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  1. Ah, Board 7, always good for: So, weren't Tony P, Rico S, and Alice W there when Neopets was owned by Viacom, and, before that, Adam & Donna? If so, seems they weren't part of the "Jump Start" lay-offs. But, yeah, it's like when contacting a telephone operator, they identify themselves as "Operator 20", or "Operator 13". In this case, it's "Tony P", or "Alice W". And, it reminds me of Internet ads, or, rather testimonials - "Best website, ever! - Tony P". They always mention first name, and last initial. I wonder if it is scripted. "Ok, John Doe. Welcome to your first day at Neopets Support. Today, you'll be playing the part of Rico S. A very strict customer support technician, who always says no first, and doesn't ask questions, later. Copy & paste these responses from here. Got it? Tomorrow, you'll get to be Alice W, who is a lot nicer."
  2. Not really. Everyone comes back to post, eventually. I still have my theory, though.
  3. Nah! Everyone else loses interest, but I'll be here.
  4. It was a good run. Guess I'll see if it can go for 2 years. Maybe...
  5. Wow! This topic is getting deep! I guess I have to bring out this: https://items.jellyneo.net/assets/imgs/items/25790.gif Still, TNT has never stated how they determine the points/factoring/etc/? for deciding who wins the Skirmishes, so I believe it could be anyone's game. Even if a guild/guilds tries to use "dirty tricks", it could backfire on them, especially if there are more people on the opposing team(s), and/or they (opposing teams) fight more battles.
  6. I went with Seekers, just because of that (long time since last win). However, I did sign up with them last time, and it was a bust. Keepin' my fingers crossed for a win!
  7. It's the Seekers, for me. Oxbridge786 has them at 38% and 13 rounds since their last win. 13 is "unlucky", but it is a long time for a win. Maybe it can be lucky 13!?
  8. Your coordinates look like they follow the pattern - "x" coordinates decrease by 40, and "y" coordinates decrease by 30, for the first three. Inputting your Sleeper coordinates into TDN's Spellbook Finder, I get 15, 18, just like you did. It may help, when you are on the Neopets page, looking for the spellbook, to increase your web browser's zoom. Usually, Ctrl + and Ctrl - work for most browsers. (Hold down the Ctrl key, and hit the "+" key to increase zoom). By zooming in, it may help you to see when your mouse cursor changes, and/or make it easier to see it change. You may, also, want to double-check your star data via TDN's Constellation Finder, here: https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/constellation-finder/ As I stated before, the spellbook can be tricky to find. I think your coordinates are correct. But, keep at it, and I know you can find it!
  9. Maybe the Space Faerie is using a spyglass to watch the Neopies from space?!
  10. Hm. I mainly use Firefox. Haven't tried the games using Chrome or Edge. Maybe trying a different browser may help? I'll have to try it myself.
  11. I went with the Seekers. My track record for the last 3 or so Obelisk Battles has been rubbish. Hoping for a win, but expecting...not so much. Well, hoping someone who posted here picks the winning team. Anyhow, good luck all, and see you in the Battledome!
  12. I do like how they have an icon/image for the Neopies, on the main pet page, after logging in. Helps me remember to vote. I hope they will do that for future events.
  13. Sure can. They just redesigned the site to be "mobile friendly", so you can access Neopets from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone). The "converted" games are playable, but, for me, seem "laggy/buggy" when playing on the PC. To be honest, though, I haven't tried the games on my phone.
  14. So, jealous... I wonder if it will be even possible to get that avatar, once Flash is gone?
  15. Well, if the Neopets Mobile Beta is anything like the Battledome Beta, looks like it will be in "beta" for a long time. And "beta" usually means "working out the bugs still". I like to believe that the pages will get more uniform throughout this year (2021), and they will work on getting the games converted over. Restocking is fine and all, but if Neopians cannot earn NP to purchase the restocked stuff in your store, or you cannot make NP to restock, then that does become a problem, at some point. I do think JS/TNT waited too long to convert from Flash to HTML5. Adobe officially announced it in 2017, but the "writing was already on the wall", in 2015. Even then, I don't think they started converting until 2018. Anyhow, that is now in the past. It's 2021 and Neopets is still here. Just gotta make the most of it, and hope the "beta" gets better.
  16. Having a hard time getting used to it, as Neopets already switched it over (to "mobile). Some things I can find, and others, well, I'll eventually find them. It seems strange, though. Some links take you back to "classic" looking Neopets. Feels like a Frankenstein-owian conversion. And, the games seem laggier than usual, but, at least I did earn NP. *Sigh* I think it will take a bit more time for me to get used to. Oh, I do miss my themes. The new "Tis The Season" is ok, but want my "Grey Day".
