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  1. that wouldn't work cuz Jelly World totally doesn't exist. *fidgets*
  2. i know there probably isn't an actual Ice Paint Brush, but what's to stop them from making one and putting it out there as an AC prize? ? As far as other team-themed brushes, some already have options (Maraqua -> water, Darigan -> duh, Mystery Island -> um yeah...) and i suppose there are things they can do for other teams....if Faerieland ever won, put Faerie brushes up there and Moltara, they could introduce a Magma brush (even keep the scarcity of it by having it only be available then), while Meridell could do something like Royalboy/girl, but what would a team like Brightvale use?
  3. i've got the new trophy so i'm not sure what to say lol
  4. if that's the case, i'll work harder next year, though the likelihood of a snow paint brush is a lot higher than an ice one lol
  5. not terribly impressed with this collection of prizes. I already have a Tyrannian paint brush. Couldn't they add an Ice Paint Brush since Terror Mountain won? lol
  6. i think Prytariel, Evram, Rinok, Osielle, and Minae deserve some credit, lol
  7. First of all, if you'll indulge me for a second.... WOOOHOOOO!!!! TERROR MOUNTAIN FINALLY WON!!!! Sorry, i love this team and have been supporting it for so long. Its just great to see our Prytariel hoisting that trophy high! Anyway.....these are the track records for all the teams (hashtag for the team with the best overall record, asterisk for the worst): Altador: 3-4-7-1 Brightvale: 11-10-6-14 Darigan Citadel: 15-8-10-11 Faerieland: 0-5-4-3* Haunted Woods: 9-6-7-6 Kiko Lake: 5-10-7-12 Krawk Island: 15-19-15-11 Kreludor: 16-17-22-14 Lost Desert: 12-12-13-13 Maraqua: 16-15-16-21 Meridell: 16-12-18-17 Moltara: 3-2-4-5 Mystery Island: 8-14-7-9 Roo Island: 11-11-10-10 Shenkuu: 9-11-7-5 Terror Mountain: 20-22-18-17# Tyrannia: 7-10-10-9 Virtupets: 22-9-17-20 Altador really scooped up a number of wins in the late-going, leaving Faerieland in the dust. Last year's winners, Tyrannia, who are generally one of the stronger side game teams had a really tough time (i saw a few 1s in their scores...yikes). Virtupets was undefeated in YYB, Terror Mountain in Slushie Slinger, Kreludor in Make Some Noise, while no team went undefeated in Shootout Showdown though Maraqua came the closest. Even though Virtupets stormed the castle, their poor performance in SS is probably what dragged them down from another first place finish. They also lost two matches in the bracket portion (to Terror Mountain, and a really close loss against Maraqua), whereas Terror Mountain only lost one match the entire tournament (to VP, early in the Round Robin). Terror Mountain also had more sweeps, or at least 3-1 victories, than VP. Even though I'm sure we'll have our turn contending with the Winner's Curse next year, i fully intend to support TM again, though I would consider jumping to another team if Prytariel were traded or just left the competition entirely. Besides Terror Mountain, i think a team i'd like to see win next is Meridell; they usually have a consistently strong performance and haven't won a tournament yet. There's also Maraqua, and considering the passionate support on these boards, i wouldn't be mad if Shenkuu had a return to their early days, when they consistently placed on the podium. I'd also really like to see Moltara climb up out of the doldrums. Anyway, here's to ACXV in 2020! I'll see ya there. ?
  8. FINALLY! In more ways than one....Neopets finally released the results and Terror Mountain finally won! AHHHHH!!!!!
  9. Hi! I dealt with my main account being frozen as well. I didn't have a ton of trophies but it was over 10 years old and had my Altador Cup trophies and original pets. I finally got it back last year after a year and a half of occasionally messaging the help center. My favorite pet is my Lillita; she's an Eventide Aisha ? Edit: Ugh when did they allow us to have 5 neopets?? Now i gotta figure out what to adopt! lol Edit2: I now have a strawberry Quiggle. If non-premium users ever get a sixth slot, maybe i'll get a bird
  10. thanks ? if the pic i posted earlier is any indication, we DID win. They just need to officially announce it. Yeah Prytariel is the main reason i first joined Terror Mountain back in like 2009? I know i wasn't in the Altador Cup when HW, DC, RI, and KI won. I had considered Faerieland (lol) and Darigan Citadel, but aishas are my favorite breed and Terror Mountain had one as a captain, plus i've always liked ice spells in video games, so i went with them. If Prytariel ever left, I would love to work with Moltara cuz Kougras are my next favorite breed, thus i like Aldric Beign, but i admit i'd like to be with a team that's stronger...maybe Maraqua or Kreludor or Meridell. Don't be discouraged if we don't do as well next year; there tends to be a "Winner's Curse", plus we have been one of those teams who spent a good deal of time in the lower-middle pack. We've never been last though. ?
  11. you don't have to be sorry about that. its not something you could control
  12. a neighborhood cat we occasionally looked after passed away in our home a couple hours ago. We still have two kitties, but losing any kitty (or any pet) is no bueno.
  13. figures i would finally get a 16 score when it no longer counts
  14. i just want my trophy and confirmation that TM won T_T
  15. they've brought down the max number of sends you can do per game since then, but still....its not something i'd consider doing again anytime soon. lol. Drove me crazy. This year, my regimen was 20 games of YYB per day (except on a couple days where Neopets' connection was being doofy, which is why i ended with 411 games), 6 games of SS, 48 of MSN, and 144 of SOSD. i did it that way cuz 6 games of SS is equal to 1 of YYB and 12 of MSN or SOSD is equal to 1 game of YYB. Plus i'm someone who needs structure or i get a bit aimless. i might try and play a little harder next year, especially if we won this year (i know i posted a picture showing us ahead of VP, but i'm waiting til the actual announcement before really jumping for joy); the "winner's curse" is still mostly real (just look at how Tyrannia fared this year), but i don't think i'll quad-max again. i'm glad you were able to play hard for Terror Mountain. Think you'll stick with us? I'll be going with TM again next year, no doubt, unless Prytariel gets traded to another team or leaves the competition entirely. XD
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