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Found 8 results

  1. Will repainting my petpet get rid of the P3 (petpetpet) that's attached to it?
  2. Hello! Is your pet not exactly how you wanted it to be? Does it miss something but you don't know exactly what? Are you indecisive about a pet color? Or perhaps you don't know which petpet would fit it better? If you answer at least one YES in the questions above then you came to the right place! Share with us your ideas or concerns and this wonderful community will help you reach your ultimate goal! For us to help you the best way we can, try to give as much information as you can such as: What do you need help with Your pets personality What kind o
  3. Hey there fellow neopians! I've collected petpets in my gallery. And with my mindset of the Charity Corner this year (I donated items I never thought I would give away because I liked them too much) I decided that I would only keep the ones I like more than the others. The ones I've chosen are currently safe in my SDB, but the other 110 need new homes. So check the petpets section of my gallery: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?user_cat_g=Petpets&gu=enitul& and comment on this topic with your username and the petpet you want. Only one petpet per user. It's first come, first
  4. Today I will analyze the possibility of 1 million NP being made within 25 days! Therefore an average of 40K needs to be made in a day. For Trudy's surprise, the average amount gained in a day is 17815 (provided you stick with playing for 25 consecutive days). But in reality, even getting that amount is impossible, due to the 'rotten luck bonus' interfering, so I'll just round up the average Trudy gain to 18K. Also note that starting the Trudy chain nets smaller prizes than the consecutive days, so do not worry if you don't actually hit 40K within a day. Just follow the analysis and take m
  5. What are your favorite species and colors of petpets? I really love Babaa, especially the birthday ones! The Tiny Giant Squid is kind scary, but I love marine animals. The Gulpfir is cute with an adorable description. "A Gulpfir loves making music and can't wait to be your bestest friend." And of course the Fir itself. "This adorable little chap can't wait to be your bestest friend." The Snarhook is cute with a funny name! The Turdle is basically a turtle. Slorgs are just great no matter what. Poor little Grackle Bugs are too cute for the
  6. Hi, I'm kind of new here and I just started collecting avatars. I am currently working on earning Neopoints for a meowclops. I was wondering about the how much the meowclops would be worth in NP in terms of today. Other fan sites can determine the price. I tried to check the trading post but the wishlist price of users doesn't seem very fixed :s Maybe it would just depend on how much a person would pay. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a Price Check topic. Also, consider che
  7. I've given the Angelpuss petpet to my neopets and then visited the quick ref of the pet AND of the petpet and still have not gotten the avatar. Is there something I'm missing?
  8. I am on Part 12 of the plot where you go to the Alchemy Club to buy the Elixir of petpet healing. The first time i entered, Quibble had offered to sell the potion for 30,000 but i clicked Back to Archives instead of clicking the Elixir .Now when i go back to him, he doesnt offer me the Elixir anymore. It reads on the bottom of his image: "I suppose you could join. What? You've already joined the Astronomy Club? Well fine! I didn't want you in my club anyway!" Oh dear! It seems that by joining the Astronomy Club, you've upset the Quiggle, and he refuses to let you join his club! I
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