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  1. I loved Doctor stone too! I just recently finished 86 (Loved it so much that I had to read the light novel and I'm a giggly school girl and the main characters relationship! SOOO CUTE!~) I would highly recommend both watching the anime and reading the light novel, it's pretty closely following each other which is refreshing to see something not changed too much from the source material. Snow White with the Red hair is also a VERY cute anime I just started a couple days ago and finished! I'm just waiting for the second movie in the SAO; Progressive series to come out, I'm SOOOO excited for it. SAO is so near and dear to my heart, Asuna and Kirito are my ALLL TIME favorite couples/characters I am however excited for the Percy Jackson Series on Disney+, I read those books as they came out and loved them so much, so was excited when the movies came out and they absolutely RUINED. The fans have been following Rick Riordan as he's been trying to find the right producer to bring his world to life and when they finally went with someone and started filming I was ecstatic. I was beyond pumped with the trailer came out!!
  2. The outfit is pretty amazing! Looks almost like an entirely new color! Love it
  3. 1000 in TNAH today! TSRC & TNPT is also up to 51 per share, I don't have much of TSRC though, only 1000, have about 7000 in TNPT though.
  4. Bought 1000 in UNIB today, didn't have any of that, could of sworn I had a little bit since the last time I sold it, but guess not! lol
  5. 1000 in KBAT today, no sold stocks though, nothing worth noting At least that I have
  6. Nice, I didn't have much of that one so I didn't see the point of holding haha
  7. Yeah just a little bit of that one, been trying to slowly build up. Been looking at whatever I have less of when I buy and compare all the ones at 15 NP and buy what I have the least amount of
  8. Bought 1000 in LDSC today! Also sold my SWNC at 69 per share, missed the 71 price, only had 2k so not a huge deal where I sold I suppose haha
  9. Yup I got it posted and sent a message about it! I'm really sorry! I'll be praying for ya! If you need to message me ever to talk you can on here or discord!
  10. I was wondering where you were! Had sent a couple messages, sorry to hear that, I checked as well and you're definitely not frozen. I know Annie isn't hearing back yet about her side accounts. I had suggested she message them on a social media account as well as some people say that can escalate your ticket. She's also sent a message to them on Facebook as of yesterday. I had also suggested trying to through in that you've spent money on the account if you have premium or have ever but NC as most of the time they don't want to lose what paying customers they have left.
  11. SWNC is at 59 right now, bought CHIA at 16 today
  12. They look like the guards of the royalty, not royalty themselves and I do agree with everyone else their colors are a bit dull Was hoping for some really nice colors when they did a royal PB of these guys cause of them being in the bird family O.o
  13. Bought 1000 of CHPS, TNPT is up to 42 per share at the moment, getting a little bit up there
  14. Bought 1000 in BB today! No big paying stocks today, poooo
  15. Synsithia is UFA! Not looking for anything, just had adopted her from the pound to get a nice color on her and re-home her
  16. You made a good amount for sure, it's just most people hold their stocks till at least 60, every stock gets up to 60 at some point it's just a matter of waiting, I personally wait till they are at 60 per share (per share is where your 40 was in the image before). Though I have held till 70 before like Angelo, but I don't think it's bad to sell where you did, just depends on how you want to do it.
  17. COFL again today! No special stocks to note. Everything's pretty average
  18. I bought COFL today as well Nothing really up there, one of my stocks I think was at 39 but I can't remember which one now! LOL
  19. I haven't liked pink for awhile and probably never really will! I'll wear it and use it, but it's my least favorite color. LOL As far as changed, I'm just tired. I wouldn't say hopeless, but definitely just tired of bad things happening in life. It's so exhausting to put so much effort out there to be a good person or do things for people to be met with rudeness. For whatever reason I still do it, but I found that it just seems to hurt more than it use to. I always see quotes about people saying "you get use to people hurting you" and I don't think that's entirely true, you might get use to the action happening or expect it at times, but you never get "use" to the hurt, it really honestly just hurts more each time. I don't mean that to be depressive, but just something that's been a sad fact in my life recently. On the other hand through feeling that way I've been trying to just figure out things in my own life, trying to figure out what makes ME happy and what's best for ME. (Not like in a selfish way) It's not always easy either! I tend to put a lot of my needs on the side burner, especially during my last relationship. So I've definitely been trying to find the balance between still being a kind person to people, but also thinking about myself.
  20. The way that hat sits is SOOOO bad, it's like putting on a hat that doesn't fit your head LOL The boots are great though haha
  21. 1000 shares in BUZZ today, nothing really notable as far as good prices on my stocks at the moment.
  22. Slowly building my stocks back up, got PDSS today
  23. It went back up today, got to sell it at 69, but missed the 79 price, oof, at least I got 400k+
  24. maaaaan I missed SSS at 67 ;/ boooo! Would of been a nice return lol
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