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  1. Honestly, I can't remember when I decided to make the jump to the secret school. It might have been around 7 codestones (i.e. level 150), but I'm glad I did. I was getting a max of one training per day at the old rate, but that instantly bumped up to 3-4 when I got up there. Strictly monetarily speaking (assuming codestone needs are random), normal codestones average for ~4,700NP apiece while red codestones go for ~23,300NP. That means that when you start paying 5 codestones for the regular school, it would be advantageous to switch over to the secret school. That being said, it will take you a while to get there, so be ready for the lull in stats progression and be sure you have a good source of income to buy the codestones you need. Unfortunately, I know nothing about good equipment, so I'm no help there.
  2. Seekers and Sway are my go-to-s for the bank boon, so I'm going to wait a bit to see if one of them pulls ahead here before I go with one.
  3. Hi @Shei and @jaydeed Training (to a point) is definitely worth it.I'm probably going too far as I have high hopes for a battle centered event in the future. Once you can one-shot Koi warrior, it may not be that beneficial to train any further unless it's just what you want to do. One particular thing to note is that the mystery island training school does get rather expensive as you start paying 6,7,8 codestones and time consuming with a whole 24 hours between training. One guide I read however long ago had a side note I followed and particularly liked. At the expensive point, just train level and get it to 250 so you can use the Secret Ninja Training School instead, Once there, you can train the stats up to your level and continue training from there (if you decide to). That being said, it's a game - do what you want and have fun doing it.
  4. The best relationship advice I can give to anyone is TALK. If two people want to get all their issues out, they need to understand the other's viewpoint. Sometimes it requires a counselor or just a mutual friend. Ask him to just talk for a while (potentially visit in person if a phone call won't work) and tell him how you feel about his decision. If you both want to make a relationship work, you can figure out a way for it to work. You just need to talk it out.
  5. Ooooh I love them all. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be good. If I were to rank them, Ithink the following: Mutant Pteri - I love the snake/bird/dinosaur/... look (I'm also partial to Pteris because they were my first Neopet many years ago) Maraquan Xweetok - I like the flowy almost regal shape Royalboy Kyrii - Looks nice, but almost like a mean king/prince so I don't like it as much as I do other royal colors Mutant Kougra - Definitely fitting with the Halloween season Desert Kyrii - Not enough different from a normal Kyrii, but it could look great depending on clothes Tyranian Kougra - Again seems so little different from a regular Kougra, but could be dressed perfectly if you decide.
  6. While it's not Neopets specific and Neopets html/css... will limit a lot of things, w3schools has always been my goto guide for everything related to web programming. It has great step-by-step tutorials as well as good reference for any things you want to look up as well.
  7. I am going to go with Spencer Tracy because I like the name :rolleyes_anim:
  8. Oooooh I love free stuff!!! :rock: It's awesome that you'd do this kind of thing. Please add me to your list as well. Thanks!!
  9. The Sway all the way. I love me that bank bribery boon.
  10. NOTICE: I just bought out his shop -- Random act of kindness for the day. Just pass it on when you have the resources. Everything the previous people said is right. I price things slightly below JN's listed price, then if it doesn't sell after a while I'll drop the price some (maybe 5-10%). Repeat until someone buys it. Most of your stuff wasn't very resellable/useable, so it would have taken longer to sell than, say, codestones. with these kind of items it's just a waiting game.
  11. Agreed. Makes me more NP than any other boon.
  12. You can only train the other stats to 2 times your current level (with the exception of HP - it can go to x3) at this point you have to train your level back up to at least half of any stat before you can train a stat.
  13. I don't recall exactly when I switched (maybe 6 codestones???), but from a purely statistical neopoints viewpoint (using JellyNeo's prices), it is as follows: The average price of a normal (brown) codestone is 4880NP The average price of a red codestone is ~21730NP This means reds cost on average 4.45 times more than normals, so you should switch as your pet begins needing 5 codestones per course (i.e. Level 100) Also of note: The time per training at level 100 is 8 hours while the time at 250 is only 4 hours, so you'll cut the time in half if you're willing to take the time required getting to 250 As you level up, you gain access to more faerie abilities (particularly Warlock's Rage at 200 which prevents the opponent from using weapons that round) Assuming non-premium---If you can beat him, Koi warrior is a great battledome challenger for getting lots of codestones - save up the red ones you get for now and use all the normal ones for training --- You'll get there pretty easily without having to spend too much NP
  14. I'm particular to the direct NP gain (or lack of loss) boons 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and 'Bank Bribery.' I buy 1000 stocks every day, so the 'Cheaper...' boon will immediately save me 5000 NP each day. Additionally, my bank interest just passed the point that the 'Bank...' boon will get me over 5000 NP more per day, so it will be my top one from now on. That being said, if you don't participate in the Stock Market (I suggest you should) and you don't have much in the bank, these aren't that great of boons, so they may not be for you.
  15. Just looking through all the unpainted petpets, I'd suggest one of the following: angelpuss babaa cirrus powtry plumpy snowbunny wherfy All relatively inexpensive asfor customization, I'm not too good at that either, but I'd highly suggest dress to impress to try everything out before you buy it.
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