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TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

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I'm slowly working on my dream team of pets. I make backstories for my pets which help me decide their looks/clothing. I also work in the things that I collect and activities that I do on Neopets. Hopefully you'll enjoy:


Pim Truenote – My first pet. He was named/is based on a tiger-like creature that was a familiar for one of my tabletop RPG characters. Pim was silver and got in a fair amount of fights with her. So he is my Battledome pet (still training/figuring that out). I have a Pirate paintbrush that I need to use on him, since that is the closest look to the original Pim. He is the captain of the sky-ship Scimitar, which is manned by a crew of petpets. All of my pets fled there when the Flash Catastrophe destroyed both their original and new Neohomes.

Kia Truenote – Kia is currently a Lost Desert Kougra. I got her from the pound not long after I made Pim. She was a regular Kougra who I painted. I also ignore the Kougra14 after her first name. She will be repainted as a Daragan and I will be giving her a librarian look, which means dipping my toe into NC trades. She's is my book trophy pet, I'm currently working on both. She and Pim are happily married. She collects backpacks and interesting school supplies – mainly Kougra and Faerie ones.

Cutter Wolfking – Cutter was the second pet that I made specifically for my oldest son. He wanted a Cloud Kougra named Cutter (our last name) but was too young to have an account. We compromised and he agreed to a pseudonym for our last name. He promptly lost interest and is now a surly teenager who doesn't care. So Cutter will be getting a purple paint job. He will be my food club pet and is the financial manager for my pets. His favorite thing is investing in stocks and collecting interest from the bank. He's got a lengthy backstory involving shady criminal organizations in Neovia, his rise to power in one such organization and his success at reinventing them into a legitimate corporation but that is a tale for another day. He likes to read recipe books, collect posters and t-shirts. He's gonna have a nice Gothic look.

Kahmaat – Kahmaat is my new Lost Desert Kougra, created for my now side account. She was created as a result of the “Frozen Account” incident that hit Neopets several years back. I've moved back to my main account (a long story involving how to move a Lutari) and she has moved with me. She runs the pets' Neostore where she sells all the treasure they collect on their adventures. She will stay a Lost Desert Kougra but I will find some new clothing for her. She collects stamps and other collectibles.

Tikka Tokk – Tikka is my Lutari who currently resides on my side account. She is an archaeologist and tinkerer. She loves discovering treasure and inventing robot petpets. The current plan is to morph her into something else, move her to main account and then morph her back into an Island Lutari with a potion. I have the potion but haven't done it yet. Mostly because I'm scared it won't work. She collects snowglobes.


Black Bery – Bery is a pound pet that I got when I belonged to a now-defunct adoption guild. My intent was to zap her into something cool and adopt her out. She is now my labray pet for avatar purposes. However, if I end up being able to collect avatars using TDN, I don't know what I will eventually do with her. She may live her best life on my side account or if she is zapped into something cool and someone wants her, I may still adopt her out.

Thistle (Last Name Unknown) – Thistle will be my Christmas Vandagyre. She's going to be my witchy pet. I haven't made her yet and I'm still working out her backstory. I do know that she will collect plushies and toys. I also have a rather expensive outfit put together that will require NC items. She also likes gardening and reading spell/magic books. I'm kind of waiting to see what I will do with Bery before I make her but will collect her costume and gear while I do.

Unnamed Draik – So while investigating what I need pet-wise to collect avatars, I looked at Draiks and fell in love with the Woodland Draik. He will be Thistle's partner-in-crime so he'll need an appropriate backstory and name. I think he have something to do with the fairies. He will also love apples. It will be fun putting all that together.

I really need Neopets to let us have more than 6 pets on an account (not counting premium). I also wish TNT would give us renaming scrolls or tokens or something.  I played a dragon pet game where you could rename them but you had to pay for a scroll. Helped with cool looking but badly named adoptions.

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On 3/8/2021 at 5:27 AM, Mayetra said:

I really need Neopets to let us have more than 6 pets on an account (not counting premium).

This. The last increase in pet slots was November 18, 2019 (which is my birthday, actually 😋). I wasn't able to find the dates for the previous pet slot additions, though, so I don't know how frequent they are. But It's been about a year and a half, so hopefully we'll get another one soon! 🤞

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