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  1. Hi Tiara! Welcome to the boards! I'm also a thirty-something, who has been playing neopets on and off for 17 years! Definitely makes me feel old too But we're young at heart!
  2. Boo! I have to wait until December! All my Pet's birthdays are in the late winter, except the December one. ?
  3. I'm so bummed. I love the Daily Dare, it's one of my favorite events. It was just the worst timing with RL, so I missed out on some great prizes. I only got a participation trophy this year and a slushie LOL.
  4. Lol!! I am totally with you! I have finals right now and barely have time for sleep even!! But the daily dare is my favorite!!
  5. SAME! I'm so annoyed right now, I didn't realize the event was starting yesterday and I had a crazy amount of homework to do. :(
  6. Looks like I will be doing the same thing. I can't believe this even happened in the first place. I just want my trophy!! lol
  7. I wish I didn't have to wait lol. I'm dying for my prizes!!
  8. I gave up on this event a while back! I'm really looking forward to the purple haze going away! Good luck to you all on this event!
  9. I got the avatar a few days ago, and every time i donate it stays at the top of the page and hasn't gone away. I don't know if that's happening for anyone else, but it's been that way for me since I got it.
  10. This happened to me two years ago and I am still waiting for a response on my ticket. So frustrating, I lost like 2 mil.
  11. Heyy all! I just got the Winter Charity Corner Avatar, this is an old avatar right??
  12. Yes you're right I definitely do!! It just hurts, a lot!!! LOL
  13. Gosh, I'm such a hoarder, I don't want to give away EVERYTHING, lol but I really want a new avie, and some cool prizes, lol what to do?
  14. Hey!! I'm also looking for friends on neopets! I'll add you guys as well!!
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