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  1. 280,390 for 1 Dubloon coin Clicked somewhere on the little island with the greenery
  2. Just got 2,000 NP from here! http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?383,351 I'm sticking to my so-called "strategy" of always going for the little island in the bottom right lol sometimes it pays out? Still no avvie though
  3. http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?374,319 Just got 1,000 NP from this link ?
  4. I tried checking Oxbridge just to be safe, but it seems pretty much tied this time around? So I honestly have no idea. ?
  5. Not sure if this counts as a RE? But I completed a Soup Faerie quest and: ...which means my currently-training 80-level battle pet pet is now level 82, which means... And I feel so stupid that I didn't switch pets ?
  6. This might just help someone today, so... ? http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?394,319 Mucye049 pulls out a ticket... and... You Won A Booby Prize :( Rock Baby Cabbages Also I'm so sorry for double triple posting on this thread!! I figured I shouldn't edit my last post since it's already a month old, but I'll just do that if this is not allowed ?
  7. Ooooh Brute Squad then! This time it'll work, I can feel it ?
  8. Just zapped one of my xweetoks Halloween today! Is anybody interested? Also first dibs to @harvestmoon66 as I know she really likes Xweetoks ?
  9. One of my rats turned into a Faerie Vandagyre today! Not my cup of tea at all, but is anyone interested?
  10. I guess Seekers, then ? (Good thing I'm missing most of the avatars/themes, so any would be fine to me haha)
  11. Got something! (Not the avatar.... but something!) http://www.neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/buriedtreasure.phtml?370,314 Treasure of the Black Pawkeet Pellay pulls out a ticket... and... You Won 1,000 Neopoints!
  12. Thank you for the reminder!! My choice is probably a little silly lol But I've always wanted a Peophin, and between Tyrannian and Stealthy, Stealthy is the most unobtainable one, I guess ? I mean, if I am to save a few million...
  13. Finally!! Kiko Pop is a pain. Half the times I missed and was accused of trying to take out somebody's eye ? I'm just glad it's over Congrats @berriganify!! That's a hard one (at least to me). Which mode were you playing?
  14. I'm shocked! I had no idea. I've also only ever won a couple thousand NP. Probably 20,000 max Any chance the Order is in for the next round so I could try and pick that boon?? ?
  15. Exactly! Subeta also kind of went there with this one: (Okay I'll stop promoting Subeta now, but in case any of you would like to try it out then please refer to me, thanks ?) Also, about this: I'm almost completely sure they were going for ugly on purpose. I mean ????? They could have stopped at the popsicle trees, why copy and paste stock image flowers onto it??
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