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  1. I read this thread this morning as I was eating my breakfast. I am a friendly introvert who enjoys people but needs time to myself to recharge. I have some very strong feelings on the subject of those friends and relatives who try and talk you into doing things you don't want to do because they think it's for your benefit. I am so totally against this and I read these characters in books all the time and get very incensed when I do. I am not a child. I am not mentally incompetent. I am a self-determining individual. If I make a choice, that is MY CHOICE! It is valid. It is allowed. And IT IS MINE! That is important: my choice being a valid and completely allowable choice, even if it's in direct conflict with other people's desires and wishes in the situation. What gives those people the right to try and invalidate my choices and enforce their will over my life? Who died and made them god? Since when are their choices about what I should do more important than my own choices? It is bullying, plain and simple. When someone is expressing their personal preference in a situation and making a choice that doesn't happen to align with what the other party would have them do, to disregard those preferences and choices is disrespectful and wrong. (I have to qualify this statement by saying that if my choices are impinging on the rights and freedoms of others, then this is a different matter and my rights don't trump other people's rights.) And yet we see it all the time. Sometimes it's even glorified on the big and small screen and in books. Girl A is upset over losing her boyfriend of two years. By three weeks later, best friend has had enough of the moping and insists that Girl A go out drinking with her. "You need to let loose a little!" Please. As if that's the answer to anything in life! But the best friend will not respect her friend's feelings and wishes because they are impinging on her own wishes and desires. Things tend to go one of two ways in the stories. Either Girl A has a wonderful time and meets the new love of her life and we're all supposed to be happy that best friend was so pushy OR it all goes disastrously and really bad things happen. Sometimes it might be parents, wanting their grown children to get married or have grandchildren or follow a certain profession. Or even just 'go out and socialise more'. Parents' preferences ranking over adult child's preferences. It's like insisting I eat olives because you happen to like olives. NO! That's messed up. Now, sometimes we see friends or family doing things that we think are destructive or damaging. This doesn't mean we can't talk to them about it and try to get them to see our point of view. But we can't just ride roughshod over their thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, we have to respect their choices and decisions, even if we disagree with them. Sorry, I'll get off my soap box now and I hope I've not upset anyone. I actually came on here to say that I was watching a TED talk on procrastination and saw a link to a TED talk given by the author of the book mentioned above. Hope this is useful.
  2. Shenkuu for the win! I heard a rumour that we were favourites this year, apparently. I don't actually know if this is true or not but it does feel like more people that I speak to have joined Shenkuu than last year. Mind you, I talk to more people now than I did last year too.
  3. I was Team Shenkuu last year for my first AC, and I think that is where I will stay. It feels right. I started strong last year and then got completely blindsided by life. Here's hoping that this year I can do better.
  4. Hey, I didn't know this about this page at all. Thanks, deb. I was just talking about this very issue with someone else, will it be dippable, and now I'm wondering how long it might take them to activate it if it is going to be a dippable colour. EDIT: I took a closer look at that page. I thought it was a list of the colours that could be dipped at the faerie fountain, not the rainbow pool, which I already did know about the page for. Whoops!
  5. I kinda like this. I don't particularly like Lutaris, so this softer look works for me. And I happen to love pink and green together. A long time ago, when I was about 15, my favourite t-shirt was green with pink writing on it. I also like the outfit. I really like things that look like national costumes, and this has that appearance.
  6. You're right. I was just playing again for the heck of it and I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I'd tilted my laptop screen at a different angle or if it was just that I hadn't hit the space bar, but I looked at the candle flame and I was like, "Ye gods, it IS purple! Well, purple-ish." So, as you say, it builds up to purple. But I'm glad it helped, even if I didn't actually discover anything new in the end as it turns out, lol.
