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  1. I've found that with the large net power up and the darigan yooyu being SLIGHTLY cooperative and going TOWARD the goal rather than away from it, I have no trouble getting it in there. LOL. Seriously though, if I don't have the large net power up (which it usually takes so long that I end up getting some type of power up) I keep running side to side and heaving the ball as I run by. Eventually it makes it in there.
  2. Hmmmm! Is anyone else experiencing severe lag today. Then the site goes down completely. It must be all those people practicing against the practice team putting too much strain on the site.?
  3. Nope that pretty much explains it. As if I just fell off the turnip truck. Thanks. ?? Absolutely! You totally have my permission. "Mr. Teacher, explain to me, like I was just born yesterday, exactly which question on this exam is the one about the stuff you've been talking about all year? I know everything about your wife. ?"
  4. I don't understand how this works. I was always under the impression that we were submitting our OWN pets all dressed up. Apparently this is not the case. I will read the rules page, but could you explain to me exactly what it is that I am submitting. Thanks. Explain it to me as if I was just born, never saw a computer, and have no clue what I'm doing. I mean, not literally THAT in depth, but pretty close. Obviously I know how to use a computer, but I know nothing about this entry or where to get the image from.
  5. I'm going to go for it! Everyone's comments have definitely talked me into it. I have been wanting to do it for a long time but wondered if it was worth it. I do want the avatar and hey, I definitely won't get that if I don't spin the wheel. Right? lol. I will let you all know how it works out. Look for my results on the wheels forum.?
  6. Unfortunately if you NEED 471 games of SoSD and MSN per day, you will not be able to do it. Those games are capped at 401 per day. However, if you only need 40 games of YYB, that one is capped at 46. If play the extra 6 per day, that MIGHT be enough to carry you. 10 games of YYB equals 100 games of SoSD/MSN. I have a terrible headache so you will need to do the math. But 6 extra YYB games per day is 78 games over 13 days (if we actually have 13 full days). Those 78 extra games are equal to about 780 games of SoSD OR MSN. You needed 471 of EACH of them. The difference of 70 games over the cap for 13 days is 910 which is 1820 for Both games, so you would still be short. You can play 86 games of Slushie Slinger. So you can make some up there too. It might be CLOSE, very close. Good luck. Keep plugging away. There's always next year. The good thing is, you can at least get a GOLD trophy! I am also on TM and I am also AS rank. This is my 2nd year reaching that rank. This year I reached it half way through the cup, last year I reached on the last day. For me, personally, I felt it was quite easy to do. I don't know if the ASG or any part of them are on TM as I don't pay attention to what teams those groups are joining. Personally, I have no interest in joining up with the ASG. I don't want to switch teams every year (unless I was switching with @Scoobert_Doo as we join the same team). Whether our faith in each other is justified or not (lol- I'm totally joking of course) we have that trust in each other for all of the team/partner games to get the scores needed to achieve ?.
  7. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. buzz 4. pirate 6. koi 8. moooo 10. jellybeans 12. four 14. wings Down: 1. web 3. zenco 5. two 7. orange 8. moehog 9. beard 11. bow 13. one She is daughter of Professor Hugo Fairweather. Her interests include Botany & archaeology. She is known for discovering giant petpets. Who is this pet? Answer: Lilian Fairweather Prize: 340 NP
  8. Well yes, look at the year Haunted Woods had the ACG, I believe it was year IX. They came in First. I had no clue about the ACG or the ASG for that matter. That was the year before I started playing. So, dummy me sees that HW won the cup, so I join that team my first year, year X, because, well, I am a noob of course. And HW came in LAST place that year. Of course, that was the year they messed up the trophies, lol, and my last place trophy says 1st place, lol. That is so funny. I was like, WTH, HW came in 1st place last year, why would they go from 1st to last. Then someone told me about all the cheating. I think that was the year kiko lake won. Then of course I ended up on Kredludor when they had the ACG on their team. I gotta see about getting on the ASG since I have already gotten AS. Does anyone know what team they are on? I haven't paid attention to what teams any of the groups are on. My guess though, the ACG is on meridell. JMO. And I totally agree that kiko lake is legit this year. Although, if they are, you would think they would win SOMETHING. lol @Aquamentis12, "LOL Ok, so it wasn't a compliment. That's ok, they were just doing their job. lol ? Hey! 15-2 is AWESOME. I'll say what I said to a guide-mate. If you can play well enough to get a total score of, in your case 17 total points, then YOU CAN GET 17-0! Just a little luck and practice. It's hard, but it IS doable! Clearly your 15-2 score proves that. If I got a 17-1 score, then I would finally know if 18 points in a game is possible. Moreover, I would know my trying for 18 points isn't an impossibility. So far I've never seen a total score of 18 before. So keep playing and I BET you can at least get to 17-0! Maybe even THIS AC! " Ha ha ha. Of course it was a compliment! I was too proud and frustrated to admit that though. Those Maraquans, man, they are a frustrating team to play. Makes me more determined!!! lol. There are other frustrating teams, but not like them. Wow! Also, the teams that were not so frustrating, are more so now. I honestly think the games get harder the higher your rank gets. I can't get through ANY games with any teams without them stealing the ball on the FIRST try now. Meaning, I could at least score one or two goals before they started grabbing the ball (except for Maraqua of course). Not anymore though. They all start right away now. Makes it quite interesting. Does anyone know, because I've NEVER gone past AS rank. Does it start counting your ranks over again, or do you have to keep track of it yourself?
