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  1. My pet lost defense stats today but at least this came about: She's so cute. Watch her be returned to ashes tomorrow 🦜
  2. WHAT? I mean, the damage is minimal but come on.
  3. Just finished my binge session of Stranger Things Season 3. I need to assess my feelings...
  4. YAY! First Altador Cup in the books and I will never see such luck again ? Congratulations everyone and thank you because I sure didn't pull any weight. Praise AgJu.
  5. I feel like I just stalked someones pet/post even though I know the lookups aren't private anyway. It was an old post from a few years back too.
  6. I don't know how you all do it lol. At a certain point, I find myself zoning out or even falling asleep
  7. I lucked out and got a robot turmac from waking up Turmy. Then I went on Google search and found a Robot Vandagyre in the images. I'm not proud of myself for that one.
  8. I'm late to the party. Now to find someone to lend those 5 Lutari items. Went through SDB and found nothing haha... I finally broke 250 avatars thanks to the obelisk Edit: YAY! Robin lent me an item; I love surprise gifts at the top.
  9. Came home to do my dailies and help our team out and see that it's all down ☠️ I uh, I guess I'll order some pizza.
  10. LOL That's gonna be stuck in my head forever now. Gives chocolate kikos a whole new meaning.
  11. What if you add an image to URL and then dbl click to modify the details to fit your unique counter?
  12. I'm so happy I could cry. IT'S ABOUT TIME! But I think I'll keep spinning ....
  13. I copied the forums code version of the counter and pasted it into my signature. At first, I thought I had to use the HTML code insert thingy but that just led to it literally displaying the code. I was playing around with it but eventually realized copy/pasting the forums code version works but the numbers update every 24 hours. I just hate having to come back here to change the numbers.
  14. That's interesting, I didn't know it went that deep. That takes the fun (and upsets) out of it.
  15. Glad to see we won Day 1 even though I completely forgot about it LOL. Don't worry, I sent some scores in today. How do the scoring/points get tallied to see who wins/loses for the day?
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