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  1. I considered that it may be an add-on so I disabled AdBlock but same issue... might try another later. I have Norton browser protection on as well and a couple others... As for Firefox, I'll have to download it and install it but I'm not chuffed about that. *sigh* I agree... a most [insert appropriate word here] move. I don't think anyone was expecting that especially when, due to how they structured the points prize structure, you almost would have had points left over that you just couldn't use. No one expected that *points discount* but thought all your points would have moved over. Worse this striated discounting is even more yuck. They really know how to annoy gamers.
  2. Update: So now the machine doesn't load in Explorer but I can load items to it in in Explorer. I then go back to Chrome to pull the lever and discard. I'm tired. A most tedious achievement. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Charity Corner 2019' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  3. It didn't even get that far. When I click the yellow button in chrome, literally nothing happens. the number of items doesn't increase from zero, the pop up window doesn't refresh, nothing. The machine on the donate page also remains empty.
  4. Update: Donations work for me in Internet Explorer but not Chrome. *rolls eyes*
  5. I've been trying to donate since yesterday but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Nothing happens when I click the yellow button. ?
  6. Good Evening! Welcome to The Dark Side And welcome to the Forums which are usually not dark lol
  7. I missed the top final prize because I missed a day... actually forgot because I got so busy and fell asleep at the keyboard when I finally remembered at 1 am lol. Oh well *shrug* I missed the charm which I would have preferred to the Topsi Plushie. *sigh* I’m impressed, you solved each of my clues. I'm giving you two prizes for all that good work: Topsi Plushie Negg Smoke Bomb Your items are in your inventory. Enjoy the fresh spring breeze! It's going to be a beautiful day. Site Theme You have also earned a site theme. Click Here to activate it now, or you can change it in User Preferences.
  8. Today I got Monster Inc lol I wonder if Eau de Negg smells like Hydrogen Sulfide or sweet custard?
  9. Chose the speckled negg today. It looks ridiculous all on its own lol
  10. I didn't get the book but I got fed up (I've gotten 3 of the snow globes now lol) and bought one and read it to my pet already. But thanks for thinking of me Today I got Of course I went to The Lair of the Beast first thinking logically again lol
  11. Tried for the book and got the again. Yes I like the snowglobe but really, you can give me another prize you know. *sigh*
  12. Chose the Squeegee Negg today. *ho hum,,,*
  13. Chose the hand painted negg again today hoping for the book. But you know how that goes!
  14. I went to the Moltaran Caves and got it. Chose the Paint Splattered negg:
  15. I chose the Speckled Negg again and got the . I don't collect snow globes but I like this one!
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