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  1. Out of the ones available this time I still need the order's avatar, so I'll pick them
  2. Completed one of my big goals today! Finally got the kadoatery avatar! Princess was #75
  3. Picked seekers this time! Currently cycling through getting the obelisk avatars, so just going with whatever seems popular.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm trying to find a "Pipe and Gear Crown". Here are my NC items, if anyone would like to trade lmk!: http://impress.openneo.net/user/45053-SnowyUmbrella/closet
  5. @Scoobert_Doo Thanks for the answer! I was very curious, so I attempted buying and selling shortly before midnight, before the day rolled over, to see if it'd work. It did. Got the avatar and was able to sell them right away! As far as I can tell, I did it quickly enough that the stock price didnt change too.
  6. Korbat day! I never realized it was so close to halloween- how fitting
  7. Welcome back! A lot has changed - but a lot is the same too! If you ever have any questions everyone on here is really friendly . Here is a great page to check out to see things that have gone on over the past few years: http://www.neopets.com/~WhatWentOn
  8. Welcome back! It is indeed sad key quest is gone, but I hope you still have a fun time playing again!
  9. Could I possibly get the Premium Collectible: Wreath of Love and the Colorfully Adorned Christmas Tree if they're still available? Thank you so much!
  10. Ty!! I've been doing a few of her quests a day for about a month, so it sounds like I honestly may have gotten kind of lucky. I hope you get it soon!
  11. Got these two today! The Edna avatar is one of my absolute favorite avatars so I'm especially happy to have that one!
  12. So pretty! Not gonna lie I'm slightly jealous of how comfy your elephante looks lol!
  13. I just got enough NP to invest in KSON for the sell! sell!! avatar. With that one and my current stocks I will be at 1,000,000 NP invested. I've seen some people say to buy stocks right before midnight and then sell them after midnight since its the next day. So, does that mean we can't buy and them sell them right away? I don't mind waiting for midnight but Id rather just do it now if I can.
  14. "Your participation in the 'Saving Dacardia' program was commendable. Most attendees report that the high that comes from donating is reward enough, but few refuse a little recognition to go with it. Granny hopbobbin is sending you a silver trophy for your user lookup, as well as 6,250 Neopoints and 250 NC! Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work!" Really happy with the trophy and NC! Would still rather have perks than extra NC but..... I'll take it.
  15. Nice! It's my first one too! The cookies are really popular - For some reason I didn't know that the cookies give you 9 days of quests? Lol I thought 1 cookie = 1 quest and was so pleasantly surprised!
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