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  1. We MUST come here again :) I am not sure I will be able to eat everything... Can I take something with me?!? Your pet is allowed to take some home. We have already boxed up the leftovers for you! --- There was no "Something Has Happened!" so I freaked a little This was the first time I was ever offered leftovers I looked it up and there was an old topic here saying you could try refreshing the page a few times, which I did... still no event. So I went to the preferences page and I am SO HAPPY. (And so relieved. Those many 60k were slowly draining my bank account)
  2. @jellysundae Oh I do that too! 🤣 I feel like it makes sense. Like if you play the same numbers in the lottery long enough, you're sure to get something at some point... right? I usually stay around that little island to the right... sometimes up to the "mainland" when I'm feeling rebellious. But lately I've tried browsing the boards for other people's links before trying my own, because who knows? Here's mine though: http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?370,227 You won nothing 😞
  3. @Duma Ohh I see! I thought they might have because I used to play Cheat/Bluff with different rules (offline) 😅 @jellysundae @Sciurus carolinensis Good job!! I went from 72 to 87 in 2 days LOL I'll try to catch up! I'm trying to win at least 10 hands everyday 😬
  4. http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?224,368 - Nothing (so stay away from these coordinates? haha) Oh yeah, somebody had gotten a Yellow Growth from these coordinates a few hours ago, but I guess I was too late and it had already moved 😞
  5. Wow! I'm at 72 wins (agreed, the backache is no joke) and thought I knew what I was doing, but I just found out I'd been focusing on the wrong cards all along. I wish it was a little more straightforward 😅 Also, question (if anybody out there can answer): does Godori have the same rules as Go-Stop, or did Neo change them? I'd like to know who to blame
  6. Thank you so much!! I'll try that! Thankfully as @Angeló mentioned, it's fairly easy to binge-play 🙂 I think I get what the game is about now; I've won 45 hands just yesterday, so off to a good start ✨ Oh but god, yes. Sometimes I finish the round with exactly the same points as my pet, and yet it counts as a hand won; sometimes in that very same situation, it doesn't. Whaaaat?
  7. Didn't screen it, but got this about a half hour ago: http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?368,317 - 1,000 NP Also, someone on the Neoboards just tried the same link and got Rancid Old Meat. (I'm not sure how useful this information is, but there you go haha)
  8. Hey everyone! I have a Chocolate Kyrii named Guonian whom I don't want to keep zapping, so I thought I'd check if anybody would like to have them 🥰 Oh, it's a girl right now -- is it still possible to change genders through battling the lab scientist? She also has an aged Quadrapus Though I hope nobody would want poor Guonian just for the avatar...
  9. What exactly constitutes a "hand" in Godori? Is it the whole match, or is it one round? Also, how desperately should I be playing in order to get the avatar within the month? 😭
  10. Game avatars are the most frustrating to me! I can play for hours on end and get nothing, then just randomly try again a month later and get it the first try 🤯 Last time I was gonna show my boyfriend how stupid Faerie Bubbles was (and how I hadn't gotten an avatar even after 15 years of trying) and I just... got it. So he thought I had been making it up about it being so impossible 🤦‍♀️
  11. I'm hoping, but not very hopeful. 😞 It's sad that I can go months, years without playing and yet come back to exactly the same stuff. What's new in the past year anyway? Besides L&L (which to me just looks like they want to break away from the original site).
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