailies section of the forum don't add to your post count, I think you're probably ok on the double posting rule. Possibly worth checking with a mod rather than taking my word for it mind you!!
  8. Aw, thanks! I bought quite a few during the Black Friday event... it's just taken me an age to finally get lucky. Admittedly, my pet now takes seven codestones to train, so the stat boosts weren't exactly unappreciated! I nearly found another couple of items for you, but the trader got had in an earlier post and then went off grid so it didn't pan out. Poor soul traded a limited edition background worth 5-7 for two items often found in 2:1's, so I can't blame them for being frustrated with the whole thing! It's been less luck and more tenacity, I have to admit. I've burned through
  9. It's only taken me about 15 fortune cookies and I got another Fountain Faerie one! YASSSSSSSS! And the item only cost me 1400np. The Maraquan paint brush is five million plus!! HURRRAY!
  10. Yeah, that's my aim I think!! The NC Cards in Brazil were being sold at $9-10 for 2000NC plus a crappy NC item and four gift boxes, as opposed to $20 (or £20 in the UK) for 2000NC. The NC sellers were making a profit on it still because of the conversion rates, so could sell for far lower than the site rate. This has apparently been going on for a decade or more - needless to say, I only found out about it at the last minute. TNT finally decided to plug the gap and it caused absolute uproar on the community sites associated. Now the Brazilian cards give 750NC and two gift boxes - it's sti
  11. My first quest of today only wanted one item. It was cheap so I did it to get rid of it. My second quest wants 2 items. One of which is 2500np... so I'm letting it time out as I don't want to spend tons on useless quests and 2500 times twenty (ten quests, two items) quickly adds up...
  12. I think I had a 34:10 day and a 24:10 day in there, but the three tank days were the same! And I skipped the day that came out evens. It has not been a good week at all. And Garet said Trash Week started a day early... I don't think it ever finished!
  13. Best Site Controversy: Charity Corner, Altador Cup Scoring, NC Rate on Brazilian Cards, Flash Conversion Game Screwed Over The Best: Hassee Bounce, Turmac Roll, Igloo Garage Sale, Pink Runner Thing That Doesn't Work Best: Customisation, Games, Neohomes, Lottery Best Throwback to Things That Used to Work: Abandoned Attic, Golden Dubloon, Smuggler's Cove, Flash Games ... This could be great fun...!
  14. Yep, I've just voted the last three days for the admittedly low value prize... I keep hoping to get one of those banana sword things but no such luck.
  15. My Kiko turned into a Yurble yesterday. Only a couple of days ago it turned into a Koi.
  16. So I was right to skip Friday - Garet came in evens. I did reasonably on Saturday - 24:10 over Gareth's 16:10 as I went for the standard formation. This was less judgement and more not wanting to faff about on my phone between tabs! I thought yesterday was a good day and even went safer than Garet and still tanked. Three tanks in a week!! And now today. A single positive that needs to be 10 bet to be profitable. Ouch.
  17. Do you think the rest of the Neopies is going to be around the Advent!? Particularly considering some of the animation really needed some work? Was 2020 really that dull?
  18. This doesn't fill me with glee for my own chances with Edna... I started last week!! Food Club has been an absolute disaster this last week and I've woken up to yet another tank this morning!!
  19. Yep, the intructions still work - I suspect because the source data hasn't changed, it just can't be shown visually by Flash.
  20. I never realised the Gollys might be valuable... I’ll have to get permission to rummage in my parents room next time we’re allowed to meet people. I know there were at least 15, maybe 20-25 in the collection. I used to line them up and play schools with them. Then again, I did that with clothing pegs when I couldn’t find anything else!! I loved those little Golly’s... it wasn’t until many years later that I became aware of the controversy regarding them. Considering my mum was a teacher at an almost entirely black school, it would never have occurred to me they could be problematic!!
  21. Oh yes, now that rings bells. I remember my grandma had those dolls. Along with a collection of gollywogs that my mother inherited... I used to play with hours with those. I will likely keep them when the time comes... but far down in the depths of a drawer as oh boy, the racism is definitely strong there!! You know, my main titbit of information about the Welsh comes from my grandfather and I am going to have to be VERY careful how I phrase this or the mods will have me. So, you know there is an ongoing joke about the Welsh and inappropriate relations with livestock? Well, there's actual
  22. You're more patient than me - I tried three of them including Fashion Fever - found issues with them all and moved onto the card games which I can reliably lose at instead!! Turmac Roll annoyed me because it doesn't collect all the berries even when you hit them. Fashion Fever wouldn't send scores - it works some of the time if you dress the pet up, but not every time. I can't remember if I played Ice Cream or Igloo now, but whichever it was I wasn't impressed. I then tried Pink Runner later for the Better Than You and yep, the scores don't tie over from the levels.
  23. Ooof, two days of tanks and I don't like the look of today either. The single weaker positive is Cove and Goob's in with Dan, Buck and Fran who are all pretty solid pirates... and then the other arena's all have two 2:1's or a 2:1 and 3:1. I don't think I'm biting... Lagoon would be a decent booster if we'd got a relatively safe positive, but I just don't think it's worth it.
  24. Tell that to the Americans - it's virtually ancient history to them!! I suspect dice games were around long before card games as the pieces are more durable and can be made from wood or bone.
  25. I wouldn't feel bad about the cross paint - it's a gorgeous outfit, which is a good thing! Well, it gives you until next month to decide at least!! You can often find them in the TP for 1.65 mil though which is actually cheaper than discount day! I actually quite like the Royal colour with the Halloween straps in fairness... It looks like the skin has been peeled away! In fairness, the Ruki conversation was down to an Indian member of the Facebook group directly referring to them in terms of how the outfits made her feel represented as a youngster, so the link was ther
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