  7. I guess I was trying to point out that you don't have to wait for your ball to be stuck to use this move and you also don't have to wait for the candle to be purple. I'm quite literal-minded at times, so I was assuming that that tip ONLY worked for stuck balls, like the game somehow noticed when you had a stuck ball and gave you a purple candle flame as a way out. Maybe the rest of you worked out that you can use the space bar at any time. *shrugs*
  8. And I might have an addition to that game guide! Let me tell you what happened. I played and I played and I played and sometimes I was getting close to Chadley's score and sometimes I wasn't. And then my left hand, which was hovering over the space bar, accidentally twitched and I hit the space bar. And my ball changed direction. But there was a lot going on on the screen so I didn't think too much of it. Then, a bit later, it happened again. (I tell ya, those juddering spiders and fluttering korbats' wings had my nerves so on edge!) This time I noticed properly. So I tried hitting the space bar deliberately. No change in direction. So I thought, "Well, maybe you need some re-charge time or something," and I decided to leave it a little bit and try again soon. This time when I hit the space bar, the ball changed direction again. AND I noticed the flame on the candle turned from red to orange. So I monitored the flame on the candle. It would be orange for a while, during which time if I hit the space bar nothing happened, but if I left it alone for a bit until the candle flame turned red, then when I hit the space bar, the ball would change direction. So, you know how in the game guide it says that if you have a stuck ball, wait until the flame goes purple and then hit the space bar to change the direction? You can change the direction without waiting for the ball to be stuck. The candle flame just has to be red. I found this really helpful if my ball suddenly got sent hurtling down because of a spider or korbat and my paddle was nowhere near its new trajectory ending and I didn't have enough time to get it there. Hitting the space bar seemed to make it head back in an upward direction. It also worked with reversing left and right trajectory, although it's not exactly a 180 deg reversal. Just enough to head away from where you were going. It's unpredictable, but can be helpful. I'd love it if other people could test my theory and then, possibly, if it works for more than just me, could it be added to the game guide, maybe? Good luck everyone!
  9. I haven't tried it yet to comment on whether this was easy or not, but I agree with the quitting on Kou-jong part. Unfortunately, I was very time poor that day and once I'd played it a couple of times and could only beat Abigail, I had to just bite the bullet and send that score or I would have been missing out on a trophy altogether for skipping that day. Better to be silver than nothing at all.
  10. Someone was looking out for you. Wow, that's a story. I'm glad to hear you made it through that experience and have learned a thing or two along the way. Are you getting some help with dealing with the loss of your brother? Or has this experience altered how you're processing your grief? Yeah, I reckon you've got some guardian angels watching over you. Good luck and welcome back.
  11. What. The. Freaking. Hell!! I don't understand all you people who are beating Chadley on the first or with little trouble. This game is impossible! I've read the game guide. It only helps so much. Maybe my screen is too small but I can't work out which way he's facing and I can't control what is going on. As for pressing both left and right at the same time, it works great...right until it whooshes you straight into a whirlpool. I'm rapidly losing patience with this. I might just go for Abigail's score and call it quits for the day. I'm not up to this level of aggravation. EDIT: Of course, as soon as I posted this, I managed to beat Chadley. Luckily, I hadn't nominated WHO I was going to challenge yet. I'm so not worried about the team challenge thing!
  12. Oh, I'm glad it wasn't just me who was having issues with Trudy. Mine worked, but it had reset itself to the beginning again, and I hadn't missed a day. Luckily, I wasn't that far into the new cycle yet so it's not as bad as it could have been but I wasn't very impressed.
  13. Sorry, where did you all find the list of games that are on the roster this year? I must have missed it somewhere. And thanks for the explanation of iirc. I really should have known that one!
  14. I'm not sure what iirc means, but the rest of what you said makes sense. And it NEVER occurred to me to play and see who my score would beat before I nominate who to challenge and THEN submit my score afterwards. Genius! (It's probably common sense to the rest of you, but I was never blessed with a lot of that!)
  15. Do you have to beat the same person each time? As in, if I pick Chadley today because I'm confident about that game, does that mean I have to go up against Chadley every day for the rest of the dares, or can I pick Abigail tomorrow if that game is not one I'm good at?
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