  17. Banned for being "sus", cuz of the Among Us avatar...
  18. They have converted a few of the plot backgrounds, for the beta site (Altadorian Constellations & Haunted Woods), and will be "converting" them all: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=917 (7th question) Of course, not sure "how" they will look, in mobile, as "may look different than the ones you're used to", but I hope they keep the art/spirit/intent of the originals. I, too, worked to get many of them, and spent Charity Corner points on "perks" to get ones I didn't get/have. (Got 2 or 4 that way). As for keeping the "Classic" site: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=916 (5th question) Personally, I will be sad when the "Classic" Neopets site is gone. This may sound strange, but I like going to Neopets because it looks like "classic" early 2000s Internet. Sure, it seems "cheesy" now, but, other than the ads, it has a simple, uncomplicated feel. It helps me de-stress, after a rough day of work. Although I don't customize much, I do wonder how that is going.
  19. Here is a link to JellyNeo's article on the end of Flash: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=end_of_flash_support It lists some items that have been converted. So...yes, that's why Neopets created the "mobile" site version. That's what Neopets will be, after 31 Dec 2020, when browsers stop supporting Flash. I don't believe they are planning on "to just do away with the stuff that's still flash based", but they did mention games that aren't popular/played a lot, may not make the conversion. And, I think converting to Flash is taking longer than they expected. (Reason for no Daily Dare or Games Master Challenge, this year). They have been working behind the scenes, but also mentioned changes they have made, which can only be seen by changing to the "mobile" site version. (Yes, I still stay on the "Classic" site, for now.) There have been numerous Neopian Times Editorials, in the past few years, about converting/moving away from Flash. I'm expecting some parts of Neopets to not work, after the New Year, but sure they will keep converting and releasing the updates, throughout 2021. (Well, hopeful, anyway). I'm not a fan of the "mobile" site version, either, but, if it keeps Neopets on the 'Net, I guess I'll have to get used to it. At least it will be accessible from a desktop/laptop, phone or tablet. I'm more concerned about the games. Not sure which games may not make the "cut", and, what I got from the Neopian Times Editorial (or it could have been from a Q&A Neopets had "offsite"), that they aren't going to let us know the "list" of not popular/played games, for now, so we can't try to make them "popular" again. I have been trying "ruffle" - https://ruffle.rs/, a Flash emulator, with Firefox, and may use that, at the end of year/next year, if some parts of Neopets are still Flash based/stop working. I can view some parts of Neopets with it, like the Map of Neopia, but the games - not so much. It is still a "work in progress", but glad it is there.
  20. I'm joining the Thieves, too. However, my last two picks of the Obelisk Battles have not gone very well. Lost both times. I guess we will see how it goes, this time...
  21. I like the "Rancher" outfit. The hair/wig looks nice, except for a small bit of red "regular" Xweetok "hair", peeking out, in front. Unfortunately, the denim "pants" and belt are "lost", when everything is together. I had to do a "double-look", as the Xwee's red, fur ruff, almost looks like a bandana. (I was looking at the items, expecting to see one!)
  22. It doesn't seem to be a "Neopets thing". I "heard", on the Neoboards, that, it appears "Easy List" updated their filters, and the filters now block "Playwire". Playwire is an ad provider Neopets uses.
  23. Which ad block plugin are you using? The issue seems to be ad block related. If you disable your ad blocker, the games will load, but the ads almost make them unplayable. I was using Ad Block Plus, with Firefox. I switched to uBlock Origin, and the games load fine, and the ads are still blocked. If you look on the "Games" and "Help" Neoboards, there should be posts about creating special filters/allow lists for "Playwire", which will, then, allow the games to load. Here is a link to a Neopets petpage, explaining how: http://www.neopets.com/~Urbitin#flash And here is another: http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=fedorahead (It's in the top, left corner of the page).
  24. You are not alone. I, too, have joined the Brutes. Always remember:
  25. Hm. According to TDN, here are the requirements for obtaining the avatar: So, I believe you can buy and sell in the same day. I got the avatar, doing the "midnight" method. That method was "discovered", so you wouldn't loose any money in the process. Meaning, the stock rates can change at any time, except during Neo reset time (midnight). If you purchase 1M NP of stocks right before midnight, and sell them for the same price, right after midnight, you won't loose any NP, and have the 1M NP requirement to get the avatar. Well, at least that's how I understand it. It's more of a "guarantee" (not 100%, of course), doing it the "midnight" way. But, you should be able to sell at any time. Just make sure the rate/price hasn't gone down, before doing so.
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