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  1. How long you keep them depends on how quickly you need to make money. If you need it right now, might make sense to sell sooner, as long as you have some profit (remember: it costs 20NP to sell, to take that into account). General rule is to purchase 1000 stocks daily at 15NP (the minimum you can pay), and most users wait until it reaches the 60NP mark (+300%) - but that might make you sit on some money for a while (like Secre, I'm sitting over 2,5mi on my portfolio, waiting for it to get there)
  2. Thanks guys! @gypsyknees I'll take note of your tips to use them as soon as I figure out the basics lol
  3. Hi guys! Since returning to Neopets as an adult I've been trying to do stuff I never really got the hang of and BD is one of them (along collecting stamps, Kad feeding, food club...) But the thing is: it seems that I am completely useless at it lol I know there are good guides out there, but I really do need like a step-by-step (like: what stats I need to be, the exact weapons, order of attack and everything. There used to be a guide like that back in the good ol days, but I believe the owner's account was frozen (either that or he is just not around anymore, making it imp
  4. Right this second i'm listening to Finch!
  5. do you have a list of that by any means...? It's actually my first CC, I learned about it while we were in the middle of altador cup madness lol I'm thinking that I'll probably skip this year and just stock up on things until next year's
  6. That makes us two I have precisely 226 of them right now. For a couple of days I set a timer every half an hour but that just made me annoyed lol
  7. I use the daily reddit thread always. You can check it out even if you're not logged in. I just google search "food club bets august 3" for exemple and then choose whatever I feel most comfortable with usually jkRowlingDown or WiselyAltruistic
  8. After getting my faerie bori (still not as cute as the UC), all I really wanted was an UC Grey Yurble. They are just so cute, I mean... I also loved the plushie eyrie, but wanting a faerie, grey and plushie PB when hitting 100k was an achievement was just too big of a dream for this girl.
  9. I never even bother looking for NC items so I don't get tempted, but I sure will look into it! I loved the Autumn theme so much that I was thinking of having a pet in each season lol, but the blue from the faerie bori doesn't really mach with winter blue
  10. Yay! Happy cake day for us! I find it cute that there is a birthday theme. It could be better, of course, but it is still a little something
  11. @Secre I fell in love with the cosmic space faerie leggings but when it was time to pay it out I just couldn't! lol I just this morning went on a shopping spree: Rabytull is all fall themed because I was 100% SOLD, but with a little more clothes (I loved the "rocker" look As for Tybitha, I started out with the look you suggested, started trying out a few different things and ended up with a different look, what I'm calling "granny" lol
  12. @jellysundae As I promised: no birthday bar on the beta theme (at least not now)
  13. OMG @Secre i loved it! Specially the autumn themed! And despite not really being into the girly-girl, I feel like it fits Tybitha rather well! Thank you bunches
  14. Oh well, customization is definately not my cup of tea. I still miss the UC pets (still unable to get over the grey yurble I never had) So I wonder if you guys can help me change both my Boris. NP items only, preferably that don't hide them completely (well, i painted them for something right?) and I have a budget of 1mi max. This is how Rabytull and Tybitha look rn
  15. I - no joke here - immediately opened the staff tournament prize shop to get the overflowing box as soon as I saw the picture. I think it's time for some changes to my plushie bori lol As far as cup prices, I'm holding onto it. Trying to decide if I'm gonna buy the stamp and books to resell, if I'm keeping a stamp, if I'm only getting books... I don't know ))):
  16. That makes it easier lol I still haven't claimed any of the prizes but went to do some price research on the yooyu, stamp and books and I figured that with more people supposedly playing (because quarantine) the prices wouldnt escalate so fast but I was SO wrong lol Probably gonna get two stamps and a book with my 10k-ish points Also: the prizes for the staff tournament are really cheap aren't they? I wish we could transfer those to the main prize shop lol
  17. @Secre & @jellysundae Look at what I stumbled upon: http://www.neopets.com/~Figgebu A page with team sizes, overall stats, team-specific stats. "currently there are 13744 players included... or 9889 if we ignore the Many who joined a team and didn't play a single game."
  18. I absolutely loved your research, @jellysundae! I kinda like to think that younger players are there, but not where we see them: neoboards, off-site forums, etc. I think back to when I started playing: it took me YEARS to first adventure to the boards. All I used to do was play games (badly) :P not that i am any better at games now
  19. I always wonder how the number of players affects score. I mean, if everyone in neo achieved the exact same score, would teams with more players win? That doesn't seem fair (nor deciding it on an average > sum of scores divided by number of players...) 15 cups and I still don't get it.
  20. yeah, i kinda wish we could rank up (level and points) in break days, even if it didnt count towards the end result of the teams. but on the other hand I really need those breaks lol
  21. After yesterday was a break day I was preparing myself for a week of massive work since Kreludor is in 3rd place right now and I am determined to give my best on the last stretch. Now all that's left for today is try to get some of the weeks work (real work) done today so there's more time left to play Also got my wrist brace on because oh boy, did I mess up my wrist playing this much...... What are you all planning for today / this week regarding the cup?
  22. I'd be VERY surprised if they put a royal PB on the prize list I usually just go for the books multiple times, one for my pet, multiples for some NP since books are rather easy to sell. This year I'll probably go for the stamp too, but I'm thinking of maybe holding on to those prize shop points to claim my prizes later, when I can already have some idea on what's really worth it (in terms of selling it later)
  23. lol it's okay! then it should mean that everyone with all star would be able to get them. still gonna make an effort to gather up some more points, because with TNT you never know.....
  24. I'm curious, how do you calculate your points? Asking because, according to this petpage, someone in all star should have 8800 points.
  25. Congrats on the All Star Sacre! I reached it on the weekend I believe. So after that I slowed down a bit. Still trying to get at least 20YYB games per day, but not gonna lie: now seeing the progress on level/shield makes my brain think there's no point lol Lets see how it goes
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