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  1. Sway because I'd like to finally win one!
  2. Lutari items already seeing some inflation from this avatar but I'm glad to have it!
  3. of all the new additions, I like the transparent best ... although it is a bit freaky!
  4. I am so terribly sorry for your loss, a truly awful thing to happen on your birthday! ? Its always so heartbreaking when it happens & your little man was so handsome. It's a little silver lining that your baby was so comfortable to pass in your presence, one last final show of his love for you ❤️ I experienced something eerily similar a few years back so please do not hesitate to PM me if you need to talk. I lost my baby girl a week before my birthday so I understand how raw & painful you must be feeling.
  5. LightAurora knows what's up... I cant imagine what symol bread must taste like! hooray for another month!
  6. oh thank goodness, I thought it was just me that this happened to ! >_<;
  7. I just looked it up and wow, that's a really cute colour! I love that minty green with the pink eyes ❤️
  8. I have a ton of plushies! Very few of them are from my youth, I've actually become a more avid collector in my adulthood. My favorites are a (naked) Build-a-Bear Pooh I got at the thrift store last year, my precious Monokuma bear, & a (small) collection of Sanrio plushies that I simply adore. I'm a big Rilakkuma/Gudetama/Hello Kitty fan (✧ω✧)
  9. I got a copy of New Leaf for a birthday a few years back & in spite of it being my first ever AC game, I really really loved it! It gives me a strange anxiety looking at my 3DS & realizing I haven't visited them in so long... My favorite villagers in my whole town are Colton, Diana & Kabuki, they've lived in my town since the very beginning & I've stopped them from leaving multiple times ^^; Other than them... I always really liked Bella & Broccolo!
  10. I've got a Mazzew attached to my sketch Techo that isn't eligible for the avatar until October 23rd & I've been trying to brainstorm what would be a nice colour to paint her in the meantime! I personally love plushie painted pets/petpets but I'd like to hear what anyone else has to say about what the cutest (or just your favorite) look is for a Mazzew. Looking at the options right now, I think my personal favorites would be pink, white, rainbow, & halloween.
  11. congratulations! all the stress will be worth it when you have that perfect type A wedding
  12. yiptingfugn says "Come on Coltzan, make me stronger!" yiptingfugn feels stronger at least he got what he wanted!
  13. Illusen has always always been my #1 ❤️ but I also really love the grey faerie, the fountain faerie, & I cant pick between jhudora or the faerie queen since I love both of their looks a lot >_> least favorite is the crafting faerie but I'm really not into the NC thing
  14. I've realized how much I love Aishas as an adult ? my best friend has a really cute custom chocolate one which I love, but my other favorite colors are baby (duh), faerie, disco, plushie, & transparent!
  15. I personally have adopted a sketch techo & a disco grarrl from the pound & about 11 years ago, a purple grundo. back then people weren't as generous so this kind of thing really makes me happy! what I've seen in my time on here as "least desirable" aka doesn't get swooped up immediately - disco, starry, split, spotted, Christmas.
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