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Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat 2022!


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Eliv Thade has hidden trick-or-treat bags around Neopia in several locations. Can you decipher where to find them to get these exclusive items?

Tersde Msar

Pacwlysmk Sitlhg Anactifats

Peurs Pypah Yci Unf Nosw Psoh

Gidanar Syot

Eht Rinab Eret

Toalelebcelc Aes Lsehls

Neadlkru Ginnim Oprc


It's okay if you can't. Head to Desert Arms, Lampwyck's Lights, Super Happy Icy Fun Shop, Darigan Toys, The Brain Tree, Collectable Sea Shells and lastly the Kreludan Mining Corp for your goodies. 

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18 hours ago, Secre said:

Thank you for posting. I'd have missed this as I was expecting it on October 31st!


Thanks hrtbrk!

I just got home from being out of town for 5 days. (Mom had some back surgery and is doing wonderfully after it.) I'm so glad I checked the forums just now! Would've HATED to miss out on the bags and their treats! :D

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I like that there was a little puzzle to figure them all out. Did they do that other years? And huzzah, they gave a larger window for collecting them! That's great, I missed them one year because I was just wiped after work lol

But more importantly, the halloween paintbrushes are finally deflating!! :dance:I couldn't open the bags because I'm probably going to start a trick or treat bag gallery at some point, but!! I was able to grab one for one 2.4M and I finally painted Movario halloween! It's been literally 84 years but he's finally a magical wizard!

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