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  1. Oh. Um. HECK. Um. Well then. Looks like I might need a new lab pet, because while I typically don't like mutants (and this poor former grundo has been through a lot of transformations lately, lol. Nimmo, including mutant, skeith, then grarrl, now this) this one is kinda neat and sorta looks like a dragon. HUH. Would be a bit nicer with a forked tongue, but you take what you can get, eh? Wonder if NC is gonna be on sale for black friday this year so I could grab a couple extra pet slots >_>
  2. Glad it's not just me. I didn't ever specifically log out and in, but did have to log in once at work then once I got home. Ah well, I guess it's better to lose free NC than paid for NC!
  3. Did we have to do something special to get the neocash? I never got mine. Side note, does anyone know if they're going to do a black friday cash sale this year? I was thinking about getting extra pet slots, but wanted to wait until cash went on sale instead of paying so much for it. Wondering if I'd save more by doing it now or then.
  4. If we're to assume the heads from the Von Roo plushies went to the kougra plushies, what happened to the kougra heads? Does some evil Neopian villain have a trophy wall of plushie kougra heads in his mansion?
  5. That outfit is adorable And it's a great theme. The bird watcher is literally the bird watcher!
  6. That is completely amazing. Thank you!
  7. How do you play the expellibox? o_0 It hasn't worked for me since flash went away. To add onto what knees said, if they become untradable, I really hope that TNT puts an icon or something on them to let people know they will be converted if someone trades the pet. I could imagine someone who got bored with their pet trading while not saying their UC LE pet will turn into like a red kiko when the new owner gets it or something.
  8. I just looked, and while a couple pages are NC stuff I've managed to snag (usually) from the money tree, with a few things like gift boxes from Trudy or neggs I didn't have the NC to open, I've got 60 pages of stuff. And most of it seems to be low value stuff. ShouId I see if they ever do a CC event again and just clear out stuff, or sell some, even if for a couple np (especially if they ever do a CC again, haha) so others can use it, or just. . . I'm sure I don't need all that, especially since a lot has the gift designation so you can't even do anything with it? Where do you even start getting rid of all that stuff? Just go through jellyneo's price checker once a week, sell what I can from a page, then rotate more in until I have less? Try to sort through and sell the high value stuffs first, and slowly work it out? Just make people angry by filling the money tree one of these days?
  9. (sorry, didn't know if these are typically posted by the staff ^^' ) https://us4.list-manage.com/survey?u=697b04e322679bde94048ff5b&id=49242a5ecf&e=6d5a60e426 Soooo, they want to offer the option to make newly made pets/converted pets back into the old artwork, but they want to change the artwork? Sometimes drastically? Um. Wait a minute. That's not how this works! I said that I agree with some MINOR!!! tweaks. With examples, like how the faerie bori looks crosseyed, or the baby kougra is a bit blurry in the older artwork, but that changing the pose or the style more than just fixes kinda seems like a NC premium pose more than an actual UC pet. I also may or may not have been a very bad girl and said that I've seen way to many people saying lately that especially how broken the site's been lately that it feels like it's becoming pay to play more than a fun site, wanting to charge 600+ NC to unconvert something seems like a wonderful example of that when they're refusing to fix things and listen to the players in most other areas
  10. I just want her to turn into something really cool so I can quit zapping her, pop her into my main, and adopt a lab rat to re-abandon once it's something cool, darnit! Though I wouldn't mind if she eventually turns into a baby lupe because the one I snagged from the pound a while back didn't have the scarf, and I'd kinda like it if I could somehow get that without needing to buy a paintbrush, lol.
  11. I think the outfit's pretty cute, even if I've never been a huge korbat fan. The origami WAS cute until I read a post on another site that said the shading makes it look like the side of his poor little head is caved in and I cannot unsee that, hahaha.
  12. The fairground specifically says it is deep within the Haunted Woods, Neovia does not, yet somehow the correct answer is still Neovia? How does that even work?
