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  1. You can't fix it. Adobe discontinued Flash nearly two years ago and has removed it from the Internet entirely.
  2. Tranoi the Stealthy Kacheek is UFA. No requirements other than permanent home.
  3. That's what I got, too! So nice to be able to have a lab rat on my main again
  4. Today is Neopets 23rd birthday and there are loads of new items to help celebrate. Logging in today will award you 750 NC for FREE! It may take up to 30 minutes to a few hours for it to appear on your account, so be patient. Additional pet slots are also 20% off for the next week. Neopoint Neopets 23rd Birthday Goodie Bag Neocash Head to the Mall to claim your FREE Birthday goodie bag! or enjoy some NC Themed Birthday items
  5. Today is Neopets birthday and the NC Mall has a free Goodie Bag to help celebrate! Head there to claim now. Neopets 23rd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
  6. Not normal but it happens frequently. It usually returns everything after a few days but maybe their servers are behind because of Daylight Savings last weekend in America.
  7. TDN welcomes you to the month of November! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customization | Neoavatars | Forums This month, we have these events: Slorg Day on November 3rd The Pteri Flying Championships on November 8th Vandagyre Day on November 12th Neopets' Birthday on November 15th The Usul Skiing Season Begins on November 27th Xweetok Day on November 29th Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
  8. Eliv Thade has hidden trick-or-treat bags around Neopia in several locations. Can you decipher where to find them to get these exclusive items? Tersde Msar Pacwlysmk Sitlhg Anactifats Peurs Pypah Yci Unf Nosw Psoh Gidanar Syot Eht Rinab Eret Toalelebcelc Aes Lsehls Neadlkru Ginnim Oprc It's okay if you can't. Head to Desert Arms, Lampwyck's Lights, Super Happy Icy Fun Shop, Darigan Toys, The Brain Tree, Collectable Sea Shells and lastly the Kreludan Mining Corp for your goodies.
  9. Neopets introduced Two Factor Authentication, often known as 2FA, to the website today. This feature offers an extra layer of security, asking you for an additional code, when logging in to your account(s). To set it up, head to your preferences and enable the new feature. A set of instructions will come up that you will need to follow, including downloading an Authenticator App on your mobile device if you do not have one. Once enabled, your app will provide you with a six digit code that you will need to enter to be able to log in. LEARN MORE ABOUT 2FA HERE Please note that you should know your current email address and password associated with your respective accounts before enabling 2FA.
  10. TDN welcomes you to the month of October! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums This month, we have these events: Grarrl Day on October 4th Eyrie Day on October 10th Bori Day on October 13th Jetsam Day on October 16th Symol Day on October 23rd Korbat Day on October 26th Halloween on October 31st Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
  11. OP is being truthful. Basically the database table on the server (where information is stored) is shared for your Inventory, SDB and Gallery. If you get TNT to fix an invisible or stuck item in any of those three places, there is a small chance that all items can be deleted, I presume on accident, in an attempt to fix the original error. If you need an item fixed, you should move all your NC items into your closet before contacting them.
  12. Lucky! Great choice too. I've been trying to get a Mutant Ixi Transmorg but they're impossible to find after the release of the Mutant gram last month. Your Lutari looks wonderful.
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