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  1. Thanks for doing the maths on this. Going through my SDB is just so slow and tedious that I likely won't donate enough to get both the stamp and the background. Now I can see that I should use my points on the background and buy the stamp for NPs!
  2. First time getting the big win! I didn't really believe I could be so lucky until now!
  3. Probably the only good thing to come of lowering the prize points is that I can now easily buy the prizes myself as their value will decrease. Now lazy me doesn't have to go through the painful process of donating. I got through about 10 pages in my SDB before I got bored/couldn't be bothered anymore.
  4. This was going to be my first year participating in Charity Corner and I'd built up so much excitement after months of hearing about all the prize perks I could get. Now I'm bitterly disappointed that the entire event has been changed up. Been hoarding away Sticky Snowballs for nothing and the prize pool isn't even worth participating for.
  5. I've done it!! Now I'll have to come up with a new goal for myself.
  6. Finally!! It was frustrating, tedious and time consuming. Now I have the trophy I will never play NQI on insane mode again! Now to go for the NQII insane trophy! I'm actually looking forward to it since I find NQII much more enjoyable.
  7. I finally got it! Now I only have one left and I can finally be done!
  8. Going to try again for Awakened. I still need the avatar and theme!
  9. Yeah I looked up a couple of guides and couldn't find any info about it resetting either. Thanks for the info. And yes, it's so satisfying completing it.
  10. I did it!! Now to finish the NQI insane game I've been avoiding...
  11. First time this has happened in all my years of playing! I never believed it was possible until now!
  12. I'm almost positive that it does. It definitely does for NQI because it happened to me and I thought it did for NQII as well.
  13. This is amazing! The true accomplishment was remembering to make a move in the game every so often so that it didn't reset on you!
  14. I went for Awakened since I still need the avatar for it. Beginning to think it'll never happen.
  15. I'm happy to see the votes for Brutes! I went with them because I don't have the avatar/sidebar yet.
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