  13. Ooh, the votes are close for this one!
  14. I actually like that pastel! They still look a bit too grumpy for me, but it's pretty. Sort of reminds me of lightning.
  15. I JUST got a reply email yesterday from when I was having trouble resetting my password After they were hacked and made everyone change theirs, about half of mine didn't give me the automatic option and just sort of demanded I log in with a new one they weren't letting me set for a few days. Maybe try sending a ticket in and seeing if they eventually get around to it?
  16. This within about 5 Sakhmet Solitaire games. Wonder if the bank pays well, since someone is clearly getting fired for this.
  17. My email doesn't and banking uses my email or phone. Work has one if we're trying to log on on a device that's not logged into the our email. Student accounts are getting hacked MORE now, and since it's call/text only, I can't log in outside work since I pay by text and refuse to pay for the opportunity to log into my work email. It's a nightmare, really, and has sort of soured my whole opinion of MFA.
  18. **facepalm** I'm such a dork. I didn't look at the caption first and was waiting for the page to load, hahaha. The witch is cute, but oof, that robe set looks bulky and heavy and stuffy.
  19. Is this going to become mandatory at some point? Do we know? Because while I technically can put apps on my current phone (unlike the last) I DO try to keep it slim.
  20. I tried for a couple hours on and off at work, so I definitely get the getting tired of it, haha. I was sort of afraid of being banned, but since I rarely win anything from the tree I figured I could protest it. Managed it by keeping clicking the same one until it couldn't escape any longer. I'm planning to keep it. I've got a bunch of adopted pets on my side accounts and one of them could definitely have fun with it. Thinking of calling it Newt and giving it to my pet named Severus Snape.
  21. AHH! AHHHH! AAAHHHHH!!! I probably did the ctrl+left click trick a few thousand times, but I FINALLY GOT ONE! Oh my goodness, I'm in shock right now! The funny thing is I didn't even catch the screen I finally managed to get it on because I was closing a hundred or so tabs waiting to try again! **does happy dance**
  22. Didn't screenshot the thing, but my former grundo, then skeith turned nimmo recently, and just hit mutant today! I do believe I'm going to keep frying her, though!
  23. Interesting. I wonder what the purple wings look like on other paint jobs. Off to Dress to Impress, I guess!
  24. You don't happen to live in FL, do you? (edit, nope! Just saw the location thing!) Because while I didn't have a near miss like that, I saw entirely too many people on the road who were driving like total jerks because they were trying to evacuate. I work about 100 miles from home. It usually takes me 2 1/2-3 hours to get home, but yesterday it took me 5 1/2. Drivers weaving in and out, using breakdown lanes/off ramps to cut in front of other drivers, people turning into the road as their light turned, though they were blocking at least one lane behind them, and the only person I ended up honking at who decided to merge into the left lane when traffic started moving in the right, and opened up a huge gap before she could get all the way over. I wasn't pleased. Closest call I got was some guy who waited until the last second to hit his brakes (I don't know why, since it was clear I was stopped as was a line of traffic waiting to go left at a light) because he apparently assumed traffic was clear? But even the light ahead of us was red, so I have no idea why he thought he could just keep moving. The guy behind HIM, though, was tailgaiting while hauling a utility trailer. Looked up when I heard screeching to see him pulling partly into a turn lane and nearly jackknifing his trailer to try to stop in time. I'm fairly certain that after that long drive when I was about 2 1/2 minutes of driving (after the light) from home, I'd have turned into the Hulk and destroyed something. And, of course, because someone else hauling a trailer didn't want to wait, he drove up and stopped in the left hand lane so he could cut all the traffic that had been waiting already. Glad you got your car stopped in time!
  25. That's half disturbing and half just silly. Still glad my lab pet got zapped out of skeithness finally, though. Now to just get her zapped out of being a nimmo, too!
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