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  1. some suuuuuuper nice person was lending MSPP for free on the boards this morning and i got a lend! i was too excited to return it to him and missed the screenshot. BUT OH WELL. ANGELS DO EXIST.
  2. it's not new, she was always an option. you are very lucky though! i've opened like 4-5 cookies and only gotten one directly from her.
  3. Not going to lie, I had some hopes that once the avatar was released to the public today it would count towards total ?
  4. Got the Bionic Cybunny and Devilpuss avatars today!! So excited. No more NQII grinding for me.
  5. so i had these open for a while and was refreshing with no luck, then i closed everything and reopened. by the fourth window opening i somehow cleared it!! still not 100% sure exactly how it works, but it did for me. thank you!!
  6. my pirate lupe was my favorite achievement when i was a kid. just recently when i came back from like 5-7 years of hiatus and discovered crosspainting my new transparent lupe with pirate clothing has been my absolute favorite!
  7. been trying to get the avatar on and off for like a week now.. did anyone track winning numbers and look for patterns or just flat out refreshing with the same picks until 4+ eggs hatch? i'm so frustrated.
  8. Got the bags this morning when I was still 70% asleep and opened all of them when I probably would have saved them usually. BUT!! Got super lucky and got the stamp. Holding to see what it prices out at, not sure what it will be since it's the first stamp on a new page.
  9. Totally didn’t realize an avatar was part of my prizes until I checked my preferences to admire a different new one. It’s cute! I like it.
  10. I think they are all no trade now. Something about people having glitches when they opened chests they bought so they were switched to no trade. At the risk of getting off topic, my "achievement" was realizing L&L would accept some questionable words that would have been banned from the boards. the lack of standards in word banning (or whatever it's called) is really weird.
  11. oh nice, the treasure chest or the actual prize? shame that the chests are no trade now. maybe they'll be tradeable again once they fix whatever bug it is that they have.
  12. that is a tough one. i'll probably end up waiting until later tomorrow to see if there's any more chatter on the boards before deciding.
  13. Wow... The Sway is the last avatar I need but this past week I've been tied up fighting the space faerie using throw pillows ? I signed up for the sway too.. so sad. i'll get it next time..
  14. Beat space faerie today and got the avatar! Used throw pillows and it ended up taking me a little over a week.
  15. wow seeing the mask alone and not on the face makes it look creepier for some reason..
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