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  1. Of course we still remember you! Welcome back!
  2. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  3. It's an amazing anime for sure! I loved watching Dr. Stone! I'm currently rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies. I've purchased the box set too. my philosophy basically is, if I like a movie enough to rewatch it several times, I might as well just buy it. Plus, the HP movies weren't on Netflix or Disney+ and I can't afford to get a subscription on every streaming service out there.
  4. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  5. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  6. Sometimes it's not so much the country but the city too. I am very happy in the country and town I live in now (my town is about 8.2km2 and population about 1500) but I used to live in Amsterdam and for a person that hates crowded places and noises, that was horrible. As for countries I wouldn't consider, I have no idea since I haven't traveled enough to know but as for a general area, I would avoid any (big) cities and would only consider small towns and countrysides.
  7. Sending a ticket is the best option. E-mails are hidden for other members for security reasons so if you don't know it, there is no way to find out. If they don't reply to the ticket, contacting them through social media seems to help so I've heard (I never needed to contact them that way).
  8. Once you fill out your username it will sent a reset link to your e-mail (The one connected to your account/username). I didn't get any message after login out of my main and login in to my side. So I changed my pw for my sides through the normal Preferences page.
  9. I've spent my bday alone a lot and what I do is usually don't plan anything and just do whatever I feel like doing. Usually I did buy some cake and other foods that I like in advance so I have a multitude of things to choose from. If I feel like going out for a walk I'll do that, but if I feel like watching tv or gaming I'll just do that. If you have problems coming up with things to do in the moment, you could just make a list of things that you like to do and like to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!). That way you could just pick from your list if you don't know what to do. Happy bday in advance I hope you get to enjoy your day!
  10. LOL! There is hope for me yet! I still dislike pink although it's not as bad anymore as about a decade ago. I really hated pink as well. Now it depends, I will sometimes consider something pink pretty. So for now it's still in the neutral zone. I joined TDNF August 2, 2013 so that's almost a decade for me too. Neopets itself I joined in the year 2000 or early 2001, my current main is from 2001. I have changed a lot last decade though! Bought a house, living independently without anyone telling me what to do or how to do something. I used to just do whatever made someone else happy instead of myself. Now I will still try to make other people happy but not if it makes myself unhappy. I have always been an optimist though! Also, about a year ago I've cut and donated my long hair and also started to wear a bit more clothes with colors instead of just black. I still wear a lot of black and I still like gothic things (pictures, music, clothes, style). And I got my eyes lasered a few months back. Guess I made quite a few changes in my appearance this last year. I also have cats for four years now! I didn't have my two cuddle bugs that I love so very very much a decade ago!
  11. I'm probably going with the order, but I'll make my final decision tomorrow.
  12. I changed mine with an adblocker and through the normal account settings page without problems. I also was able to log out and in again.
  13. That's a Mutant Walking Carpet. From all the Walking Carpets I think they're the prettiest, most detailed ones.
  14. I'm voting Sway as well. Let's hope we get it right!
  15. Which faction are you joining for this round? So, vote! Good luck! You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons. Oxbridge Prediction:
  16. If anyone is selling the stamps I'm willing to buy them! I still need all three. I'd rather buy from someone from TDN than a random stranger.
  17. I for one don't understand why anyone would want to join a cheating group knowingly. Why risk your account for a silly event? All you get are virtual prizes. I don't have any problem with the All Star Group, I mean, they just put in a LOT of time and effort!
  18. Total score: 44267. Not bad I guess. Could have been better but certainly not complaining. Now hoping there are some decent prizes in the shop that won't take up too many points at once.
  19. What teams did the cheaters join this year? And really, how many cheater groups are there?
  20. Actually, it still says July 3rd on the rules page. And if you go to staff tournament it even mentions July 5th! I'm guessing it's just when the prize shop opens but they sure mislead us by saying July 3rd. I bet everyone would have expected to be able to level up until Sunday. (With Sundays being bye days maybe not Sunday itself, but at least Saturday). Source: https://www.neopets.com/altador/colosseum/rules.phtml
  21. Hi and welcome to the forums! 17 Years is a very long time already! Glad you found your way back.
  22. I got all the top players this week including the Star player! Received the book: "A Binary Life: The Coconut that Bootstrapped Itself" as a reward for the correct star player. I will keep the same team for round 4.
  23. I agree with @Musical_Shoyru! Even though I feel that, while all life is important (even that of a spider or a snail for example) up until a point, a person should also be allowed to make decisions about their own body. Each and every one should also be allowed to just have their own opinion. I am for that reason keeping a close eye on this thread, and I hope we can all keep it a friendly discussion! If at one point this thread becomes hostile towards people with different believes I will close this to keep the forum friendly! I personally am sad about this law because this would mean that this freedom of believe and opinion can't be executed. People that are against abortion aren't forced into abortion, but people who feel differently about that are being forced to either move or worse.
  24. I am going for Brutes because they haven't won since January and some new players I know still need that avatar. I don't like their boons either and if not for that I would have gone for awakened in the hopes a good boon would have been there.
  25. I've adjusted the double since no one had voted yet. Saved me some time This topic is for the current round of June 27th.
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