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Happy Meerca Day!

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They`re clearly continuing with the cosplay outfits (clothes and outfits based on Neopian characters) and I`m personally here for it! It makes perfect sense to make these outfits specific to the species of the character. My critique of the outfit itself would be that I wish the mask would wrap more closely around the head/face, as it looks now it seems like it will just fall off when the Meerca moves. And they need a pair of shorts or trousers...

The Candy Meerca is based on the Jawbreaker, a type of hard candy. It is appearently rainbow on the inside (I didn`t know that!) which is why the Candy Meerca also has a rainbow tail, as well as the colourful pattern inside its ears.
I love that they are taking inspiration from different types of candies (like the Candy Poogle, which looks amazing!) and giving us something other than the candy cane pattern or the sparkly-looking sour candy look. I`m not a big fan of the colourful spots on the face, and the red nose coupled with the cream face kind of makes the Meerca look like a clown. :P With all that said, I`m happy TNT is branching out with their ideas and look forward to more creative Candy pets like this in the future. (I was really hoping for a Candyfloss Jubjub, for example).

Amazon.com : FLORENT Jaw Busters Jawbreaker Candy Individually Wrapped  Assorted Hard Candy No Stick 11.5oz (3 inch white) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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6 hours ago, berriganify said:

actually i think the tail is meant to be one of these:


and the body mostly just reminds me of confetti cake lol

either way, it's super cute! and yessss a cotton candy jubjub would be amazing


That makes sense! :D I was really hoping that was the path they would take with the Candy Jubjub (like a pink version of the Cloud one) but they went with the stripy pattern instead.

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I like that they've merged two candies here; the gobstopper and the long multi-coloured tail. I admit, I far prefer the tail in honesty, but there is some originality here to be rewarded!

And I agree with the character based outfits being really cool!

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I have to admit, I absolute ADORE the Candy design! The rainbow isn't overwhelming and it looks like a very tasty treat indeed! The striped tail is so cool to look at!

The new outfit is good, it looks cute and more character based outfits can be really fun! The only thing I don't like is that it looks kinda simple, not really my style.

Epic job Meercas!

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10 hours ago, berriganify said:

just get a bunch of different colours of paint and go ham? 🤷‍♂️

I'm not sure that would have the desired effect xD

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