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New Royal Vandagyres

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1 hour ago, shauns_fiancee said:

all I can think to say about them is "meh", but maybe that's just me

yeah... esp the royal colors themselves. and maybe i was expecting a bit fancier clothes for the boy? even if they were going the viking route. i like the girl clothes tho!

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They look like the guards of the royalty, not royalty themselves and I do agree with everyone else their colors are a bit dull 馃槥聽Was hoping for some really nice colors when they did a royal PB of these guys cause of them being in the bird family O.o

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I don't hate the concept, but wish they released it as an outfit set rather than making this the royal series. I agree, it reads more elite-guard/valkyrie than royalty. The muted outfits in particular are pretty drab compared to the golden headpieces & capes.

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i actually like the simplicity! 馃ぉ and i'm not just saying that cause i like vikings lol. so many of the modern pets have so much complex detail, that it's nice to see a simpler change. Plenty of other royal pets are on the simpler side (grundos, moehogs, and flotsams to name a few) or have their outfits based on just nobility rather than specifically royalty

I really, really want one (maybe crosspainted, as i'm not a fan of the boy's colouring), but all my accounts are themed to certain settings and they'd really only sort of fit on my main, where i don't have room for both... unless maybe i move one of my pets to another account? hmm, i will have to consider that

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