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  1. I googled & found a couple articles with links to NT editorial questions. Here's what I found: Dear TNT, I'm really puzzled about this situation, especially after getting a warning about my guild. You have said that donation shops are acceptable. But what role do donations have in a guild if prizes and contest are not allowed? ~inervel Ahh, the million NP question. We think we answered a long time ago that yes, donation shops are fine, though why you would need one is beyond us (for exactly the reasons you mentioned). The only thing we could think of was, perhaps, donations towards a Noticeboard or something? If you can think of something else that donations can be used for that doesn't break the rules, have fun! http://www.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=editorialdb&query=4911&type=id A guild account can have a shop even if it is on a side account. Note that this is the only time a sole user is allowed to have more than one account with a shop! The account must belong to the guild leader: Having a guild account as your leader is fine, but that account may only be accessed by the actual guild leader. Guild accounts, like all other accounts, CANNOT be shared. [NT] You CAN sell items for guild purposes in a clearly labeled guild account. This is the only time you can have a second shop, and only one of your alternate accounts can be used for this purpose. You can find the full article here: http://www.sunnyneo.com/sideaccounts.php
  2. I typically use Chrome, but in order to play (& be able to get the avatars for) Hannah & the Pirate Caves, Attack of the Slorgs, and Gourmet Club Bowls I had to download Safari. I think there was a thread about it on here somewhere.
  3. Whoohoo! Only one more NQ2 avatar to go! I'm excited to be close to finishing this game. It seemed impossible to begin with! Edit: I now have all 3 of the NQ2 avatars! Hurray! Now to push myself to finish. I've come this far, might as well get a trophy, right? :p Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Neoquest II - Devilpuss' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  4. Check out the shop belonging to the user tdnalp There's currently a few items in stock.
  5. Thanks so much for the guide! I beat Chadley's score on the first try, but had to play again because I'd forgotten to challenge him first. It was an easy game to complete for the 1K payout too. I may just have to add it to my daily games.
  6. My previous high score was 177 so I was nervous as well. I'm thinking maybe this was part of a previous event where you just had to send a score? I too felt like I must've been bored.
  7. Congrats on the almost engagement! My husband proposed with a simple band because my ring hadn't arrived yet. It worked for us, but I understand wanting the ring first. It makes things less awkward when people ask to see your ring & you can show them your hand rather than pulling out your phone to show the mock up picture. Hope you get to feeling better & healing quickly!
  8. So glad you're able to lend again! This was my goal when joining TDN, funny enough I got a lend on the boards a few months ago & no longer need it. Safe lending to all! (& to all a good day/night :p)
  9. I'd vote for Woodland or red. I don't know what it is, maybe just nostalgia, but I love red Ixi's
  10. I have a Starry Cybunny Morphing Potion, Magical Blue Yurble Plushie, & Darigan Krawk Plushie individualy in my trades. I'm asking for pure NPs so I can buy more stamps. I am willing to haggle if you'd like. I am wanting to sell these soon. http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=owner&search_string=rejoyce_20
  11. Also, The Great Turmaculas could eat your petpet at that daily. So don't use that pet as your active if you're trying for the avatar.
  12. I got a new high score in Volcano Run II today, almost half of the score needed for the avatar. It made me dislike the game a little less. Edit: Today I finished unlocking all the levels in Wrath of the Snowager. I typically just play the first level to get the max amount of NPs, but I wanted to see what the rest of the game was like.
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