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  1. I've got 560 points. I'll get the books and the stamp of course, lol
  2. What? I didn't even get time to do everything! (Essays, lol) This "plot" was a load of.. rubbish.
  3. Haha, I don't know why I didn't even think of the keyboard arrows! ?‍♀️
  4. Ugh, I'm guessing this game is easier when using an actual mouse and not a touch pad?
  5. Ah, thanks. Good to know I haven't missed anything, not that it was that exciting at the moment. ? I don't understand why they keep trying to do so much at once, and then wonder why the users get frustrated.
  6. Was the last updated chapter, 13? I haven't been on much, but the 'To Be Continued' sign has gone, and changing 13 to 14 in the URL doesn't show anything. Not sure if I had missed anything before they stopped updating early Jan.
  7. Thanks for pointing out the tip. My best so far is 29 seconds, but now the first door won't move in good time, no matter how I approach it. This is really annoying.
  8. Keep trying! I managed to get there in the end. Just need to beat it in 25 seconds now, although I'm not sure it will happen. I keep losing time when the doors decide they want to take years to actually move ?
  9. I cannot for the life of me, get those stupid doors to rotate! I did it once when doing a blind run, and I tried then to do it again but I have no idea how it happened anyway, and now I'm following the guide and they won't move ?
  10. I've had this a lot. I decided not to renew to every month as it was becoming a pain.
  11. Have all parts of the story reset back to just the first page for anyone? I've read them all, but mine has reset ?
  12. I hope I have enough time for this now I have started my degree, ;D
  13. I got these ? Where Neopians Get Their Jelly From (special) Voidberry Moon Cakes (special) Haunted Brucicle Spooky Skeith Adventures (uncommon) The Ixi Ghost Legend How to Frost Cookies (special) Haunted Brucicle ?
  14. Congrats to Tyrannia! If I knew that the team that had cheaters on would have lost, I may have found the time to play this year, as that has also put me off the cup the last couple of years, though I know it shouldn't.
  15. I'm with Lost Desert as usual, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to take part this year. I didn't last year. I'm still exhausted from the last time I played.. Whenever that was, lol! Good luck everyone!
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