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  1. Hi everyone! I recently bought some Neopets clothing from the official Neopets Merchandise Shop and I have to return it because the quality is not good. I emailed them last week but still haven't heard back... Does anyone have any experience contacting them? I'm worried if they don't respond within 30 days I won't be able to return my stuff Thank you so much!! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not create multiple threads about the same issue. Continue your follow-up questions about this issue here. For the reason above, the two threads have been merged
  2. I haven't opened up the package yet so I haven't redeemed the item code yet I might not ever due to my obsession with preserving things... we'll see xD Will provide updates if I ever do open xP
  3. Pink and blue everywhere. The smell of the new clothes. Glitter bath bombs, fashionable tween clothes (some which might be 'too risque'), flipping through neopets magazines, digging through the neopets plushies, talking about neopets with your friends.... Going home and flipping through the Limited Too catalog and punching out the coupons. I had heard that The Limited Too planned a comeback in 2016 to target millennials who grew up with it and were now mothers but haven't heard anything since. I miss the neopets era
  4. Hi everyone! I just received my Neopets Plushies bundle. I was initially very disappointed at how the Draik seemed to look, but when I got it in person, it looks A LOT better from the sides and 3/4 view. The Draik was the only reason why I hesitated to buy the entire bundle, but I was not about to spend $10 of shipping on a $10 meepit xD So glad I got the entire set! Everything is really cute. My obsession with preserving things has prevented me from opening up the plushies and touching the fabric, but I will provide an update on fabric quality when I can. A nice person on Reddit told me that the Draik, Meepit, and Slorg were of comparable quality to the Limited Too plushies.
  5. Hello! Thank you so much for letting me know!! Oooof....that's not good to hear. I also recently bought the Neopia Central mask. Hope that holds up better than the clothing sounds like..... Thank you again and happy holidays!!!
  6. Brooke -- thank you so much for your insight! I emailed the merchandise team and hopefully this sweater was just a damaged one. Good to know that not all clothing from their store is this bad.... Thanks again and happy holidays!!!
  7. Hi everyone! I just joined this forum This morning, I received my first ever official Neopets merchandise clothing! Unfortunately, it seems like the design print is really cracked, faded, and not very good quality overall. The actual clothing quality is pretty standard unisex clothing quality. Has anyone else purchased official Neopets clothing and had any similar experiences? Maybe this will be my first and last Neopets clothing purchase This is what I got: https://neopetsshop.com/collections/sweatshirts-hoodies/products/neopets-jub-jub-and-kiko-halloween-fleece-crewneck-sweatshirt Attached is a small close up of the sweater print. Thanks everyone!
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