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I've never won anything cool before!

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I logged in today and saw this!!! 


I saw this new outfit here on tdn on uni day last week and thought I'd try my luck because it would be a long time until its buyable.



She's a little mismatched (haven't changed anything except the hair) but I love it!

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@gypsyknees I spotted your name on the winners' list! The Well's liking TDNers lately! @Angeló's won, and @Nielo's popped up a few times, oh, and @Yuiina ofc. Two very pretty Unis thanks to the Well now! :D :D :D

Your girl here looks divine! I love it! :D

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Congrats girl

I saw your name and was happy for you because I know you love Unis and customization :D

I won a Bell Apple yesterday. Quick addition to my music gallery :D No need to wait for the price to drop down (it's going for 35-40k atm)

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8 hours ago, gypsyknees said:

thats so cool!!! congratulations, what goodie bag was it !?

It was a Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag! I'm trying to have as many goodie bags as I can especially ones I wasn't around for so that worked out perfectly her is hoping we continue to have good luck and others do as well at getting their wishes!

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