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  1. I think a lot of the more innocent dressing up came from people that don't like the dark intonations of said holidays. Myself being a Christian, Halloween themes can tend to be dark, Though I'm not going to lie, I love myself a good scary movie or haunted house, but I've never been a big blood and gore person. As someone said before it's origin is actually of Celtic descent and not of American/US, but it actually started as a way to ward off ghosts. They'd light bonfires and wear costumes to get rid of them. The part about honoring the dead I think has a more Spanish/Mexican descent.
  2. Bummer, I didn't think there was a limit, does that mean I can't update the page anymore with peoples trophies and it's going to keep deleting it? I was worried if I'd ever run into this, but never saw a character count. Which will suck as I don't know how I'll be able to keep running a trophy cabinet when more members join and win trophies. Normally I save things that I'm working on, but as I've never had this issue never saved this specific page. The weird thing is on some of the other pages the overhang this is on them, but I haven't updated or added anything to them, so not sure why t
  3. Can confirm that a lot of my webpages are mess up, even ones I haven't edited for months (the stupid Overhang thing) WHAT IS GOING ON!?!? http://www.neopets.com/~June684256 http://www.neopets.com/~Kasai_Tamashi http://www.neopets.com/~vanityaffair http://www.neopets.com/~asuna_chan777#Dailies (Some have weird layering behind the box with the overhang) The first username works all the way up to fdsadfsafdsdsadsa username, if you click on featheraloffense and any name after that it won't take you to the anchored page because all that data just up and disapp
  4. So I've been editing this page for years, The Kindness Project Trophy Cabinet . I last edited it on August 27th and had absolutely no issues, everything was the way it's always been. I come back today to edit it for the end of our guild contest and low and behold it's messed up, and BY A LOT! Every anchored page after the username fdsadfsafdsdsadsa is gone! I'm talking about years of trophies for members and other things tracking their achievements just gone! I didn't do this and no one has access to my account. Another thing I noticed is the last box on the main page is scrolling it's backgro
  5. I will get them to you when I get a chance! Thank you! ?
  6. I have a few people that I've referred the to forums so they can message me about a few things (Links to our Member's Welcome spreadsheet that we obviously can't share on Neo due to the blocked links), but they said they need to be verified... which is weird cause I never went through that process on here, I just verified my email. Any who it's been about a week going on two weeks since they signed up for the forums and still no verification, anyone know how to fix this or make the process faster?
  7. Yeah it can be a tad bit nerve racking. I'm sure it'll be fine as far as Neo goes, just wonder what all is going to go to HTML5 and when before all the browsers decide to do this O.o
  8. I guess I'm not so much worried about Neopets shutting down as I believe it's just something that has that charm that people keep coming back to. I'll have to check into it again @Nielo I remember when I was editing the pages it was messing up on me before when I would click on anchored links within the page and it not showing up properly. I guess I'm just a old fashioned person, sad to see flash go xD LOL From my personal experience Firefox has always crashed on me, loaded slower, plus I've used Chrome for years, all my addons and saved pages and everything are in here. I've just
  9. Hey all, so I noticed an announcement on google a few days back that they plan on getting rid of flash player. Which REALLY sucks cause Google Chrome is the only thing I use for Neopets, I absolutely hate how slow Firefox is and Internet Explorer.... lets not event go there. On top of that, my page that I have set up for the webbie on my guild don't show up properly on Firefox or Internet explorer, the anchored stuff just doesn't work right. So what does this mean for Neopets then? Will you not be able to play it with flash? (Which I'm assuming is the case.)
  10. What in the world happened with this plot? That was the worst story I've ever read, how'd it jump from Lyra escaping to Dacon?? Like who the heck is Dacon? How'd he get the sword from Lyra, what in the world is going on, and the plot is over? I didn't have time to finish the last achievement for the game. This is very, very upsetting. Yet another game problem for me this week, ugh, another mobile game I played started doing some stupid stuff too... rip me
  11. Geez I wish they'd announce the plot steps on the homepage. There was so long without an update and then all of a sudden two chapters within such a short period of time. Am I the only one that finds that the "Read 10 Chapters on the Day of Release" is totally unfair? For the longest time the Achievement didn't even say anything, so no one knew and it would of been one thing if it was something like Daily Dare, Game Master Challenge, or Advent when you KNOW when to login each day, but like with this I logged in for 10 days in a row checking with no update, with them not having any sense of a ti
  12. I love the Mosiac and Oil Painting, but didn't they vote on this last time and pretty much do all the paint brushes? (Toy, Steampunk, Marble, Candy?) I can't for the life of me go with Wicker... reminds me of a scab or Imhotep from the Mummy Yuck! lol
  13. I like number two for the same reason as Trea said. I believe have pets that stand up will make them a lot easier to decide how to draw them, especially if you're into art and fan-fiction. Love it ?
  14. Before he mentioned that part he did seem to be shocked at the fact of who her Father is. He must know something about how awful he is and is willing to help her get away. That being said I laughed the entire time she climbed that tree to get away from an..... Eyrie..... they fly..... 10/10 would read again xD
  15. I think the problem is a lot of communites, are well, rude. I've been on so many MMO's, video games that are played online, and such that the community is VERY toxic, it's always a nice thing to find one that for the most part has never given me any negativity. I believe that's one of the biggest thing that keeps Neopets alive and going so strong because of the people that make this a place that others actually want to login to each day.
  16. Hey all! I was curious if anyone has encountered this before or had this issue. I have the monthly subscription of Premium on Neopets, and for whatever reason it never actually renews itself. I have to manually go and re-purchase it every month even thought it says it's re-occurring, although that's not my main issue. I want to say about Sunday I purchased it again and it went through in my bank account, but it hasn't shown up on my account. Typically it shows up with a few minutes of me purchasing it and I've never had ANY issues with it. However this time, as of right now, I STIL
  17. I accidentally got this avie! Didn't even know it existed until I got it today haha Nice surprise.
  18. Yeah I did. xD I'm surprised I didn't hear about this! I'm on Neo EVERY day and I never saw anything on the main page, just see the Stocking Stufftacular and the Advent Calendar ad everytime.
  19. I had no idea this plot was even going on.... I didn't see it announced anywhere on the site really or it made to be a big deal, people must be tired from the last plot xD I just noticed the prizes you can get from it though, will I still be able to get all achievements/prizes if I just started participating?
  20. There's a person in my guild obsessed with collecting these things xD haha Always found it funny
  21. Odd, I re-posted the link in there, see if it works now. That's really weird haha
  22. EEEEEK! I wait for this all year! Literally have been checking the forums everyday this month! So excited! LET'S GET PUMPED! Here's My Wishlist; https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/singing1633/ Everything is organized by price in each wishlist and I have it all seperated in to different groups so it's easier to find things. I'll make sure to update as we go on as well as post Thank You's and what I sent on this post ?
  23. I absolutely LOOOOOVE IT! I got super excited when it came on! ? Think I might keep this one year long. I LOVE Christmas
  24. I was worried I missed a day. I have been so jumbled this week cause of being sick and didn't think I beat them on the day. But I got them all beat and all on release. The only one that took me a long time that I never thought I'd get done was Shenkuu Warrior. That was until I figured out how it worked xD
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