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  1. I kept seeing everyone's reactions to the Transparent Quiggle eyes in the "Unread Content" of the forum. So I went "How bad can it possibly be-- SWEET MERCY." Wow, those eyes. They are... A choice.
  2. Getting major Silver Surfer vibes from the colour! (Also cue another round of me going "There's a NEW colour?!") Although I did look at the other Marble colours and was surprised that this one was mostly shades of grey while all the others seem to have at least two colours going on. But I to agree that it's a nice base to build on.
  3. Welcome to TDN! The people here are lovely, and super helpful.
  4. Ah, thank you! I'll give it a shot sometime, although I really don't enjoy using Chrome, haha!
  5. Alrighty, back to the AC, I haven't played in years! This should be-- Oh. Well, YYB just flat out refused to work for me. When I started up Slushie Slinger, it definitely worked but I couldn't tell if it was just really slow compared to how I remember it or it was laggy. Make Some Noise worked, but the graphics looked a little janky. Shootout Showdown was working fine, and it seemed quite slick and smooth compared to how it used it be, and I'm still not sure if that's a good thing, haha! (Running on Firefox BTW)
  6. Whoa, there's a Toy colour now?! Ah, the joys of coming back from extended breaks. I really quite like the colours on it!
  7. Ah, the memories of the AC heyday and being part of Team Shenkuu are all coming back to me (Including memories of me writing AC fanfic featuring Team Shenkuu, haha!)
  8. I love the chocolate Moehog's look! The whipped cream mane looks like a cute little pompadour.
  9. Joining the club of "I never knew this excited, but I want this!". It looks very nice, enjoy!
  10. Oh wow! I love how clean and neat your art is, so nicely-done! The first thing that really stood out to me was the expressions on the characters. You are very good at conveying emotion in your art!
  11. Oh thank you! Very kind of you to say I went back and re-read some of them and the humour isn't super great, but I know I had FUN making them. Yay! I'll go check it out!
  12. I hope someone out there has a Lupe named Balthazar and dresses them up in that outfit. I LOVE the vibe of the Elderly Boy Lupe. He looks like a doting grandfather, but also enjoys a night out at the pub with his mates for some darts and pints. I'd hang out with him.
  13. Hello and welcome! People here are lovely, and I hope you'll have enjoy it here.
  14. I used Anime Ace BB for mine back in the day because I liked the look of it, and I don't remember TNT having any trouble with it. Anything that's easy to read would be just fine. (Also best wishes with submitting the comic!)
  15. Since we're in May, I guess I can stop singing the NSYNC line: "It's gonna be MAY" My pets have made... Interesting choices.
  16. Whoaaa! I love that! That's awesome to see it still there. I do remember her now, I remember finding her design very cool.
  17. Hi Jelly! Thanks so much! Thanks! And omg yes, I did do a bunch of drawing when I was still active here and it was great practice! Thanks for remembering! Thank you! And yes, I totally feel that. I know I've stayed at school clubs for much longer than I would normally stay in because I had responsibilities to it, haha!
  18. Long-time player of Neo, used to be active on TDN Forums (and even did a few midnight crossword posts!), has a cyclical habit of getting super into things for a little while and then poofing away! Right now, my displsy name on here is Lia Seeya but I also used to go by Tivsy! I used to have a great time here interacting with wonderful people, making art, and just having fun. So how are YOU doing today?
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