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Welcome to May!

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Lupe Day is the only species day I`m looking forward to this month, but also hoping for Chocolate for Moehog Day.

In Norway, a very special celebration takes place on May 17th, which is our National Day (our Independence Day).  I`ve already dressed my pets up for the occasion, and will keep their looks until the day has passed. 🙂

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Mine seem to like bread like foods (and a carrot), just when I'm eating a bread type snack too. I'm getting a strange feeling they might be watching me :ph34r:


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Moehog Day! I don't know what I'm hoping for, I don't exactly have any more space for pets. But maybe steampunk, I have yet to see a steampunk pet I'm interested in, but if anything can tempt me, a moehog can.

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I forgot all about these yesterday! 😮

Wow, Window's screenshot stuff has altered and now it's annoying and I'm having to revert to using the print screen key, lol.


Well! Apart from the sand muffin it's all actual food. Though I don't imagine your average Buzz chows down on tofu, or bones xD

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