  9. I work full time M-F too. lol. Yep I do. 8-4 M-F. That's why I responded about being upset about them having the BYE every Sunday. That's not right. I forget who said that people work on Sundays and cannot play, so it's good for them to have a BYE on Sundays. I responded by saying, "If they work on Sunday, That means they have a weekday off to play when I am working and CAN'T play. So by that theory, they STILL play more than I do. If they switch the BYE days, it gives people who work during the week a chance to play on the weekend and people who work on the weekends a chance to play during the week. But it isn't fair to have BYE days EVERY Sunday." @Scoobert_Doo, if you maxed out YYB then you made up for the games I didn't play. I played about 30-35 games of YYB, but I wanted to max out. I didn't realize we could STILL win 1st. I will make sure I continue to play my best. @TokaValencia, I didn't even realize we got 8's. That's AWESOME! I guess we did do awesome! I don't know what's up with Meridell. They either have the ASG or the ACG.
  10. Meridell Cheats! lol. I feel like it's MY FAULT we didn't win yesterday. I KNOW that's not true, I worked very hard, but the reason I say that is because I wanted to play more YYB than I did. I wanted to max out on it and I just didn't have the energy to do it. I maxed out SoSD and played a ton of slushie slinger. Those are the ones we won so that's good, I guess we all played well. If we won YYB it would have made the difference for our team and I should have concentrated on it. I feel like I let everyone down. Maybe it's because I let myself down. Like I said, I will be thrilled with 2nd, even 3rd place, so I really shouldn't let it get to me. On to the next. Woohoo. @Nielo, Thanks.
  11. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. braintree 7. pirate 9. red 10. rock 11. orange 13. jellybeans 15. koi Down: 1. aaa 2. ten 4. nine 5. sink 6. green 8. three 12. mynci 14. sarah She is daughter of Professor Hugo Fairweather. Her interests include Botany & archaeology. She is known for discovering giant petpets. Who is this pet? Answer: Lilian Fairweather Prize: 340 NP
  12. Ha ha ha! Yeah I know, I will change it. I have grown to like my AS shield from last year though. But, now I have earned my new one. Yes, you are right, we are ALL all stars! We are doing FABULOUS. I am still plugging away, especially tonight, with playing Meridell and all. I played hard the night we played Maraqua too. I can't believe we lost SoSD to Brightvale! Seriously!!! I maxed it out! I maxed it out today too! I will max out YYB too. I only ask that you guys carry me for keyboard masher. I can't do it guys. I can't play that game. lol. You guys gotta carry that game for me. You obviously have been doing a great job because our team has been doing so well. This match, tonight against Meridell will tell if we have a shot at winning the cup. I will be happy If we come in 2nd or 3rd too. I will continue to do my part, that's all we can all do. WE ARE ALL DOING GREAT! I am so proud of us all! @Scoobert_Doo, I guess I know which team we will be on from now on. I am proud to be on team TM. WE ARE AWESOME!!!!!? @TokaValencia, Thanks! Yes, I set my goals and try very hard to reach them. I did NOT plan AT ALL to reach AS this quickly though. I never thought it was possible. My goal was two ranks per day though, and I was able to do that. So, yay! As far as Slushie Slinger, I am playing that game now. So, I will carry you for that game and you carry me for MSoN. (keyboard masher). How's that? lol. I hate that game.
  13. Whoo Hoo! I did it!!!! Made AS. It's all down hill from here baby. I will work TOWARD double AS, but no promises guys. I have worked my bum off for this rank. I did it so the rest of my time could be easier. I am so happy. I can relax now. Now I am playing for shop points. Pretty sad that when you make AS you still can't even get the most expensive items in the shop. I was shocked. Rank All-Star
  14. Ahhh, yes, you're right. They did say that. The problem was, they capped the drops from the wraiths and you never knew what you were going to need, how much of it, when, etc. I gave exactly the number of potions I needed to give, and I barely had enough of some of the ingredients. I wasn't going to buy the stuff at the ridiculous prices.
  15. Oh, ok. If that's the case, then I only used pretty much what I needed to. I saved my items because, well, I didn't know if I might have needed them for, uh, umm, something. Of course, I am never in on these duplicate items though. LOL
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