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  1. Darling, you are clearly a Faerie in the making! We hit our highest ranking ever last year, and can only benefit from our increasing popularity! Come see what Faerieland has to offer!
  2. As Hrtbrk stated, even MENTIONING a website other than Neopets can flag you for discipline. In general, pretend as if Neopets is its own private island. Nothing exists outside its realms!
  3. I literally logged on for the first time in months, just because I knew it was nearly time for the Cup. Loyal Faerieland player here... This is OUR YEAR!!
  4. Hi Ryanarok and co! I can vouch for this being an amazing contest! I was lucky enough to be one of last year's winners and love my shiny avatar! Thanks again!
  5. Hello darlings, I am seeking a Jubjub Warrior Cape please and thank you :)
  6. *Pokes head in* This is always my favorite time on TDN... I love looking at everybody's gifts, sometimes I discover items I never knew I wanted!! If anybody would like to gift items, I'm always looking for codestones to train my battlepet and faerie items that I do not already have in my gallery :) You can take a peek at my gallery if you'd like or check out my wishlist :) Can't wait to browse everybody's lists! *** Thank yous go out to: teganrose1 raven622x neverfallinloveagain midnight_spell3 jlxy13 vetski2 systemic_anomaly delshnya spritzieblue charalan rejoyce_20 rang
  7. I think it's just the normal down time between the AC and Charity Corner. Everybody gets super involved during the events, then kind of slacks off in between. (I'm guilty of this as well!)
  8. PLEASE do not attempt to purchase your pet back. I know it seems like the only plausible option, but it is also HIGHLY illegal and could result in a much more permanent freezing of your account. If you are a Premium member, you might be able to get quicker action by posting to their FB page.
  9. Your best bet is to submit a ticket, though response times are not terribly rapid. I'd also suggest creating a new "main" account and possibly transferring your items and switching your Dailies collecting over to a new, un"pin"ned account. You'll, at least temporarily, lose the money in your account, but you can at least have more functionality while awaiting a ticket response.
  10. I'm glad for the freebie, it's cute, the makeup is fun, but... movement points? Why? They took away the point of movement points YEARS ago...
  11. During the AC I totally kept mine in the Lodge so they'd stay fed. I keep my battle a little hungry for the healing that comes with eating, but it's not uncommon for me to keep the rest in the Lodge. It's fairly inexpensive and I don't feel guilty if I miss a couple days of playing when I'm busy.
  12. Oooh, I love this! Can't wait to run through all of your wishlists :-D As for me, I'm simple! I'm always looking for codestones to train my battlepet, and 15 icon muffins for her to throw at those rascally opponents :-D I also collect faerie items, feel free to browse my Faerie Wishlist! Huge thank yous to Ranga, S.A., pulpfreeoj, Musical Shoyru and rejoyce_20 for the gifts! Wow, thank you decchild, marjolein, paperdoll, rn_tracy and twiggy! Thank you midnight_spell!! I missed a few thank yous, but please know that I appreciated the gifts! Thank you to spidermanfan and vetski.
  13. Lovely! I hadn't even heard of that one. See, this is why I turn to you expert types ;-) I picked one up for 100k off the trading post. Thanks!!! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Songbirdsara). The original topic is now answered and will be closed. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Songbirdsara if you have any questions regarding this action.
  14. Finally getting to the point where my Lesser Healing Scroll just will not cut it for blumally. I'm looking to replace it with something that heals at least 50 hp in one go. Not looking to break the bank, but I have plenty of np so if I need to lay out some dough I will. Stats below, advice super welcome :) blumally HP: 181 Attack: 229 Defense: 116 Thanks loves!
  15. Putting my money where my mouth is... the ALP is the reason I have many of the avvies I have. If these items prove irretrievable, I will donate 1 million nps to your fund. Please let me know the best way to donate.
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