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Future of The Runway


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Hi all,

First of all: my apologies that I still haven't put the most recent round up! I'll try to get around to that this week.

Then on to the main issue: in addition to the fact that I've been very busy(/tired) lately, interest in The Runway also seems to have gone down quite a bit, which makes it challenging for me to keep it going.

I definitely need a little break, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to motivate myself to pick it up again later. I guess that partly depends on whether or not there's enough interest in it.

So, if anyone knows of ways to generate more interest in The Runway (and is willing to help out/take charge in actually implementing these ideas), I'd love to hear it! Also, if you're interested in taking over running The Runway from me, please let me know. Some fresh eyes and energy might be just what The Runway needs. :smile:

Anyway, let me just apologise again for the complete lack of updates in recent weeks! Time kind of got away from me. 馃槵

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No need to apologize! It's important that you don't tire yourself out for things like this. Take as long of a break that you need!

Unfortunately I don't have many ways to find more interest in the Runway, I could mention it to some friends but I'm not sure if that'll be enough. I'm sure there's at least some people out there who would like to join though! Whether or not this series continues is fine by me, I've had plenty of fun with it and I've enjoyed sharing my designs and seeing other's as well. Thank you to Nielo for working with it through all the time it's been up, and here's hoping for a positive outcome 馃檪

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I enjoy seeing it, but as you're the one running it, definitely drop it for a while (or permanently) if you need to.聽 No sense stressing yourself over a bunch of random strangers on the internet!聽 Or perhaps if it is something you want to keep doing after a break, drop the frequency so it isn't as taxing?

I dooooo enjoy participating, but most of the time that's just voting, sadly, as I'm not quite so creative, and often just can't figure out something that'd fit the current theme.聽聽

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I've been away from my computer for the best part of 2+ months and just came back today and saw this!

Do whatever you need to do!! It is a wonderful activity but as people's time and energy fluctuates and entries can be quite small it makes total sense that it can feel slow. And with how long its been running it would be tricky coming up with ideas and managing it all. I echo the others saying no need to apologise and take a break or step away fully if that's what will be best for you and make you happy!!

If you don't want to let go of it completely - or if anyone else is considering taking over - it could be a seasonal thing in line with special events on the site or someone may come up with another idea entirely 馃檪

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We're all glad to come together for whatever you offer. And with only 3 entries, it seems we needed a break too.聽

Maybe if you wanted to limit the Runway, you could pick a subject every month or two. And frankly, it's been going for several years. You could go back to the beginning and recycle some old topics. You might just say "must be new entries only" or something like that.

We do this for fun. You should have fun too

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