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  1. 1. Writing paranormal fiction 2. Coloring 3. Reading 4. Video games 5. Makeup 6. Clothes 7. Cosmetology 8. Anime 9. Animation in general 10. Crunkcore, alternative and metal music 11. Fitness 12. Healthy eating (I’m pescatarian) 13. Plushie and stuffed animals
  2. Hi all, I got bangs recently. I like my hair fluffy and soft. I have OCD and have been obsessively brushing my naturally curly hair to make it softer and fluffed but it’s damaging it. Question does my hair already have that light and fluffy poofy-ness? I hate having flat hair
  3. Whoopsie! I put my main account Neopets in the Neolodge but then I realized I had plenty of food to feed them. Will I get in trouble or frozen for checking them out of the Neolodge so soon?
  4. Thank you all for your kindness here he is being cute. I took this picture recently. He was very well behaved at the vet. He was born with a hernia in his abdomen too.
  5. My mom and brother took my cat I've had for 11 years to the vet and they did some blood work....he has liver cancer. I'm very scared.
  6. Hey all! It turns out that I didn’t need to change medication at all. My abilify dosage was lowered and I am okay! Not to mention...I’ve lost over 40 pounds. Instead of a 22/24 at 267 I am a happy and healthy 16/18.
  7. This thread is right up my alley! I’ve recently lost over 40 pounds and am almost to my goal so I’m starting to fall back in love with clothes again. I love Torrid, Forever 21, Rue21, American Eagle, Target, Maurices, Black Craft and Hot Topic the best but also like local boutiques and clothing stores in my area.
  8. For me it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m hardly on Neopets because: 1. In my free time I prefer doing other things I’m more invested in 2. I don’t own a laptop or computer I don’t lose sleep over and panic too much about Neopets shutting down. For me the worry isn’t worth it. I have other hobbies and interests that I would still have.
  9. I have a Ghost Buzz and Starry Grarrl up for adoption. Message me on here for details. EDIT: I decided to keep my Gnorbu.
  10. I accidentally payed 622 NP for an item instead of full price that was 20 NP more. Did I get that item fair and square or will that come off as cheating?
  11. When life feels dull and gray: Just picture sunny Autumn days: When you feel trapped and want to feel free Picture going to the arcade: Or a shopping spree: Or maybe just take a nap: This post is to thank all of my Neopets fam on this forum for helping me out through all of these years and to say that Neopets is my "therapy game" and you are all awesome people. How has Neopets helped you through tough times?
  12. I love the Aisha clothes! I have a female Aisha who is yellow and it would look cute on her. It's very 1930s country girl. It also reminds me of the American Girl doll named Kit. I also agree with the warrior theme looking like a Sucker Punch cosplay lol.
  13. I also love stuffed animals from Build A Bear and Aurora. Has anyone seen Feisty Pets, Pikmi Pops and Squeezamals? Those are cute too.
  14. I just started playing it. It’s fun and I get NP so I’m happy.
  15. I'm actually a really confident and body positive person. My mom says that she wishes she had my confidence. I worked really hard for my confidence and I'm worried that if I gain weight all of the years of ignoring and shrugging off rude comments will go to waste. Believe it or not I hated my body when I was smaller. I've gained weight over the years and it seems that I've stopped in the 250 range and am stuck there. Those dresses are cute though. Thanks for showing them to me.
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