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  1. I gotta admit, since I'm not into customizing my pets in a humanoid style, I prefer getting trinkets and ornaments. However, none of them this year seem to be of any use for me so far... I mean come on, that floating bori arm with a beverage in its hand?! oof
  2. @Trea you can take a look at the TDN item database and check out the newest added items :) EDIT: uhh nevermind this has been answered already... my chrome just glitched and didn't refresh properly oops
  3. yup what @hrtbrk said is the same I've heard before. switching your main is allowed as often as you like, but there has to be a 24 hour time period between doing any activities than generate money on one account before you can to them again on the other one, for example dailies or playing games. basically TNT doesn't want you to make any profit from having several accounts, but they don't care which one of your 5 (I think?) allowed accounts you use as your main one :)
  4. didn't even think of the programming side of this. definitely seems like a lot of effort for a slim chance of result. in any case, you're on the safe side with only using non-bookish pets for that pastime @Sciurus carolinensis
  5. I'm in love with today's omelette themed book~ non-christmas-and-more-general-neo items are always my favorite :)
  6. oh wow, didn't know this was one of the possible outcomes. good question! this is just a random guess but I'd say you still keep the ava, the reasoning being that you get it for reading the book, not remembering it... but I totally agree with @jellysundae, it's the kind of cruelty ingenuity TNT could be capable of
  7. oh okay THAT makes sense thanks :) I was already dreading clicking random things throughout the month lol
  8. finally - best neo month of the year :) oof, took me forever to get the bonus prize though. I'm still not sure what I clicked on, but what had worked for some people (clicking the stack of presents right of the stockings) didn't work for me - I had to click the presents to the left. not even sure WHAT I clicked on, I didn't see an angelpuss have fun everybody!
  9. Hello there fellow 26 year old nice to meet you sasha! I'm kate :) this sounds SO cute. I'd love to see cookie if you're willing to show them! I've been wanting to get a pit bull myself once I'm all set and ready for a dog life-wise, but dalmatians have also always been a favorite. don't think I've ever seen them mixed though I'm mainly working on my ava count ever since I came back from my last hiatus as well - TDN's lending program sure helped a lot with that my final goal is 333, since I thought that I could realistically reach that and it simply looks nice. not sure what I'll do once I've reached that and ever go over it by accident lol... but that will take some time so it's a future-kate problem Unfortunately I don't really have any tips in particular... I'd say choose a specific bunch and focus on those for a while until you move on to the next batch, that's at least how I've been doing it. I also added all the date-specific avas to my regular calendar so I won't miss them on the next rotation Lemme know how you're making progress!
  10. oh wow thanks for reminding me of the discord channel. I've joined before but never actually hung out there to talk. gotta do that some time in the future, maybe during the advent calendar :) see probably you there soon, @Bingo
  11. yep that's what I did! and oh my, it's almost embarassing to admit how long I kept fighting that clown just to get those items for my pack rat ava instead of putting in any actual effort with training haha funny to hear others were in the same boat on a slightly different note, I was so disappointed once I got the hang of the BD to find out the punchbag ava is basically broken since the oponent hasn't been seen in years. one less ava I could get for my longterm goal...
  12. holy smokes! it IS easier and way more profitable than I ever thought I'll check it out as soon as december gets me back into the hardcore neo mood, thanks! also about the battle training - I never bothered with battledome before earlier this year aswell. (you might be asking yourself what I DID do before on neo - I'm in love with all the pretty item artwork... ) so I, too, have no idea how it would take me to get there. but good hint using the faerie quest event to get there, will do that!
  13. hi kimoto - welcome to the forum :) I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by you lost your 'two days'? about what you could do here - TDN is a nice way to keep in touch with other neo players that are still active these days. for some people like me who get reaaally confused by the outdated layouts on the official neoboards this is a really helpful alternative anyways, enjoy your stay :)
  14. I just realized after being all hyped up - at strength 93 that walein is way beyond my capabilities :'D oh well maybe some day. @aleu1986 I have to admit, I was never able to wrap my head around the food club stuff. to be fair I lost interest shortly into the explanation because it seemed so complex. what profits exactly can you expect with a, let's say, 10 year old account? how much of a time sink is it as a daily activity?
  15. oh wow, I need to check that out then! nice, thanks for the hint! ... I can't stand seeing that koi anymore anyways I'll join the GSMW testgroup and report back with my results.
  16. heyo clara :) I felt that one just ripping off the bandaid and start talking somewhere, like here, really helps. the TDN community is really welcoming as you can already see :) also, I'm 26 myself, so whatever! neo is still fun - even if sometimes unintentionally hope you have a great time here!
  17. ever since I trained my main pet up to level 50, attack 85, and invested in two proper weapons (turned tooth) in order to be able to defeat koi warrior, the daily income of codestones - usually a handful of tan ones and one or two red ones - this has been a very nice addition to my income. I don't do ghoul catchers because the pointless repetition of level 1 hurts my brain but assuming you would do that daily, you could probably have a fortune in no time...
  18. argh, congrats! I really hope my second one will not take that long anymore either. I think this is the daily I'm most exited about these days
  19. wasn't sure if I should use the 'funny' or 'sad' reaction for your post... you probably right about this, though
  20. That's so thoughtful and a great ay to enmesh the community with the actual side content. Maybe, just maybe, freed-up recources after the current site conversion will be open for fresh concepts like this one. After they have fixed all the major bugs, that is
  21. @berriganify I feel you. My ava collection has noticeably grown over the year - thanks to TDN first and foremost :) - but I haven't even tried for any of the game avas yet. I'll leave those for last, only getting those I absolutely have to in order to reach my long term goal (333). I have no idea how any of them were supposed to be attainable by kids
  22. The spin on red riding hood in #4 is hilarous, I love it Another favorite is #5 - I'm a sucker for classic American lit so I really had no choice but to vote The colors are so nice and fitting for the season too, though!
  23. saying it as it is, jelly but for real. I'm with you on this. I like the fact that there's also options like the blue one for magical or underwater scenes, but some 'everyday' choices would be nice, yeah. two of my dream customs are supposed to be in the wilderness, somewhere between haunted woods and faerie land, at night. so some more options for dark shrubbery / leaves / grass and whatnot would be highly appreciated
  24. aw it's cute :) quite fits her char design, nicely done! I've never gotten into neohomes myself, old or new ones alike but it seems like you invested a lot of thought and time into this to make it look good!
  25. Oh well, yeah I know that feeling haha... but the wig really does look cute :) So far I've NEVER gotten the item I wanted out of an item pool. but den again I'm not really willing to try a lot of times, quite the money sink. I just hope I'll get around to NC trading one of these days and get rid of all those unwanted items I have by now in exchange for my dream custom stuff
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