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New Colour: Valentines Paint Brush


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  • hrtbrk changed the title to New Colour: Valentines Paint Brush


I love the Draik and Kougra and may need to get one in the near future. I definitely need that new outfit though!

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I'm not a heart fanatic but if I had to like everything I put in my gallery I might not have a lot in there. SO with that being said I'm buying  the heart brush for my gallery. Does anyone have a coupon? lol

Just an update. The coupon joke turned out to be a reality. Sometime ago I had an RE that gave me a discount at the Hidden Tower. I didn't know but thought the RE discount expired. I guess it doesn't because I just paid the RE price for the brush. 2,700,000 NP I'm happy I could ad the brush to my gallery and save a few NP doing it. .

3,000,000 NP
Standard Price

2,910,000 NP
Discount Day, March 15th

2,700,000 NP
Random Event Discount

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Oh my, I need the Valentines Spyder!! Not sure who for, but I need it!

The colours a bit cutesy for me, but I can see why it's so well received. Out of the first four, I think the Draik is the best designed.

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