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  1. I am especially excited for Illusen Day & Uni Day (especially as I have a Uni - although he's already the perfect colour to me - Woodland). One that seems to be largely undercelebrated is Chomby day! Even though I turned my Robot Chomby into a Mutant Acara (my dream pet), I've honestly always missed having a Chomby since then and would like to have another one some day. I am starting now on some art projects that are Chomby related in the hope that they'll make it into the art gallery or perhaps I can get a poem in. I submitted one for Dr. Sloth Appreciation Day, which I thought was pretty good, but I may have submitted it too early because it wasn't selected. I think at the time I thought, "submitting 2 weeks prior to print seems reasonable" but have since read TNT staff on the boards saying they choose the day before or even the day of, so the last ones to be submitted are the most likely to be sifted through as they don't want to scroll back pages upon pages to find an entry. I get that, even though it goes against everything in my deadline-driven journalism and creative writing background haha.
  2. The chat boards on Neopets can be a vacant place, especially depending which board you post on. I find the "Fan Clubs" and "Help Board" to be a couple of the most active (other than NC/custom) aside from the Premium boards, which are very active in the general realm. It can be frustrating trying to do anything on those boards other than advertise guilds and customization chatting lol. But sometimes TDN has a little more insight to offer as there are regulars here that keep an eye on the boards and help when they can. I recently forgot my window and had to re-find it as I adopted out my Magma pet that I had made yearrrrrs ago. It actually wasn't too hard, took me a couple dedicated weeks. As far as the secret to being allowed in, I have heard many murmurings of it, but nothing confirmed as to the hows and tos. I hope someone comments on here with some insight because I am genuinely interested in knowing as well!
  3. For a candy Neopet, I would like to know what a candy Kougra would taste like (as a candy, as you said, not a Neopet, lol). A close second would be a candy Scorchio - they somewhat look like cotton candy. If it were the holidays, a refreshing peppermint Ruki would be nice, too. ? As for the chocolate Neopet, a chocolate Kiko or chocolate Jubjub would have to be my go-to. Apparently my answer is all of them, haha. I have quite the sweet tooth at the moment.
  4. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind in this swirling ocean of uncertainty haha. I was panicking at first wondering if I needed to proactively start shifting all of my stuff to new accounts thinking the main AND side would be frozen. I would obviously be sad about NP and items but not really as much those as I'd be upset about my pets as I am attached to them all at this point (which is the only reason I have a side account, I end up keeping all of my "project pets". *ends dramatic antics* In all seriousness though, I appreciate you taking the time to answer a question you've probably already answered too many times. I did try to look back through old threads and Google'd my question but a lot of the people weighing in with their opinion seemed to end their posts with uncertainty &since they were old no one could bump them to update what the outcome of their situation was. If for any wild reason I were to win the lottery, or have anything happen to my account(s) purely related to this incident, I'll be sure to update everyone with TNT's message/reasoning. But I feel pretty solid with your response so at least the worrying has ceased. tldr; thank you lol.
  5. Thank you for your insight. For now I am crossing my fingers that I *don't* win so hopefully it's a non-issue and non-noticeable LOL. But if there was ever a time I would actually win a lottery or something like that, I feel like my "lucky stars" are the type that would make it so in a stressful way such as this. ?
  6. I recently logged into my side account and immediately upon logging in, I got a random event where a Wocky just out of the blue gifted me a lottery ticket / numbers already chosen for the Neopian Lottery. I know TNT rules state REs on side accounts are OK, but there is also an explicit rule that states playing the lottery on side accounts is considered cheating. Should I be worried about my accounts getting frozen? Both my side account and my main one? If it's any consolation, I have hardly ever played the Neopian Lottery (let alone won) and thus hadn't/haven't bought any tickets on my current (or side) account.
  7. I use Chrome and it asks if I'd like things on Neopets translated all of the time. It especially always asks with items I have brought up in their own little pop out tab or whenever my Neopet has a response to something I've fed it or read it. Even though the tabs are definitely in English already, it offers to translate it to English for me and I always decline lol. I've always wondered what language it was insinuating it needed to translate from.
  8. Hello! Just wanted to say hello and comment on how nice of a gift giveaway this is that you're doing on TDN. It has given me the great idea to do something on TDN whenever I amass enough items to be able to gift to others. ?
  9. Welcome back! I did not know you when you were here before as I was not here - I was an occasional lurker though for some time before I finally made an account. You will find many things are likely as you left them, but there are some changes (on here and Neo) that have occurred over time as well. Nothing too wild, though. ? I find between these forums, my guild, the Neopets general boards+premium boards, there is usually someone(s) to have a good conversation with.
  10. Here are some links to shops selling the Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion that I found using the SSW: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=florentine03&buy_obj_info_id=51307&buy_cost_neopoints=137230 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=color_spray&buy_obj_info_id=51307&buy_cost_neopoints=137250 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=cesuna&buy_obj_info_id=51307&buy_cost_neopoints=137491 Hopefully that helps! edit: nvm. I see you found one.
  11. Wow that's more quests than I've ever had in all of my time playing Neopets. I'd say you're lucky +the pyramids playing helped generate the potential for them to happen! I was recently gifted a quest fortune cookie that I have yet to try out - I am waiting until I can do some switching of pets around on my accounts in case I get a FFQ so I can use it on my Buzz as that is one of the avatars on the "to-do" list. My side account isn't old enough to transfer one of my current painted pets to it in exchange for the Buzz though. However, there have been days when I've had a lot of REs in quick succession due to being online more and visiting more pages on Neopets. But my latest RE was my pet randomly losing a level and going to -1 (it is a new pet) so I am happy to hear on the other side of the coin there are good REs blessing Neopians left and right haha.
  12. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat Josephine. Cats (and many other pets) truly come to be family, sometimes more than some of the humans in our lives.
  13. I've never won anything but play intermittently. I'll go through a phase of wishing (2 sessions per day, 6 or 7 wishes each time), and then after nothing ever happens, I'll get discouraged and quit for a while, until going back to try again.
  14. I'm currently a freelance digital content creator; so I write news articles/take photos and sell them to local news outlets, take photos for private clients (engagements, businesses, etc.), and I am also for hire to do digital marketing, including video, audio, social media, etc packages that the client can use after my service to them has concluded. For example, last summer former US General Tommy Franks employed me to come and help shoot a documentary of a leadership institute camp he holds for promising youth each summer in Oklahoma. I got in a van with other camera crew/editing/producing folk, we drove down, did all the filming and photography and interviews, and turned around an edit within a day or two before we came back home and went our separate ways. The one thing I really don't know how to do well is graphic design, but otherwise a pretty strong communications person. It's a great gig when I'm in-between jobs, as I am now, but I can't really sustain the bills with it and there is no medical/vision/dental benefits or 401K lol. My dream job would to be a novelist living in Northern California, like Anne Rice or something lol. Or a professional painter.
  15. hbw


    I did not know that was an option! I might just have to try it because I love the Star Wars franchise. We currently try watching stuff via streaming off of my playstation. Netflix always works (well, not always, sometimes it's too slow or the picture quality is all blotchy lol but usually works well enough). My favorite "Star Wars" thing to ever come out thus far though has been the Clone Wars. Ahsoka Tano has my heart forever and ever lol. From everything I've heard, The Mandalorian has potential to be one of my favorites though as well. Truly hoping we are able to get it watched sooner rather than later. I did venture out to the movies to see the newest Star Wars film a week or two ago. I was a little let down by it overall, but still loved the movie and all of the Star Wars movies.
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