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  1. finally something I consider worthy of posting.
  2. lmao nvm it was a bad joke.
  3. Hmm... blue kacheek group probably lmao. @jellysundae Thats a fake video because "let the body's hit the floor" isn't playing in the background and there wasn't an Evanescence intro.
  4. How about auctions, or pricing junk 999,999 in ur shop and having the main buy it?
  5. Join team Moltara for AC. (Get it, cus they never place well). For real tho do the haunted fairgrounds games. Like the pachinko one and test your strength. I still don't get how there are hi scores for that, I've never one lol.
  6. @Midas Yup, thats what I ended up doing lol. But I was still wondering how to import tables without the iframe function. @Mouseykins Thanks. Though I was wondering how to import tables through things like excel and sheets. I'm going to try updating it daily, so individually updating each cell would be quite the hassle. Thanks again!
  7. Darn, this took a little longer than I expected, nice to check a daily off the list though.
  8. Hello. I was trying to make a petpage on my food club bets and needed a table. I tried publishing one through the web on google sheets but the embed code is <iframe, which isn't allowed on petpages. How do the other bettorsget around this? I'm currently just using screenshots. Thank you!
  9. Relatable. I recently was doing Count Von Roo trying to level down my pet, Accidentally did coltzan with my BD pet haha. The odds for lottery is about 1 win per month. A lot of resources out there that automates your tickets so you don't have to manually put in numbers. It takes about 30 seconds.
  10. you definitely need to read up on food club. I make around 1m a week just following smarter peoples bets. Personally, I just do the not so profitable dailies I need the avatar for and once I get them I kinda yeet out of there. But it doesn't hurt to do all of them if you find it fun or think you can make money. Grave danger, Coconut Shy, Bargain Stocks, Battle Dome Trudy, and lottery would all be top priority. I also have faerie fountain bookmarked to get sticky snowballs.
  11. @jellysundae You should be thanking me :P. jkjk Congrats! I think I'll save up for a spin a week or so. Been lucky with RS lately so yeah hahaha.
  12. @jellysundae wheel of knowledge is the last one I need to complete (and wheel of extravagence but us noobs don't count that)
  13. This is actually really comforting. It looks playable and I was afraid they would drop the ball. I imagine you could still play on PC with an emulator or something, yeah?
  14. Must have missed this lol. How would you compare it to the other anime you watch. Actually, what kind of anime do you watch?
  15. This is the names you get off the random name generator from xbox.
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