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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Is your pet not exactly how you wanted it to be? Does it miss something but you don't know exactly what? Are you indecisive about a pet color? Or perhaps you don't know which petpet would fit it better? If you answer at least one YES in the questions above then you came to the right place! Share with us your ideas or concerns and this wonderful community will help you reach your ultimate goal! For us to help you the best way we can, try to give as much information as you can such as: What do you need help with Your pets personality What kind of items are you looking for NP or NC or Both In case you need help with petpets try to tell us the more detailed as possible what are you looking for This is not a thread for us to customize your pets entirely for you! If you're looking for that try to check neopets customization forum here. The purpose of this thread is to help you with your ideas and not to do all the work for you.
  2. Do you have any questions about avatars? Are you seeking for any tips on how to get a specific avatar? Are you feeling unmotivated after so many tries to get one and want to tell us about? This is the thread for you! Get your questions answered here! I didn't find any thread alike this and I think it is a useful one so I decided to create it.
  3. Hi guys, I thought with how Fiendish Formations changes, it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to those changes, to help others out with tips or advice, even just a "heads up" about some change between days. So I noticed that Fiendish Formations finally says it's Day 3, I tried for the Day 3 achievement prize. Managed the prize, a book called " Enchanted Map of Neopia ", but the Wraith Assassin, is a NEW twist in Day 3, and ANNOYING. So here's what I've got on the little nuisance. On your green side of the field in EACH level, the Wraith assassin can be found (in Day 3). There's a counter in his icon, and when it reaches zero, he assassinates one of your placed units. Then the counter counts down again. Place your pieces quickly. I don't know if you lose points when a unit is assassinated, but it will at least eat into your time bonus placing another unit there. For today, the units we place seem to be just axes and arrows, no cannons. Not yet anyway. Good luck!! And remember, you can replay to get a better score if you don't reach a day's requirement met. Day 3's achievement requirement is 2000 points. I managed 2,444 having to replace a few units on some levels, so it's definitely doable even if you mess up a bit! Good luck!
  4. title speaks for itself. What are the best ways to trade using just starter nc? (i've never been able to buy nc I saved my starter for a while) any tips from skilled nc traders?
  5. So in a couple months, I graduate from high school. I was already accepted to one of the colleges I applied to, and I'm excited! But the thing is, it's so far away from my family. I've been on my own before (for a PreCollege program), so I feel like I'll be okay for a little while. So if anyone has tips to help me go through my first year, I'd very much appreciate it!
  6. Later this month my school (college) is having a career fair. Usually at these things unless you are a graduating senior the companies there don't pay you much attention as I learned at the last one I went to last spring. But alas, my time has come and I am due to graduate in May (YAY!). Anywho I was wondering if all of you awesome people here have any advice or tips they would like to share regarding talking to the recruiters, interview tips, and fashion. The dress code for the event says business professional but have yall had more success one way or another like skirt vs pants or full suit set vs individual pieces if that makes sense? Sorry I'm kind of rambling but this has sort of psyched me out especially because as of right now I have no job lined up and I had to leave my previous job due to....irreconcilable differences with my boss earlier this year and have had trouble finding a new one. >.<" Anywho Thank you all in advance for even taking the time to read this and for any help/tips/advice you may have to offer <3
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