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  1. Im seeing a lot of people pick thieves or seekers, went with thieves myself.
  2. The steampunk color is a little too busy to me, but I also prefer more simple customization most of the time anyway. So not a huge fan of this new color. I think the Mipsy clothes are great though! I like that Neoquest is getting some love.
  3. Going with brute squad! Same as many others I need the avvie. I also need the thieves one, they're my last 2 for the obelisk ones, but I haven't heard anyone say anything about picking thieves this time around.
  4. It is! Lol I was just wrong, I looked at the team profile recently and figured it out Not gonna lie pretty sad it isn't a werelupe but it still looks cool!
  5. I've seen code surrounding the ability to change things on your profile such as your shield, and I was wondering is there a known way to do this for the neohome image? Mine is broken, and I just want to replace it with a non broken version of what's supposed to be there. Mine currently looks like this: And I'd add this to it:
  6. Went with the order! Im trying to stick to factions I still need the avatar for
  7. Rank 3! Not super high but this is my first year truly participating so just taking it nice and slow doing a few games a day
  8. With the altador cup happening rn I managed to get the 3 avatars from it I was missing from not ever heavily participating in the past! I absolutely love werelupes so I'm ecstatic to have the haunted woods team one especially!
  9. Something for sure seems weird, wouldn't really surprise me if people were cheating. From what it sounds like, something similar happens to a random team each year? I haven't heavily participated in any altador cups in the past so please correct me if that sounds wrong.
  10. Out of the ones available this time I still need the order's avatar, so I'll pick them
  11. Completed one of my big goals today! Finally got the kadoatery avatar! Princess was #75
  12. Picked seekers this time! Currently cycling through getting the obelisk avatars, so just going with whatever seems popular.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm trying to find a "Pipe and Gear Crown". Here are my NC items, if anyone would like to trade lmk!: http://impress.openneo.net/user/45053-SnowyUmbrella/closet
  14. @Scoobert_Doo Thanks for the answer! I was very curious, so I attempted buying and selling shortly before midnight, before the day rolled over, to see if it'd work. It did. Got the avatar and was able to sell them right away! As far as I can tell, I did it quickly enough that the stock price didnt change too.
  15. Korbat day! I never realized it was so close to halloween- how fitting
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