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Hey All! So my weekly giveaway that I started awhile ago didn't go so well due to lack of interest (mainly I think because I could only refresh the comments so much and it wasn't on the top threads or lack of interest.) I still have a ton of the items that I bought for the giveaway line-up that I'd like to giveaway.


So over the next month or so I'm just going to give away random items off the list below to random people that sign up for this everyday, super fast and easy. It's possible your name with be generated more than once during this time period it's possible it won't at all (but I would think you're name would be generated at least once). If any of these items interest you please just leave a comment and let me know if you want to be added to this. 


There's no time period; you can join at anytime as long as it's still going.


I'll do my best to send the items out every day, but there may be a few days here and there that I won't get to giving away an item.


I'll keep a list below the items of who has signed up both for my and your benefit, this way you'll know that I saw your comment and added you to it.


I'll also update the item list as items are given away and you may drop out at any point.





1. Full Cauldron

2. Lighted Pastel Sweater (NC)

3. Bigsby Shadingtons Hat (NC)

4. A Collection of Gypsy Tales

5. Altador Mansion Background

6. Darigan Yooyuball

7. AAA Handheld Plushie

8. Gaming Too Much? Glasses

9. Potion of Dexterity

10. Warm Winter Tonu Coat

11. Investigative Uni Shirt and Waistcoat

12. Grundo Resistance Shirt

13. Dangerous Kyrii Gloves

14. Draik Boxer Mustache

15. Cool Poogle Trousers

16. Lovely Bori Dress 

17. Nature Kacheek Necklace

18. Gypsy Tonu Wig

19. Pretty Spring Uni Earrings

20. Krawk Foreman Cane

21. Evening Kougra Clothing Set

22. Undead Hunter Wocky Poncho & Glasses

23. Secluded Bench Background

24. Headless Cape

25. Winter Korbat Warrior Set

26. Cool Bruce Necklace

27. Simple Snowflake Cape

28. Misty Shenkuu Background

29. Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Wig

30. Uncommon Blue Collectable Scarab

31. Festive Stocking

32. Disturbing Gelatin

33. Ixi Aviator Sunglasses

34. Lenny Wizard Clothing Set

35. Beautiful Floral Korbat Clothing Set

36. Sinister Krawk Neovian Jacket

37. Glowing Slymook

38. Grimoire of the First Order

39. Platinum Nerkmid XX

40. Ultimate Nerkmid

41. Custard Angelpuss

42. 3  Random Codestone Items (Codestones themselves may be included)

43. Snow Paint Brush

44. Plushie Slorg Stamp

45. Wand of Nova

46. Gate Keeper Stamp

47. Dung Angelpuss

48. Award Winning Hair (NC)

49. Checkered Ribbon Wig (NC)

50. Dark Vine Makeup (NC)

51. Starry Scarf (NC)

52. Hanging Flower Heart Wreath (NC)

53. Miniature Altador Cup Story (3 of these to give away)

54. Jar of Archived Books (2 of these to give away)

55. Tissue Dispenser Book (3 of these to give away)

56. Woodsy Faerie Dress

57. Jewel Encrusted Faerie Wand

58. Snug Wocky Scarf

59. Floating Illusen Doll (NC)

60. Floating Grey Faerie Doll (NC)

61. Floating Jhudora Doll (NC)






































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There are a couple things on your list that interest me and I'd like to be added to the contestants, if possible. :) Do we mention what items interest us specifically?

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There are a couple things on your list that interest me and I'd like to be added to the contestants, if possible. :) Do we mention what items interest us specifically?


Alright I'll add you. Nope as of right now I'm just going to give them away randomly. There's no specific order. I'll put all the items in a 'random name picker' and then put all the names of the contestant in there as well after that and give that item to that person. I may change it to a straight up item grab later on, it just really depends on how this goes. Thank for the interest!

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Hi! I'd love to participate in your giveaway, thank you so much for doing this!!!

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Hi Musical_Shoyru! May I be added to the list as well? I really don't mind what I get or if I get anything at all, but this seems fun; thank you for doing this! I kinda hope I'll be able to do a giveaway like this one day too  :laughingsmiley:

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Everyone that has commented has been added thus far. I'll probably start doing it sometime this weekend (not sure if it'll be beginning, middle or end of the weekend). Thanks for everyone's participation :)

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Is it too late to be added in? I like free stuff too! You are so generous Musical_Shoyru, thank you for another fun event to look forward to (even if I'm too late to be included)! TDN Forum IS the place to be! ;)



8/4/16 Hey alexinwonderland, I sent you a Pet Package to try to make up for having 'missed' the Christmas in July event we had on the Forum. Keep or sell the pet related items, whatever helps you and if you had your heart set on something to help your collection/gallery/goal to getting accomplished, either message me, post it, or nm on NP and I will do my best to fulfill what I can!  :santa:

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This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO generous of you Ally.  But then again, you are a sweet and generous person anyway.  I would love to be added to the list.  I am definitely interested in #34 as I have a Lenny, who is my pride and joy.  She started out as a Uni, was a Uni for over 7 yrs until I started zapping her.  I still zap her but I keep plenty of Lenny potions available.  I did not like Lennys (AT ALL) when I first started neopets.  Then I got, what turned out to be, a lucky zap.  She became a desert Lenny.  After chatting with Aquamentis, he talked me into the entangling lenny lasso, 100% species freeze weapon.  I am still trying to get the Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds.  Now she has grown on me and I love Lennys.


That is my long winded story about why I would like #34. 

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Hey there,

I have a feeling I signed up with your previous weekly giveaways right at the beginning and then, yes, it dropped off my radar.  Sorry!  May I sign up for this one please?  I had a lot of fun with the Christmas in July.  Bless your cotton socks, you lovely person.

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